Arkham Knight interview confirms that Scarecrow is main villain

Speaking in an interview, Marketing Producer Dax Ginn from Rocksteady confirmed that Scarecrow is the main villain in Batman: Arkham Knight, with the fear-obsessed bad guy assembling a dream team of criminals to take down the Dark Knight.

Misdirection? Maybe, but Rocksteady are right that Scarecrow is one of the more effective Batman villains, his obsession with fear neatly cutting to the core of Bruce Wayne's character. Still, I wouldn't put it past the British developers to throw some curveballs our way.

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Lucreto1603d ago

Just like with all the trailers of Origins showing Black Mask as the main Villain and look how that turned out.

CustardTrout1603d ago

The actual villain is Crazy Quilt.

KonsoruMasuta1603d ago

I don't know why people keep comparing this to Origins. Let the crap that is Origins come clean from your mind. That was not Rocksteady's work.

FlameWater1603d ago

Origins has scared me for life

JamieReleases1603d ago

Combat improvements sound good too, but it's a long wait until October.

goldwyncq1603d ago

No, it's actually Joker's ghost possessing the Arkham Knight.

TheDevil15inallofus1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

....who's actually being impersonated by Clayface, who was possessed by R'as al Ghul! ::gasp::

CyrusLemont1603d ago

Awesome, I love the whole concept that because the Joker kept things chaotic, it prevented total chaos of Gotham city, if that makes sense? Although I do believe Scarecrow will be a significant part of the story, I can't help but speculate that once again, someone else has been pulling the strings. Perhaps the Arkham Knight? I'm certain we'll get all the following villains to appear in some form:

Arkham Knight
The Riddler
Killer Croc
Two Face
The Penguin
Harley Quinn
Ra's Al Ghul
Mr Freeze
Joker (Hallucinations only)
The Mad Hatter
Red Hood

There are probably going to be way more seeing how this is Rocksteady's send off. Also, I can't believe OXM revealed that there is THREE TIMES AS MANY RIDDLER CHALLENGES COMPARED TO ARKHAM CITY. F**K.

7 months man, pull it together!

TheEnigma3131603d ago

Joker will weasel his way into being the main villain again. I'm a huge Batman fan so I don't mind.

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