Microsoft has NOT Picked up the Rights to Devil’s Third

Ryan McCaffrey got a chance to interview Microsoft’s Phil Spencer last week and confirmed that Microsoft did not pick up the rights to Devil’s Third.

Not sure if this is news but in my @XboxP3 interview last week Phil confirmed to me that MS did NOT pick up the rights to Devil’s Third.

Devil’s Third will be re-revealed soon, where we should know who picked up the game. Itagaki has updated the logo and teased fans about an announcement soon.

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christocolus1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

" Not sure if this is news but in my @XboxP3 interview last week Phil confirmed to me that MS did NOT pick up the rights to Devil’s Third"

Even if MS had actually picked up the publishing rights i dont think Phil would confirm it on twitter, could be wrong could be right but the comment from ryan sounds kind of vague. I mean with ryan popping out of no where like that..its almost like a deliberate attempt, like they trying to throw gamers off a trail of bread ....

Robie bach and Phil Spencer have a great relationship with itagaki, MS is launching the xbx one in Japan soon, they looking out for all the japanese devs and content they can get ..then the game which has been dormant all of a sudden gets its logo updated with itagaki also teasing fans about an announcement soon?

Imo this just proves that either Microsoft is not one of the publishers and/or just wants to keep it secret that they are.

Ryan may actually know the truth though,after all its MS and securing the rights to the game isnt too hard to believe.

NYC_Gamer1393d ago

Devils Third wouldn't really benefit from being exclusive because the game won't be some huge system seller

Dlacy13g1393d ago

I can confirm, that someone else confirmed that someone else also confirmed that MS has not secured the rights to Devil's Third.

Now that we have that out of the way...

No_Limit1393d ago

I think it is Platinum game and team Osaka Ips are my guess as the two exclusives from Japan.

Kyosuke_Sanada1393d ago

It's from Itagaki's Valhalla Studios........

tehpees31393d ago

If you are talking about the Japanese game, I doubt it is from Platinum. If Microsoft were interested in Platinum they would have jumped when they had the chance.

People don't get that while Platinum's games are critically acclaimed they are not safe bets for system sellers. They appeal to a niche audience.

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