Sony's G.I.R.L. Scholarship Program Empowers Female Designers

"Females aren't a large part of the gaming populace, and especially not as developers or designers."

This is a comment seen on a variety of big gaming publications on the web today. Some commenters are more vocal about the fact more and more women are becoming part of the video gaming industry. These vocal commenters are usually against more women being apart of it. But what do gaming companies think of having women developers and designers?

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candy_mafia1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


You're what's wrong with male gamers, all you could comment was about the pic??? ...ppppft-thetic

At least Sony is in a different ethical/politically correct league...that's why I only play on their hardware, and you could grow up some :/

Gh05t1543d ago

You are what's wrong with (a select large amount but certanly not all)female gamers.

He didn't post anything negative, stereotypical, or blatantly sexist yet you have assumed there can be no good from a simple comment about a picture. You have taken his comment and twisted it to fit your agenda. I'm not saying his comment was made for an appropriate reason but you can not based on his comment alone say it wasnt (thanks for stereo typing him and all male gamers).

Are you saying the picture isn't nice? Can someone not find the picture nice?
I like the picture... What's wrong with it?

I mean really, your comment was only made to tear male gamers down and call all of us out for some made up assumption about a reason for liking this picture?

candy_mafia1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Seriously??? ....'tear male gamers down'? Nice try with the rally call to the troops, are you trying to set everyman against me, over a comment of my own opinion? Can't 'he' defend his own statement?

FOR THE RECORD> I love 'Men'...real 'Men', NOT 0.5 men like....whatever dude!

Like I'd expect you to get it?

REAL MEN are awesome, I have friendships with a few in here.....just not you ;)

Nice Essay, but all you've done is expose yourself!


Septic1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Ugh please take your agenda somewhere else.

"Nice Essay, but all you've done is expose yourself!"

What are you on about? Go on answer his question:

"Are you saying the picture isn't nice? Can someone not find the picture nice?
I like the picture... What's wrong with it? "

Because you are somehow the arbiter in deciding who a real man is. Your 0.5 men comment goes to show your mentality.

"FOR THE RECORD> I love 'Men'...real 'Men', NOT 0.5 men like....whatever dude! "

Are you a real woman? I ask that question literally and figuratively.

Before you ask, I like REAL women. Not attention seeking feminists who wait to pounce on anyone.

Sort yourself out.

nosferatuzodd1543d ago

Septic i know we don't see eye to eye but nicely done i was going to take her on but no need dude you got this ((well said))

candy_mafia1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


'take her on'? You don't have the 'bubbles' to take me on. Lol

Nice to read you like 'Real Women' Septic, because the flip side of your comment would totally be for another site.

The fact that 'mewhy32' has so far received 6 disagrees, but 5 agrees....I guess I'm not the only one who needs to 'sort themselves out' huh?

Maybe all the agrees are from 'attention seeking feminists'.

Septic1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

"'take her on'? You don't have the 'bubbles' to take me on. Lol "

Funnily enough you've just run out.

"The fact that 'mewhy32' has so far received 6 disagrees, but 5 agrees....I guess I'm not the only one who needs to 'sort themselves out' huh?"

So you want to dodge the question yet again huh? What makes you think those disagrees come from people who share your ill-thought out sentiments? Maybe they down-voted him because they thought it was off-topic?

I'm out of your all respects.

PoSTedUP1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

yeah, ummm, no need to personal attack him tho. a guy liking a pic of a girl?? now thats preposterous...! /s.

guys, sexually, are more visual. if you cant deal with guys making comments about women on the internet i suggest you get off of it. he didnt disrespect you, or women. you do realize you disrespected and attacked him, right? (he didnt get the notification bc you didnt hit the reply button). edit: oh wait he only has one bubble! lmao!

so, do you also get offended and think its a problem when 100% of straight men looks at another girls ass in real life? bc thats what they do (you know, the "0.5" men), and here it is virtually the same concept. except youre attacking him for it and saying it is a problem, for going by his natural instinct as a man.

im not going to call you an 0.5 women, but i just hope this program only allows in Women Version 1.0 imo. if you think That is the problem with male gamers, your thinking is pretty off. i can name 100 real problems, but it seems like your hatred will illogically attack the most basic principle of male instinct, just for the sake of it. i dont think ghost is that wrong tbh.

@cleft- i agree, but i guess i was going in the usual direction and how a so called "feminist" would see meohwhy's comment. there isnt anything wrong with it looking at it both ways, imo.

cleft51543d ago

I have to agree with Gh05t on this one. mewhy32 comment about the picture wasn't necessarily a loaded one implying anything negative. There really wasn't any reason for you to launch a serious personal attack like that. Also, I checked mewhy32 profile, there is no indication that mewhy32 is male or female. So your comment was not only a personal attack, but one filled with some heavy assumptions.

As for the picture, I do like it. I like it because it is clear that the picture is emphasizing this woman's love of gaming over anything else. The photo isn't very revealing or anything and what is prominently displayed is the controller. So yeah it is a good picture.

I agree that it is nice to see Sony actively promoting female gamers getting into the professional side of the industry. The more people making games the better.

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FlameWater1543d ago ShowReplies(2)
Keyser1543d ago

Smart move for Sony. Diversity is greatly needed in the gaming industry. Most games are fun for all but I'm sure women would like a game that caters toward women, made by women who understand what they find interesting. I'd like to see the same for other ethnic groups, for instance Latino's and Blacks. A lot of Black characters are stereotypes and really miss the concerns Blacks have. I would imagine Latinos have similar perspectives to their character portrayals.
I do like that most games are still fun for everyone.

Gh05t1543d ago

It's pretty sweet that they allow males to participate. Still seems bias toward women but if it truly is based on skill and not sex and just trying to open up a platform that more women would feel comfortable, well that's pretty awesome. And I don't say that lightly.

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