How the Xbox One can catch up to the PlayStation 4

It’s no secret that, since the launch of the latest generation of consoles late last year, the PlayStation 4 is selling like hotcakes.
From Sony’s mass appeal to their core gaming audience after Microsoft’s stumble at the Xbox One reveal, to the PS4’s record-shattering launch sales and widely positive feedback, a common pattern has been developing for almost a year now - the Xbox One is behind the PlayStation 4. And it needs to catch up.

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TheLyonKing1602d ago

it can't Sony has a strong hold in Europe and always will.

Japan theres no contest

America I can see it catching up and over taking but without the year head start like the 360 it is pretty fruitless.

aconnellan1602d ago

I agree, they're definitely on the back foot this time. And I don't see anyone in Japan buying an Xbox over a PlayStation any time soon.

Here in Australia it's really odd, I personally know more people who own Xbox One's, but the PS4 is doing much better, and is sold out more often. I might need to actually widen my social circles though, and you know... talk to people...

truefan11602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

All MSFT needs to worry about is making the XB1 the best system it can be and things will sort itself out over 5-7 years. If they keep releasing great GAMES and improving the console, I'll be happy with that. Playstation has world wide brand recognition, while xbox has US and Uk. XB1 will be fine and MSFT seems to have a lot in store for the next few years. Simple 2014 glance, excluding multiplats, shows XB1 players have had an opportunity to continue paying launch titles, Project Spark beta, Titanfall, and PvZ, with Kinect Sports Rivals and new KI content coming in just over one week. I think the fun factor this far speaks for itself and that is what it's all about.

@QuagyUK if it is a gamers machine where are the AXA exclusives. Also it is so funny you mention tv, when Sony right now is working on
playstation tv.

@Cornholio the only thing I accept is that XB1 is the more fun console and that is why we buy them. What I laugh at is more ps4 fans dislike XB1 more than they enjoy the ps4. Sum up all the reasons people enjoy their ps4 and it's always the same thing, a generic they care about gamers response. Which in actually XB1 is still on their mind. Hence why xbox and msft are used in most gaming articles to draw in all fans. I love XB1 because I love the games and functionality, it has nothing to do with ps4. You should love ps4 for being a ps4, nothing to do with the anti msft gamer bs that seems to be the cool thing now a days.

MasterCornholio1602d ago


So you finally accepted it.

Thats good news.


Why o why1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

I was with ya trufan until your retort at the end. Sony have released more games already. You may not consider killzone or infamous as 'axa' games but many do.

We all know who has the stamina to last a whole gen, not just the early years in both quality and quantity. Many of which were goty contenders or winners. You almost sound like the guys at the beginning of last gen that were screaming the ps3 had 'no games' and labeled it the 'waitstation'. You see how foolish and shortsighted MS made you look in the end. Turnt the same screamers into apologists. From 'triple a' to 'exclusives dont matter'

I cant see ms catching sony if they couldn't even stay in front last gen with all of the advantages they had which they don't have now. No headstart, not cheaper, no online superiority, less media backing etc, harder to develop on and power gap being wider leading to a multiplat disadvantage.

Its going to take a lot more than a handful of staff leaving their posts at sony for ms to catch the strongest gaming console built with such momentum. Also, Sony were always about media, they have an invested interest there. The difference at the reveal was they didn't make 'tv tv tv' seem like its core focus or anywhere near that. The mixed messages hurt microsoft on top of all the drm nonsense.

Not saying ms will go down without a fight though. Any org who can ride the rrod sh#tstorm must have a strong level of business resilience to compete like they did.

-Superman-1602d ago

Can´t? If Microsoft sold their console with 1 euro then it would outsell PS4 with 1 day. Everything is possible even in Japan

Bdub20001602d ago

LOL.... The real question should be, how will the ps4 ever match the x1? This article is for PS4 fanboys that think the ps4 is in the lead.

TheEnigma3131602d ago

Ummmm the PS4 is in the lead. It's not an opinion it's a fact. Sorry to break it to you.

NeoTribe1601d ago

Ps4 is in the lead.... they also finished last gen in the lead... in all reality ms has never won a gen.

Qwagy UK1602d ago

Bottom line xbone will not catch up. PS4 is a gamers machine xbone is some weird tivo cross over. PS4’s record-shattering launch sales nuff said.

Bernlock1602d ago

have you even tried it out for yourself before making that brilliant assestment

Bdub20001602d ago

But the x1 has no catching up to do. This article is for delusional ps4 fans that think ps4 is ahead.

Priestwithgun1602d ago

only way it is possible is that Sony's 2015 list of exclusives is at same level as its 2014 list and xbox one continues to dish out some interesting exclusives

joab7771602d ago

That is how it would happen. But I feel like once the games start rolling, the advantage will b more and more playstation, exclusives and multi.

But u can never say never b/c u dont know what a company might do. Who knows...maybe xbox gets league of legends or DOTA 2.

DEEBO1602d ago Show
stuna11602d ago

The only way is if Sony does everything wrong here on out, and Microsoft does everything right! Which seems kind of far fetched at this point.

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