Retro Hidden Gems: Rumble Racing (PS2)

Rich of JillSandwich writes: The Playstation 2 has had many classic games in its near 13 year lifespan, from Timesplitters, Devil May Cry and Soul Calibur 2 to Ico, Okami and Shadow of the Colossus, the PS2 was a hot bed of great games. However look beyond the triple A titles and there are plenty of lesser known games that are worthy of your attention.

Rumble Racing, released in 2001 by Electronic Arts, is an arcade style racer with hints of Mario Kart and Twisted Metal. Players have a choice of vehicles, which in turn, are tiered into 3 different classes, Rookie, Pro and Elite, which can be unlocked as the game progresses. Rookie cars will be slower, with little to no upgrades, Pro cars have aesthetic upgrades as well as speed boosts and more dynamic handling, whilst Elite vehicles have the best of everything.

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