DirectX 12 vs. Mantle: Comparing PC Gaming's Software-Supercharged Future

After nearly five years of lingering on the same stable release, the next generation of DirectX is finally on its way. But a specter hung over Microsoft's introduction of DirectX 12 at GDC on Thursday: AMD's in-house Mantle technology.

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SteamPowered1605d ago

Ugh, Mantle only works with certain AMD gpu and DX12 is still 2 years away. I dont think we are quite at a supercharged stage.

papashango1605d ago

What's frustrating is I can't seem to find anywhere whether dx12 will be available for windows 7...But then I guess I haven't looked extensively.

frostypants1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

They haven't decided yet. But my guess is "no". They want to give you a reason to move to Windows 8.

Geoff9001605d ago

If you have a DX11 card, D12 will work on it. According the blurb on the DX12 press release.

Oh and frankly speaking I don't think MS will just keep DX12 only on Windows 8.

Ninjamonkey821605d ago

@frostypants knowing MS it will be a ploy to push a new windows come the time off release.

JBSleek1605d ago

My guess would be that it will be announced along side with Windows 9.

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