Why is everyone leaving Sony?

Play magazine asks what is going on with the recent Sony departures.

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DEEBO1521d ago

destroy and rebuild simple as that.

Ego's thinking you're on some legendary game developer but you're not.
wasting 100 mill on a game and it still sucks,yeah you need to go.

Sony loves making games but quality and cost is a factor and the ps3 was getting burned left&right even if the game was Good (mag)

Team_Litt1521d ago

I can see bet you have bought into the positive spin. Anything to help you see Sony in a glorious light all the time

NewMonday1521d ago

do you have other sources of information or do you just make up stuff.

and their is nothing positive about letting someone wast 100 million and 4 years of dev time, Sony should have pulled the plug a long time ago.

Kayant1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

So Sony supposedly spending close to 100m and rebooting a project 3 times are signs of positive spin /s

Justin Richmond going from Naughty dog to Riot games is obviously a career change for what most likely seems like personal reasons.

Sony moving a studio from one location to a bigger location then firing 50+ people suggests something was wrong with a project. I mean it doesn't make sense to expand a studio then cut the workforce after a few months. What would have been the point of moving/expanding if not to grow?

Jaime Griesemer (I:SS Lead Designer) has moved from project to project every couple of years but has been only at two studios (Bungie & SP) ---> and this is why he left Bungie --> and has this to say on his leave from SP -->
SP is also expanding -->

cba to go into the rest of the others but I hope you see the point. It isn't as clear cut as it seems.

Fact is no one knows what is really happening so you trying to equate it to Playstation *doomed* is not any better than so called *positive* spinning. But it's obvious some kind of *shake* up is going on.

curtis921521d ago

What you're implying makes you just as bad on the other end.

Alsybub1521d ago

They definitely need to do something at the moment.

They need to be more stream lined until PlayStation starts to turn a profit in a couple of years.

Supporting article here:

Joe9131521d ago

Either way he spent 4 years on a game and it was not ready to show and if Sony did not like what they saw then they have every right to cancel the game if they felt like they were losing money and that's just going off facts not rumors if Sony would have just let the game come out because hey this is the guy behind GOW3 he can do no wrong and the game sucked then you be crying about that and if someone believes a insider or a source or even a rumor what business is it of yours why can you not respect his decision to believe who the hell he want you want to see Sony in a negative light all the time so what does that say about you.

kenshiro1001521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

What positive spin? What should everyone do, put on sackcloth and go 'woe is me, Sony is doomed'?


You can't assume this person left or that person left because Sony is some sinking ship and everyone's jumping off. Unless you're some investor or you own stocks, stop acting like you know what's going on.

Some of you are sad...really.

chickenface1521d ago Show
GarrusVakarian1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Ahhh, "damage control"...the term fanboys use when they don't have the intelligence, or knowledge,to form a competent counter argument.

"Listen guys, maybe it's this"


"When a company is in a bad way, they restructure"


"We don't know exactly what's going on, let's stop jumping to conclusions"


Some people will try and explain the situation or make sense out of it, others (bundi, dark11, gozer, morepowerofgreen, Team Litt etc) will troll and shout damage control because they aren't interested in the situation, only the negativity that comes off of it, which they feed on. I know which side i will be on.

bleedsoe9mm1521d ago

"downsizing" , "restucturing" , "outsourcing", "reorganization" we really have no idea what it means for sony long term , and if anyone thinks they can their full of crap .

truefan11521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Sony is restructuring, but it seems the ps4 fans are missing the point. It's all about timing. Sony fans got after MSFT for what they call abandoning the 360, but what MSFT was doing was the exact restructuring ps4 fans are giving Sony a pass for. MSFT has more internal studios and games in development than ever before because they restructured at the end of the console life of the 360 to prepare for XB1.

343 has been built up, Black Tusk had been built up, LXP is new, Lion head working and Fable and an unannounced MMO, Rare going back to old ips ... Also 2nd party support is high Remedy, Crytek, Platinum Games...I could go on and on because MSFT restructured and is ready to really compete.

Sony were so worried about trying to catch the 360 they sacrificed the first few years of the ps4. PS they only passed 360 because of the GTA5 bundle, but 360 sold about 90 MILLION more games so MSFT beats Sony. Back on point, just look at how Sony is skipping PAX and relying on multiplats and indie games, similar to MSFT at the end of the 360 generation. Meanwhile MSFT is so confident with their pipeline of games they can't wait to tell. It's impossible to restructure and have a ton of games in development, because it is uncertain who stays and who goes. Look at the releases for ps4, killzone, infamous, tlou remake, uncharted, those are all safe games, Sony isn't taking a lot of chances on new ips. Expect this trend to continue for a few years. Their finances are starting to become a factor, the concern for ps4 fans should be the people who are leaving played a big factor in playstation success. Not only that, but the break ups have been sour. I know I know, MSFT lost Whitten, but Mattrick needed to go. All in all expect this restructuring to last a little while, it is not a quick fix.

