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Xbox One Thief, Tomb Raider and Ghosts sale now live.

Hey hey, it’s time for some Xbox One titles to get some rather decent price cuts in this weeks Deal of the Week and the best thing about it? The sale is now live.

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deepio855d ago

BF4 & AC4 are still £55 ($90) each on the UK store. The digital rip-off is still alive and well.

Volkama855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

I saw the Marvel Lego game on Steam for £4.99 the other day. Figured it was a pretty good deal but then I saw it was only reduced from £14.99.

So I decided hey at £14.99 I will get this for my XBox One, and have it easily accessible for my children to play.

I fired up the XBox One and did a little search. £49.99.

Digital rip-off is right.

Bolts-N-Rays1109855d ago

Time to go buy Tomb Raider, so I can finally play it.

Dannyh855d ago

Do they have time period for how long the game market place on Xbox one will be down

Bolts-N-Rays1109855d ago

It's up for me. Just started downloading Tomb Raider.

bunt-custardly855d ago

Hmmm I feel if I'm more patient, these will come down further in the coming months.

Volkama855d ago

That's generally how it works.

It's strange, if you choose to follow the gaming market about 12-18 months behind then the hobby is about a 5th of the price, and the experiences you get from it do not diminish at all.

But that logic doesn't matter, because we have to have the latest and greatest ASAP.

ZombieDust855d ago

Thays fine and all waiting and saving money... But without the people that cant wait and need a game at launch industry would cease to exist because there would be no money to be made.

Slysi855d ago

Correct me if wrong but ms need to do there maths again. Thief 50% off. Was £49.99 now £27.99.that don't look like 50% to me...

Volkama855d ago

It is also the exact price that Thief cost brand new if you pre-ordered it on Steam.

I'd say MS need to do their math again, but also their overall pricing strategy.

Edvin1984855d ago

Steam prices and consoles prices should not be compared. If you were making games you'd want to earn as much as possible for your work. I am sure when you have down time at work, you do not go to your boss and say hey I am slow right now pay me less.

oKidUKo855d ago

Maybe it's a mental aspect but for me if it was actually half I could justify it. Those extra 3 pounds made me doubt the purchase!

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