5 ways Capcom could bring Resident Evil back from the dead

Jillsandwich writes: The Capcom cash cow Resident Evil is shuffling towards a shallow grave. The series has lasted almost two decades in the industry and has shifted more than 35 million games – an amazing achievement in and of itself – but it’s quickly becoming the walking dead. Since the series’ pinnacle, the truly brilliant Resident Evil 4 (which sits with an impressive metacritic score of 96), the review scores have been plummeting – Resident Evil 5 scoring a reasonable 83 followed by a painful 67 for Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil is one of Capcom’s biggest franchises. It is a household name that even my Grandmother knows about (and she doesn’t know the difference between a game pad and a lily pad), but it’s in serious trouble of becoming an undead shell of its former self. Capcom needs to do something drastic to bring Resident Evil back to life and the collective hive-mind of Jill Sandwich have some suggestions.

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CLOUD19831602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Other than the last one that CAPCOM must get rid off zombies complete I don't agree with that but I'm with u on everything else especially with the one that CAPCOM must reboot the series with a completely new cast of characters that would be the best imo the reason? because all those characters we know already is veterans that have special forces training & all r very experienced on how to deal with zombies they r not even afraid of them anymore & that ruin the whole atmosphere... we need amateurs as main chars & there is no need to be police/military they can be normal civilian this would be even better for me that way they can show fear/panic & be more vulnerable & this will make the game more scary!

Omac_brother1601d ago

Too right. It's just not scary when you know Chris, Jill etc have already killed thousands of zombies. Normal civvies are the way forward.