Gears Of War on Xbox One: E-Day ‘really interesting to explore’

X-ONE spoke with Gears of War 2 writer Joshua Ortega on what he would like to see from the future of the franchise. While he has a few places he would like Gears to head, his money is on Black Tusk exploring E-Day...

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christocolus1576d ago

Yeah it could be really cool to re visit E day but this time from another characters perspectie not Marcus. A darker and deeper story with an entirely new set of characters (the good guys and enemies too)would be great.

DawnOfDon1576d ago

I agree put new characters but have Delta Squad in the game and meet them at some point

christocolus1576d ago

Yeah..that would be great. Cant wait to see what black tusk comes up with.

truefan11576d ago

This is why i loved Gears so much, great story and great characters. This series can go so many other directions. I really like the E - day aspect, but a whole new band of brothers would be great, with a splash of the originals. I doubt they show anything at E3, but it would be awesome if they did.

darthv721576d ago

Do what Valve did with half life. you had the main game, then you had blue shift where you played as the security guard who crosses paths with freemen. then you also had opposing force where you were the black ops guy who also crosses paths with freemen.

i can see a role reversal in a new gears game. Play through the first as a different person who crosses paths with dom and marcus but continues on in a different path throughout new areas that dom and marcus never explored.

incredibleMULK1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

as much as i hate prequels..this one might be the only one that gets my blessing.

At some point in the near future i am going to want a sequel.

In this sequel I want Marcus to wake up and everything from the flood in gears 2 all the way through gears 3 was just a dream and continue the story arc of part 2 where locusts were made in that lab niles was at, the locust are a freakish lab experiment (not an ancient race), and the locust queen is really marcus' mom like all the collectibles eluded to.

You gots to make this cinematic....SO, when Marcus wakes up from his protein induced muscle nap I want blood squirting on his face from coletrain AND Baird getting chainsawed in half by theron guards or queen myrna squashes hoffmans head with her size 16, and then marcus and dom retreat somewheres...and game on.

Your welcome.

Oh yeah it has to be gritty. Very gritty. Like gears 1 gritty. dark and gritty. mainly gritty.

And no flash gordon scenes where marcus and dom are hugging on the back of a reaver. And quit making all the schlong looking maps cliffy b. Azura ain't nuttin but schlongs! And would it kill ya to put unlockable thongs and/or lingerie for the lady gears for us gear heads that like ladies?!

Oh yeah did I mention make it gritty.

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DawnOfDon1576d ago

Me neither. I am looking forward to my favorite series of all time coming back, I hope to hear something atleast at e3, atleast at where they are taking the series

mrpsychoticstalker1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Totally agree!


The darker the better, but have some sort of light and reality of feelings. like Dom and his wife, damn I was so sad when he discovered his wife! ;(

one of the saddest moments on my gaming history.

Or when he died, I felt so upset but at the end of the day he kinda wanted to die.


Definitely! the legendary characters NEED they MUST to meet at some point!
The entire Delta squad and I spent Numerous hours for a very long time together! Need to see those guys again.

I think the next Gears will blow our minds! Cant wait for My favorite Series of all time, although I was disappointed with JUDGEMENT. (It felt like it had No heart)


@Foxtrot (Below)

Totally agree with you Mate, for some reasons prequels don't really get my attention. I like to see character mature!

maniacmayhem1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )


I disagree with tha. It will be tough to explain new weapons and new enemy characters if they keep it in the same time frame.

I say we move forward, 20 years (or whatever) later and the locust return or a new bigger threat immerges. This way Black Tusk can create their own story, have freedom of new characters, weapons and enemies without having to worry about continuity.

And this way the impact of the story will be greater when your new character runs into the old squad and we find out what they have been up to all these years.

christocolus1575d ago

You do have a point but i bet Black tusk and Epic could find a way around that.

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No_Limit1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I am hoping for a at least a tech demo at E3 of some sort. Gears was one of my favorite series of last gen and can't wait to hear more about it.

True_Samurai1576d ago

I don't want a prequel >:-( either reboot or sequel

DawnOfDon1576d ago

I think we will be getting remakes of the first 3 before the new one comes out

DaleCooper1576d ago

Definitely don't want a prequel. Prequels are lame, I want to see where a character goes, not where they've been.

-Foxtrot1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Not really, I think we've heard enough about it during the main games, then you had Judgment which was closer to E day and finally you have all the novels/books on E day.

If it was going to be E day then I would expect to play Marcus and see what happened to him back then

I just don't want another prequel. I want them to push the series forward, not dwell in the past.

SixtyNine1576d ago

Reboot the franchise.. GEARS running on Unreal Engine 4 :O

any GEARS is better than no gears at all tho'. I'd love to revisit the older games except I don't own a 360 anymore :/

Microsoft should get some sort of backward compatibility going on like PS NOW.

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