DriveClub Director Left Sony On His Own Terms, Audio Dev Lashes Out At 'Insider' For False Info

"Earlier this week, we had reported that Col Rodgers, the director of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive has left Evolution Studios to form his own indie company. However there were rumors that Sony were about to fire him which led him to resign and start his own start up."


Added an update to the story.

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Bobets1573d ago

BOOOO!!!! why should we believe this guys words when we have a more trusted source the fanboys who claims Sony is doomed?

Im going to take the fanboys words on this.

Dark111573d ago

Maybe now dualshockers will stop posting every thing they read on GAF as "news"

No_Limit1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Hmm..I wonder if Dualshockers will comply with this request or they will continue to ignore it and continue to us the phrase "according to industry insider Pete Dodd/thuway/whomever who has proven to be extremely reliable before" in their headlines.

NewMonday1573d ago

a director leaving in the middle of development of his own accord? hard to believe.

ofcourse he would deny getting fired to protect his resume.

SilentNegotiator1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

"a director leaving in the middle of development of his own accord? hard to believe."
Uh, no it isn't. If he went off to create an indie studio; he could EASILY have decided that he didn't want to wait.

"ofcourse he would deny getting fired to protect his resume"
Luckily, the people hiring wouldn't follow up on that information, so it's totally important that he hide that info.

DOMination-1572d ago

Funny. N4g was quick to praise lords thuway and famousmortimor when they posted anti xbox stuff. Now its negative towards Sony they suddenly can't be trusted.

Of course, they have ALWAYS talked rubbish. Glad hes got a life ban. He won't be missed.

SilentNegotiator1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )


Looks like your baseless assumptions were just that. He clarified that he left because his 4 year old has a kidney disease and the 4 hour commute was too much.

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iiorestesii1573d ago ShowReplies(1)
Evilsnuggle1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I don't think he was fired. But I think he was getexclusive of pressure. I doesn't think he left on good terms. If he left on good terms he would have finished the Game first. This guy left a AAA Game in the middle of developments to are a small inde studio I don't think so. If he got a job a EA,Activision or Ubisoft I would understand that. But it's his inde studio why not start it after Drive Club is finshed. This guy is just trying to protect his reputation in the game industry.

The negative comments are from known Xbone fanBoys. The xbone is weak hardware and has no chance of winning this generation. So the xbone fanBoys Are delusional and desperate. They are hoping and praying that Sony makes less 1 party exclusive. So that xbone can benefit . SONY is firing people who can't do the job. But is hiring new people to replace The people who are fired.

_FantasmA_1573d ago

Dude the game is almost done if not already done. I'm sure they are just polishing it up its not already done.

SilentNegotiator1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

"Insiders" sure have been doing the rounds in trying to paint a picture of everyone being fired from Sony at every studio, including people that left to start their own studios.

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Yuri_Rook1573d ago

'Bout time someone called out these so-called insiders.

TheTowelBoy1573d ago

Someone had to, and who better to do it. Lol

ArbitorChief1573d ago

And this is why I take what Insiders say with a grain of salt.

gameseveryday1573d ago

One should always take insiders with a grain of salt. There was this rumor about Amazing buying Xbox One. [Facepalm]

cell9891573d ago

Take it with a cup full of salt

nicksetzer11573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

It'a hilarious, because I got about 500 downvotes for saying pete dodd is simply a gaming news forecaster (has no insider information, just makes educated guesses and hopes they stick) who is usually wrong, now we find out he is wrong .... what a surprise.

MysticStrummer1573d ago

Having read your comments enough to recognize your name, I'd say the down voting was most likely due to something else you said.

OT - No matter who says what, we'll never really know the circumstances. People choose to believe whoever they want, either because they actually think it's true or because they hope it is.

Kayant1573d ago

Exactly that no one forces you to believe Mort but some things Mort has said in the past that have come true far from just being *educated* guesses.

"who is usually wrong, now we find out he is wrong" - Right list all the usually wrong things he has said.

Personally I give Mort some credibility because he has a proven record of being right quite a bit. He obviously will be wrong from time to time due to the natural of how info is passed to him. (Second hand)

nicksetzer11573d ago

@kayant just ONE article multiple wrong statements, the only one that was right (insomniac) was already confirmed by ign in february.

In fact, other than puppeting other peoples words, I actually can't think of a single time he was right, as most of his stuff is just pure "here's how I feel about this."

TheTowelBoy1573d ago

Sometimes I get confused on what bubble I need to vote between intelligent/well said. Lol well said vote in any case

Joe9131573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I understand being a fan of someone's work but dang gamers really been trying to figure out stuff that is none of our business. You either going to trust Sony is doing the right thing or not if you do not don't support Sony. If you are a Xbox fan (which I think are the biggest group making all the fuss) then why care as a Sony fan do you think I care that those execs left MS nope not at all they have they reasons and I respect that.

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Bolts-N-Rays11091573d ago

I'm going to believe Pete Dodd on this one. The guy follows me on Twitter, so I gotta side with him.

Applejack1573d ago

So you're willing to believe him because he follows you on Twitter?!? ok.

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