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Does inFamous: Second Son contain a Mario and Luigi reference?

Reader Victoria Garcia and his daughter Victoria came across the shot above, which comes from inFamous: Second Son. If you get in close and take a real look at the photo, it does look like Mario and Luigi are referenced/given a neat little tribute. Are those really the famous brothers, or are we just crazy? (inFamous: Second Son, Mario, Nintendo, PS4, Wii U)

Hard to tell
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pedrof93  +   116d ago
This is in the beginning of the game.
Agent Smith  +   116d ago | Funny
At first, I couldn't see it. But after looking at it for a few minutes, I still don't see it.
Kyanu  +   116d ago
hay  +   116d ago
Surely a Matrix glitch. Still running on Windows, huh?
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   116d ago
Agent Smith gets a bubble for funny :)
Why o why  +   116d ago
Lol, good one
inveni0  +   116d ago
At best, it's one of the dev's kid's drawings of Mario and Luigi.

...or an elephant...
sinspirit  +   116d ago
I can kind of see a Sackboy..
kingfetish17  +   116d ago
Funny how this easter egg's shown when Delsin brings up the name "Reggie" in his dialogue.

Reference to Nintendo's president, Reggie Fils-Aime.
kopicha  +   116d ago

maybe this give a better view, it does look like mario and luigi in the drawing.
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-Superman-  +   116d ago
Half Life 3 Confirmed
tanookisuit  +   116d ago
No, No, sir...!

The Last Guardian release date, confirmed!
Zefros  +   116d ago
I think i saw luigi in the picture.
TekoIie  +   116d ago
"Reader Victoria Garcia and his daughter Victoria"

.... I'm confused.
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Heisenburger  +   116d ago
I think it's some sort of Victoria to Victoria space-time continuum.
Lord Maim  +   116d ago
Trapped in Victorian times.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   116d ago
Shit just got medieval, or damned close to it.XD
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   116d ago
I can't really tell... Lol.
I know they have sly cooper references.
Cole Mcgrath with the store "Cole McG"
They reference knack aswell with a Doll.

Mario though, no.

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Pintheshadows  +   116d ago
This is slightly off topic guys but is there a way to change the time of day as you see fit after the game has ended?

If there isn't, there should be. I can't seem to find one anywhere.
moujahed  +   116d ago
No the time of day run in accordance to the story.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   116d ago
That's exactly what I've been looking for. I want to play the game in the night time with my neon powers as it looks more amazing.
Rockefellow  +   116d ago
Weather seems to change randomly post-game, but I haven't noticed day/night cycles as of yet since I jumped straight to the evil playthrough.

What happens if you play the game with the ps4 clock set to evening hours? Have you tried reloading your save file a few times to see if it changes? Might be worth a try.
Pintheshadows  +   116d ago
It doesn't seem to do anything sadly. I have to say the city looks really dull on an evil post game tear up. I want to play at night or in the rain.
kopicha  +   116d ago

The day night cycle occurs at certain point of the story. It has nothing to do with the PS4 clock or how long you have dive into the game.
Rockefellow  +   115d ago
I know that, kopicha. We were discussing possible ways for players go experience the cycle post-game, because constant daytime is rather dull. Those were simple suggestions for potential ways to see if nighttime could be provoked, which seems to be a staple atmospheric effect in many open-world games.

I'm sorry if you weren't able to understand what we're discussing without uselessly reiterating what we already know. Someone literally said the exact same thing you did, just a few posts above you, making me wonder if you were eager to act like some know-it-all prat, or simply too stupid to read for general context before typing.

I thought it was pretty easy to comprehend, my mistake.
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cchum  +   116d ago
A couple on Neogaf have said it depends on Good/evil karma. Good=noon, evil=dusk.
ZodTheRipper  +   116d ago
It's exactly like this, good looks way better post-game. I hope they'll add an option to change between the 8 presets via menu.
Rockefellow  +   115d ago
Ahhh... That makes sense now. It's an interesting design choice, but I would enjoy being able to alter the weather and time cycle via menu or "cheat," similar to GTA.
moujahed  +   116d ago
I've seen the master sword randomly several times... so much so that I will be pretty confused if we aren't able to use it at some point in time. Never seen anything related to Mario & Luigi.
Rockefellow  +   116d ago
I think it's a stretch to call those things master sword references, if you're talking about what I'm thinking of that's spoiler territory.
moujahed  +   114d ago
They already posted and article hear showing pictures and saying the same thing. Nobody deemed or even labeled it as spoiler now I say it and it's boarder lining it?
oIITSBIIo  +   116d ago
SO ?
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   116d ago
I'm starting to think that there's some sort of ulterior motive behind these last couple of articles about nintendo stuff in second sons...
SilentNegotiator  +   116d ago
NintendoEverything needs SOMETHING to generate traffic...
fei-hung  +   116d ago
If you have unlocked alternative designs, there is one called the "X-Bone."

I found it hilarious lol

There is also A batman reference when Delsin shouts, "where is she?" twice.
R-A-S-0  +   116d ago
There are tons of references in this game. These are the ones I've noticed:

1. There's a crane with "Frasier" written on it.
2. (SPOILER) when you catch Hank the 2nd time he says something like "sorry about the Sucker Punch."
3. (SPOILER) sometime after meeting Eugene, Delsin says something like "let's do this for the gamer."

Edit: forgot about the x-bone one. Thanks fei-hung
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SilentNegotiator  +   116d ago
"1. There's a crane with "Frasier" written on it"

Yessss! I knew they wouldn't disappoint and would remember to have a Frasier reference.
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jcnba28  +   116d ago
Like many other developers out there these guys are just showing love and respect for Nintendo which is awesome.
sinspirit  +   116d ago
GentlemenRUs  +   116d ago

- Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it? Reply to why you disagree with me.
XisThatKid  +   116d ago
i dont agree or disagree but why?
mixelon  +   116d ago
I disagreed because you pretty much asked people to and i thought that was funny.

Also, i disagree with sackboy?
LAWSON72  +   116d ago
How am I supposed to see anything in that tiny ass image? The game is 1080p so how about, oh I dont know, native res screenshots.
DanaBlack  +   116d ago
Did anyone see the shoutout to the Xbox one yet?
MCTJim  +   116d ago
I'm sorry but I dont see it...Looks like fuzzy picture to me. THis thought comes to mind for me: if you stare at clouds enough you start to see images.
MCTJim  +   115d ago
ahhh much better..now I see it
Geekman  +   116d ago
News about an Actual Mario game=low degrees.

News about a Mario cameo in a PS4 game=High degrees.
dragon_rocks  +   116d ago
I didn't go into the article yet but from the brief summary given under the heading on this page:

"Reader Victoria Garcia and his daughter Victoria came across the shot above"

So the guy and his daughter are both named Victoria?
LKHGFDSA  +   115d ago
it sure looks like them.
Edsword  +   115d ago
Apparently some one at SP likes Nintendo. Some R&C games had Nintendo references as well, this is nothing new.
Abdullah316  +   115d ago
I can see buzz lightyear
djplonker  +   115d ago
Yup all I can see is a mario 64esk water slide :/

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