SCE Worldwide Studios is Changing, Relax

Changes are afoot within the walls of Sony's renowned Worldwide Studios. What does it all mean? Is this change really for the better?

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badboy7761450d ago

People forget to mention BioShock studio Irrational Games recently closed as-well.

chrismichaels041450d ago

Like I mentioned in another similar post. Before people start raising alarms, they need to understand that maybe Sony has very good reasons to let go of certain people based on poor performances (like Stig Asmussen that spent close to $100 million rebooting a game over and over that just wasnt turning into anything good). Sony is a global company that has been in the videogame industry for over 20 years. i think its safe to say Sony knows what they are doing.

NewMonday1450d ago

maybe Sony read my blog post a few months back

(shameless plug)

MorePowerOfGreen1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I'm getting a kick out of these damage control spam blog sites posting these asinine articles. This isn't good for Sony when folks are trying to fool consumers, it just makes things worse. Non deluded people see the selling of property, staff being laid off and cray losses as an issue(investors will be jumping ship soon and could even affect gaming in a short while when it comes to devs and partners looking at Sony's platform). Folks can spin it the way they wan't if it makes them feel better.

Flutterby1450d ago

Is there a way to completely ban morepoweroftroll from commenting at all ever? This child has nothing to add to any article that he ever enters, he sends abusive pms to people because he has no rebuttals for any debate just insults and somehow he still gets the ability to comment. More people should mark him down as trolling so all his comments get hidden. Even if you are a fan of xbox do the right thing and get rid of trash like this guy.

OT there is nothing wrong with Sony it just seems they are reshuffling and getting new people in, as the recent recruitment ads would suggest. If they where just firing people because they can't afford them they would not be looking to hire more people. The main thing a lot of the comments seems to leave out is a good chunk of these employees have left of free will to bigger or better things in their eyes.

I myself would be worried if they where just firing loads of people and none where just leaving their jobs and Sony wasn't hiring any more people but that isn't true, so just feel there is nothing to worry about.

SniperControl1450d ago


Oh yes, all those investors will be jumping ship from the biggest console maker, jumping ship from the one of the biggest franchises in the last 20 years, jumping ship from the no 1 best selling console this gen.

Whatever dude...... Lol

thereapersson1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

@ PowerofGreen

Great assumptions you have there; I wonder how you could have possibly led yourself to those conclusions? What internal force leads you to adopt such a persistent anti-Sony stance?

I get a kick out of how hard you work on being an anti-Sony troll! Keep it up!

NewMonday1450d ago


no pleas leave him alone, salty comments from those like him are part of the fun

I miss JokesOnYou

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SniperControl1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

As I mentioned in a similar post(again), a work colleague of mine worked for a high profile developer based in the UK about 10 years ago, he says that movement with-in the industry is a everyday occurrence as studios finish projects or people just move on to further their career, he only left because my company offered him a wage he could not refuse.

Like I said earlier, fanboys on here like to make mountains out of molehills.

Charybdis1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Its not about movement in the industry according to 'insiders' its because they messed up their projects, which is damn shame and not an everyday occurrence. It would be nice to be able to play a finished driveclub by now or have the security of same talent working on future uncharted titles.

I do believe that this is a side affect of having many ip's and willingness to take risks with new and existing ip. Sony is known for giving developers free reign and taking risks with their games which in some cases might backfire.

KingKelloggTheWH1450d ago

It all seems very normal to me, a new generation just started they are earning Huge amounts of money.

So they decided to redo parts of their company to work better.Fire people who hold you back and hire fresh thinking new people.

Nero13141450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

D A M A G E C O N T R O L . Sorta

5eriously1450d ago

I am relaxed, what's to worry about?

The PS4 are doing well, massive AAA games are in the works. Multiplats are superior.
Also innovation are yet again in progress.

So what's not happening to be concerned about?

TheDude791450d ago

You may be relaxed (which is great), but damn there are some out there thinking this is the beginning of the end!

Hicken1450d ago

They were just looking for a reason anyway, though.

AngelicIceDiamond1450d ago

@Dude The media loves blowing these kind of things out of proportion.

I mean yeah its bad but its not the end like the bottomless pit portions of the media and certain fansbases wants you to believe.

I pray for the ones who lost their jobs but they will find work easily considering this is their profession and careers.

With that said it looks bad now but wait till E3 and the heavy hitters will get dropped and we will forget about all this.

Agent_hitman1450d ago

I think they're undergoing Massive restructuring over all sony divisions not just SCE..

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