Try to be objective when ready this, it will make perfect sense.

majiebeast1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Lol all these xbox fanboys concern trolling shouldnt you be playing Titanfall?

XBOTTOX1521d ago

I love how people are making statements and logical assumptions as to why these people left Sony. If it only it was that easy.

redwin1521d ago

So, the lead designers and the "botton pushers" get "fired " not "layed off" because of something that the lead designers messed up on. And they get fired before the investors look at the books for the quarter for the ps4. You all think that Sony can do no wrong, all they are giving me this year as exclusives are a bunch of indie games. Agh, it's like choosing to stay in the matrix.

HighResHero1520d ago

If you would like a positive spin I can give you one Litt.
They still have hundreds of other talented devs working on highly ambitious projects across multiple platforms.
They have the most and the possibly the strongest first/second party studios in the industry.
A few talented people move to more ambitious positions while their current employees are generally teeming with continually advancing talent.
Just objective facts, no rose tinted glasses necessary. Nice to be able to look at objective reality.

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MelvinTheGreat1521d ago

This site is great. Almost everyone on here claims sony has the best studios, yet when they fire people its for the better. Why? Why change the magic formula? If sonys studios are so great and awsome then why are they letting people go?

Why o why1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The studio output was good, definitely but seems like sony are trimming the fat. Time will tell if this is to the detriment of their output from here on. Just because you're doing great, doesn't mean you cannot or shouldn't improve be it in talent, output or efficiency

xxBiG_BoSSxx1521d ago

If their studios are so bad then why are their games so highly praised by critics and fans?
Why do so many developers state how great it is working with Sony?

I keep seeing people call the logic and analysis being applied to these stories as "damage control" but they never mention what the "damage" actually is.

Joe9131521d ago

Because it is business all game studios do this if you have 50+ ppl working on a game and that game gets canceled what do you do with the 50+ ppl if you have no new projects for them to work on clean floors windows and such lol just think about it before speaking and I think it is funny how ppl (who I honestly think are Xbox fans)keep talking about Sony letting go of idk around 100 or so with the recent lay offs but irrational games just laid off like 200 ppl after making a damn good game to change their focus with a smaller team that will work on digital only games so it is ok for other companies to fire everyone to be more streamlined and it is fine but when Sony does it there is something wrong lol MS been losing execs left and right since the xbox one was announced the person that wanted to become CEO and sell the division off is now running that division and they sold a studio to Amazon yet Xbox fans feel everything is ok yet want to talk about Sony.

morganfell1521d ago

Simple Melvin. You have forgotten, or else never learned, a basic rule of life. As Darwin stated it,

"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change." Or the more simple explanation by Tolle, "Evolve or die."

kenshiro1001521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

So wait...Sony is the ONLY company in the world who lets people go or something? I'm sure there's other companies who were going through a restructuring process that have let supposedly important people go before.

These things happen. Sony's running a business, not a zoo.

And I agree that Sony should not have allowed someone to waste so much money on a project that never took off in the first place.

GarrusVakarian1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

You do know that when a company restructures, they don't have the luxury of choosing their favourites and who to keep, right?

They can't just go "but man, i really love Evolution studios, i don't wanna let these guys go!" *stamps feet*.

Restructuring is a cold process. You have to think of people as "assets", not as hard working human beings with families.

GrandTheftZamboni1521d ago

"sony has the best studios, yet when they fire people its for the better"

Best can be even better. Bestest?

DawnOfDon1521d ago


People on this site thing everything Sony does is great and can't see them crumbling

redwin1521d ago

Sony is like any other company, they need to please the investors and in turn they will please us for a long long time. To please the investors they have to make unpopular decisions and they are not under outh to explain them to the public. But I don't buy that, they all got fired in the same month, was a coincidence.

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HaveAsandwich1521d ago

exactly. this is what i think happened to driveclub as well. they told the guy behind the wheel (no pun intended) that the game sucked, and he quit. he was then replaced, and driveclub started making moves.

G20WLY1521d ago

Some good points DEEBO.

Shall I tell you guys who's not leaving Sony?

The players :)

(which also means the consumers...)

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ananas1521d ago

who knows ship Titanic?

bloodybutcher1521d ago

Who knows what ''failed trolling'' means?

wenaldy1521d ago

Drive-by trolling..


Eonjay1521d ago

These things happen in business all the time. Our executive VP was just replaced for under performing. We just don't have media outlets blowing all of our staff changes out of proportion for hits.

Anon19741521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

What's weird is why this is even news. People move around the industry all the time. Way back in 2007 there were 40,000 people working in game development in the US alone, and that was seven years ago. Peole move around in the industry on a weekly basis. GameDeveloper magazine used to have a section in the back every month that kept track of the notable moves of individuals in the gaming industry as they opened new studios or jumped over to another team.

Suddenly we're supposed to think this isn't business as usual? What's unusual is why anyone suddenly cares.

ArbitorChief1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Why is everyone leaving Sony? Simple, $1.1 billion loss forcing Sony to make changes and restructure. Simply business.