PS Vita System Update 3.12 Live Now

System Update 3.12, announced earlier by PlayStation on Twitter is live now.

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ftwrthtx1608d ago

This is probably a fix to that one. LOL

PoSTedUP1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

cool. hopefully this also fixes the keyboard in the browser, 3.10 made it laggy.

edit: hmm, yeah, it's much better now. still slight* lag, but its actually tolerable now.

Mikey322301608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Keyboard is not laggy for me whatsoever on 3.10... about to Update to 3.20 and will see if anything else changes

Edit: looks like its purely a stability update for these issues:

PoSTedUP1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

hmmm. idk. it was when i scrolled through the text or deleted a sentence, after i let go it would still continue to scroll or delete, sometimes for 3-4 seconds depending on how long i held it for. now its down to like 0.5 sec. lag for me.

a little trick i dont think anyone knows about: if you hold the arrow to scroll on the keyboard and the same R1 or L1 at the same time, it scrolls faster ;). idk, its deff helpful for me, i write a lot on here and its all on my vita.

Xof1608d ago

I'm still waiting for an update that will let us hide icons, or better--uninstall the various mandatory applications. Especially if Sony insists on adding new applications.

Seriously, they're being really stupid. Many gamers have already run into problems with the Vita's finite page limit. Couple that with an increasing number of mandatory applications, most of which I can't imagine anyone ever uses (show of hands, people: how many of you opened up Near a second time? Or the calendar application, ever?).

I kind of feel like complaining about Sony UIs is futile at this point, though, given how the PS4's UI is in an even sorrier state.

Strange, considering the PS3's XMB is a model of efficiency and style.

Knushwood Butt1607d ago

I'd like to wipe the Welcome Park thing. Don't see why it has to be there.

The others? Dunno. I use Near from time to time.

gprime1607d ago

I moved all of those icons into a folder called "stuff i never use"

MantaRay1607d ago

Create a folder. Put all the system stuff you don't like in that folder. Create other folders, arrange the rest of your games into those folders. Problem solved.

Xof1607d ago

First: the folders look terribly ugly.
Second: there are more mandatory icons than fit inside a single folder.
Third: hiding a problem doesn't solve a problem.

Qwagy UK1608d ago

I just wish they would prevent the blue led from constantly flashing on and off, very irritating at night!

Skate-AK1608d ago

You can turn that off. Go to System/Notifications and you can tap through all the options and turn "Light up PS Button" off.

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