Dark Souls II: Update 1.03 Announced

Notice of delivery ver1.03 update file

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Xof1452d ago

Okay, folks. I've done my best to translate the Googlespeak.

Patch 1.03 change log:

-Changed chance of restoring humanity after successful co-op play via White Soapstones and Small White Soapstones.

-Fixed glitch with the gate in "Old Drangleic" (Drangleic Castle?) that prevented progress.

-Fixed bug w/ online play where certain items couldn't be used after a failed summon.

-Fixed bug w/ online play where Looking-Glass Knight would fail to summon another player.

-Fixed bug w/ online that caused an error code to display after ??? area failed to load properly.

-Fixed bug w/ online that would remove equipped rings when joining another player's world.

-New "inventory is full" message will display when you attempt to pick up an item you already have a full stack of.

-Added a message to the Things Betwixt coffin informing the player of the sex-change.

-Fixed bugs where illusions, bloodstains and messages would not display in some areas.


-Improved performance in character reaction menus.

-Fixed bug where tatoo placement on face would change based on subsequent facial structure changes.

-Reduced delay/lag for menu screen and bonfire menu.

-In NG+ and beyond, added additional items to shop inventories.

-???? (Fixed a bug where players would be summoned to the wrong location?)

-Fixed bug where player would lose souls with Ring of Life equipped.

-Fixed a bug where players' bodies would not display properly at summon signs.

-Altered icon for "Guardian of the Fort" trophy (maybe Iron Keep Primal Bonfire? Or a JPN-only trophy for parrying/guarding?) "When guard occurs," the gamepad will now vibrate.

-???? (something about darkness and upgrading?)

-Fixed a bug where you could activate a spell while falling off an ascending elevator.

MrZweistein1452d ago

Hopefully they have increased the chance to get human when summoned, but as always it will be the other way around. Glad they fix the bug of lost souls while using the ring of soul protection, a friend of mine had this with 85.000 Souls in his counter. Fortunately we were able to get them back.

juliotheman211452d ago

still nothing about soul memory "/