Interview: Press Play’s Rune Dittmer on Upcoming Projects, Max and Microsoft

iLLGaming interviews Microsoft First Party Studio Press Play, the developer behind the Max and Tentacles franchises. Rune Dittmer, the studio head takes out some time from his busy schedule to speak to us.

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christocolus1600d ago

Max is a great title and press play and their games remind me of rare a lot. The art and direction of max is something you would see in older rare ips not shocked about dimtrris interest in banjoe one bit.i think they are huge fans of rare.

Would be great to see these guys develop a banjoe game or kameo with rare helping out in a few areas.

illgamer1600d ago

Thats true. Love their games. As a matter Press Play is one of the few Microsoft first party debs I really dig.

incendy351599d ago

Max is wonderful, can't wait to see what they do next.