Today marks the 12th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series

GearNuke: "A combination that no one saw coming, Square Soft and Disney, who thought their joint efforts would result in one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time? Well it happened and today marks the 12th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series."

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Omar911486d ago

Where is KH 2.5!?

I hope they are taking longer to announce it because they aer actually working on a ps4 port as well. I wanna buy this but don't wanna go back to my ps3 lol

DarkLordMalik1486d ago

KH 2.5 is slated for a release this Fall, so presumably End of Sep/Oct is my guess.

MegaRay1486d ago

If there ever a PS4 port, I hope it includes all games to date for 60 usd only

Omar911486d ago

I just feel like their taking way to long to announce kh 2.5 release date. My first impression is that they are also porting it to ps4. But I doubt it