The Most Underrated Final Fantasy Characters of All Time

IGN: After browsing through IGN's "Most Popular Final Fantasy Characters of All Time" (as voted on by the IGN readers) I couldn't help but think of all of those wonderful characters that didn't make the cut. And not just the ones left out of this survey, but those who are routinely overlooked and forgotten. What follows then is a quick shout out to all of those wonderful Final Fantasy characters that rarely get their due, despite their unconventional flare and unique sophistication.

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TheGrimReaper00111486d ago

vanille was incredibly annoying though

CRASHBASHUK1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

not in the end of the she did something brave she was her normal self in the 3rd game oh and u didn't understand her story in 13 about sash and her etc

CRASHBASHUK1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

... I was referring to the last day in lighting returns when she was brave not going to spoil how she is brave
if you played the game you know what u mean if u just press disagree I guess u haven't even played the game
just my opinion of what I think of her

-Foxtrot1486d ago

You can't have an under rated FF13 character because all of them were either annoying, bland, boring or a complete dick

KonsoruMasuta1486d ago

I think Sazh was underated. Out of all the protagonist in the series, he had the most character.

His back story also made the most sense out of all of them. He wasn't some emotionless ex soldier with pink hair or some ancient tribal that was frozen in crystal. He was a father trying to get his son back and he was willing to do anything for that cause.

goldwyncq1486d ago

@ Konsoru

The annoying thing about Sazh though is that his motivation never changed. 500 years later and he's still trying to save his son.

Nerdmaster1485d ago

But it really annoyed me how everybody (including himself) kept referring to him as an old man. He didn't seem old at all.

Magicite1486d ago

I didnt find her annoying.

Nerdmaster1485d ago

I'm so happy to see more people agree with me that Vanille is a terrible character. Everytime I criticize her, I get tons of disagrees and people saying that they love her "upbeat" personality, her "cuteness" and that I simply didn't understand the character.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1486d ago

-coughs- Laguna, Kiros and Ward

youndamie1486d ago

Lol yes, i actually enjoyed playing as them and watching their story more so than Squall and his crew.

Kurisu1486d ago

The battle music in the dream world was great as well! I always found myself bopping along to it xD

-Foxtrot1486d ago

We really needed a spin off with them three for the PSP back in the day.

They have a lot of stories to tell....

SoulMikeY1486d ago

You can't have "underrated" in the title and Vanille in the picture. Especially when she's in the worst Final Fantasy characters list. Hell, the original warriors of light were better.

Looking at you Red Mage...

goldwyncq1486d ago


It's a real shame people can't look at his character past the first third of the game. He's actually the most developed character in the entire XIII trilogy.

shammgod1486d ago

funny thing about khimari, i am currently playing FFX and i never use him during battle.