Watch_Dogs Creative Director Explains Lack of Shadows in Latest Trailer, Confirms QR Code Puzzles

Watch_Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin addressed concerns about some graphical flaws spotted in the latest trailer, and confirmed the presence of QR code puzzles.

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bunt-custardly1574d ago

Ok it's good to nick pick when looking at trailers, I mean, what else is there to do other than praise the game for looking pants compared to target renders.

Let's all worry about the quality of games now before they are released so there's less disappointment when they fail to deliver once we actually play them.


Edsword1574d ago

Infamous SS delivered the promised visuals and did so with a solid framerate. I agree the gameplay could have been more innovative and the story better, but it delivered the goods visually. Watchdogs is a good looking game, but they made the mistake of showing target footage instead of actual. I still don't believe the downgrade is anywhere near what it's being made out to be from a bunch of ticked off no life's comparing trailers. 1. Get a life 2. Judge the game when it is released 3. Go outside and do something that doesn't involve a controller or keyboard

Shadonic1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

infamous only on Ps4

watch dogs PC,Ps4,360,Xone,ps3,wii u.

even then in terms of what can be done outside of story missions Watch dogd wins. Having played through infamous twice I can honestly say this.

Dont get me wrong its still very fun but feels a bit empty after the story.

mogwaii1574d ago Show
Dynasty20211574d ago

Infamous dips frames a lot. Get on top of a building then look up, then look down. If you can't see the MASSIVE frame drops from about 60 to barely 30, you need your eyes tested.

And it didn't deliver the visuals. It was downgraded too.

ZodTheRipper1574d ago

What are you talking about? Stop it you sad troll.

Mr-Dude1574d ago

I think you need your eyes tested... and buy a ps4 first to actually see it.

SheenuTheLegend1573d ago

man fps means Frames Per Second
Not Farts Per Second lol

ion531573d ago

inFAMOUS FPS drops from 60-30? What? Since when did SS have 60 FPS?

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Edsword1574d ago

I knew I would get disagrees, but think about it, if you are getting mad because a game developer downgraded a game you don't even have to buy, are you not getting a little petty? Vote with your dollars and stop dwelling on this stuff. Do you even know what idiot means?

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poboy9931574d ago

Originally this was the game I pre-ordered my PS4 for back in the Summer of 2013. Big disappointment when it was delayed as it was suppose to be released soon after the debut of the PS4. My expectations are high for this one.

masheen881574d ago

E3 was the PC version people. Ps4 and Xbone can't keep up with PC power. It's all in the gpu / CPU. Not a downgrade for consoles just a hardware limitation.

theXtReMe11574d ago

Correction, E3 2012 was the PC version. E3 2013 was the PS4. Which still looks spectacular. I don't get it, do the PC elitists get an email every time somebody posts something about a console game, so they can troll?

bcrazy181574d ago

The 2012 E3 demo is what everyone is comparing the new trailer to so he's correct so I don't think he's trolling. Nice try lol.

Volkama1574d ago

We work in shifts. I'm off duty right now, so I agreed with you.

Stapleface1574d ago

@theXtReMe1: This isn't just a console game. It's a multiplatform game, which IDK if you knew it yet or not, but pc is a gaming platform as well. Not to mention the poster was 100% correct, yet he has all disagrees but my 1 agree. Heads up to the disagrees, no matter how much you disagree with a fact, it doesn't make it any less true.

Enyxodin1574d ago

Lol! You clearly does not know anything of anything at all as it seems...the reason watch dogs was downgraded is because it releases on both old and new platforms so the old platforms is the bottlenecks for the nextgens potential! So don't just spill out empty words...

Qrphe1574d ago

If by PC version you mean the tech demo developers got running on their professional workstations then yes. Remember those amazing ambient forest and tesselated frogs that never showed on retail Crysis 3? Remember Far Cry 3 reveal?

MilkMan1574d ago

Just say,

"our graphics engine sucks, we removed shadows so that it can run at a decent frame rate. We are still working this stuff out. We over reached by showing you what the PC version will look like. We are trying very hard to make the PS4 and Xbone version gain parity to the PC version but the fact of the matter is we are simply not that talented.
We lied, we shouldn't have and we are trying to make up for it by stating lots of content instead of flashy graphics. We hope you can see the value in that. Sorry, please forgive us. Have a nice day."

CrossingEden1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Hmm, no one said this when infamous second son didn't have dynamic shadows or realtime lighting. This game actually has realtime dynamic lighting, weather, and self shadowing. People need to stop cherry picking shots to make it look bad.

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