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The fifth entry in the Metal Gear Solid series, ‘The Phantom Pain’, is going to come with revolutionary open-world gameplay, a global time system, different modes of transport, and some other new features, along with a gripping story to follow. But that won’t come out until early 2015 as it needs a lot more polish to apply on, so what better way to keep the players interested after the PS4 and Xbox One launch, than to take a slice of the forthcoming game and sell it as ‘Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’.

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Agent_hitman1603d ago

People who purchased this game said it was the most expensive demo that they've bought.. lol

Nevertheless the game looks so gorgeous and enjoyable even though it's too short. Or Kojima production could have just included this on Phantom pain instead.

elliot1721602d ago

We are entering an era where ONE idea, objective, or vision is being broken up into TWENTY little pieces and you are going to pay a separate fee for each piece. They just found a slick new way to make you pay $80 for a $60 game. This is before all the DLC comes out AFTER Phantom Pain. This Ground Zero is nothing but a mere pound of flesh taken from Phantom Pain that you are paying EXTRA for!