Watch_Dogs Chicago - A city filled with individuality and dynamism

MWEB GameZone gives a break down of the latest, "Welcome to Chicago", trailer from Watch_Dogs.

Open world games aren't new, and the phrase 'a living, breathing world' has often been used to describe them, but no where is that phrase more applicable than with Watch_Dogs.

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HanCilliers1573d ago

I am extremely excited about Watch_Dogs. I hope we see a proper display of ubiquitous computing

AgentSmithPS41573d ago

Warning, passengers on this hype-train may experience symptoms similar to bipolar disorder.

HanCilliers1570d ago

ROFL! You might be right :S

GabeSA1573d ago

Damn I cant wait for this.

AgentSmithPS41573d ago

Since I can't get GTA5 on my PS4 I want this even more.

Priestwithgun1573d ago

got a gut feeling i will love this game,

Choc_Salties1573d ago

I'm a little sceptical, considering the other silly stuff around the whole affair, but lets see how it goes down

fonduktoe1573d ago

Heard this was downgraded visually. I will have to pass.

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