New VR Project True Player Gear Emerges To Take The Spotlight

Watch out, Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift! There's a new headset in town.

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jhoward5851517d ago

Awesome. More competition.

morganfell1517d ago

Exactly. And best of all it is a gamer first project.

ATi_Elite1517d ago

Oh wow another VR, I'm sure they negotiating with Google right now for a $2 Billion dollar buyout.

mark3214uk1517d ago

after seing how much oculus sold there start up for,wont surprise me if there will be a few more vr's popping up

GentlemenRUs1517d ago

Expect it to be in the price range of about £750+

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ZeroX98761517d ago

Didn't know there was an estimated price for this device already.

I would have thought this VR was aiming at a similar price like the rift and Project Morpheus.

aliengmr1517d ago

Where are you getting that number?

Seems to me that most consumer HMDs are going to aim for the $300 - $500 range at the beginning.

mr.selfdestruct1517d ago

I don't care I want one NOW. Who ever get a Good!!! product to maket 1st gets my monies.

Alucardx031517d ago

Unfortunately, the FOV is more than 10 degrees smaller than that of the Rift and Morpheus. That's a significant number when you're talking about trying to achieve full immersion.

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