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Submitted by HardcoreDroid 684d ago | review

Colin McRae Rally Review: Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid - Hardcore racing gamers are part of a rare breed. Anyone and everyone picks up a racer every once in a while, some even get good at one or two. But hardcore racing fans—the few, the proud—put up with a lot to get to the good stuff. You also have to at least be ready to stomach a certain degree of repetition. After all, these games are all about honing your skills and slowly getting better in small increments, posting faster times, racking up better scores. Unlike other genre enthusiasts, who often find themselves somewhat disappointed when it comes to mobile formats, racing fans playing on mobile devices find that the stakes are pretty high, because there are some seriously epic titles to compete with. (Android, Colin McRae Rally, iPad, iPhone) 3.5/5

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