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Wal-Mart launches trade-in program -- They'll pay $390 for an Xbox One, $29 for GTA 5

Retailer now accepting software and hardware trade-ins; here's what they'll pay for your games and systems compared to GameStop where possible. (3DS, Industry, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

lifeisgamesok  +   519d ago
I can't see many consoles being taken back unless someone is desperate for cash

Loving next gen!
xHeavYx  +   518d ago
Goodbye GTA, hello Dark Souls 2
frostypants  +   518d ago
Yep. Been looking for a good chance to dump GTA 5. Though I'll wait for Gamestop to match...I can't give Walmart my business without feeling dirty.
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54LK  +   518d ago
Best buy is giving $28 for GTA and $28 for ghosts. walmart offers 16.80 for ghosts. I will not be using walmart for game trades at all.

was only looking at last gen, clearly walmart is offering better value for xbox one and ps4.
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Magicite  +   518d ago
why would they buy X720 if they cant sell out old stock, or can they?
Calvin_ISA  +   518d ago
They're buying "X720" because they obviously would make more money reselling used systems at a little below the MSRP. The (I'm going to guess they will sell for 450 or so) money gained from each console would be a sweet bonus. It's like double-dipping. They've already sold you the console and made their money, now they'll buy it back for less and make the money again.
LetoAtreides82  +   517d ago
They can't sell it at $450, they already have the Xbox One Titanfall bundle at $450. Walmart is crazy to pay close to $400 for it.
Wagz22  +   518d ago
Or desperate for a ps4, I've taken in 4 trade ins so far towards a ps4 in which you get $450 for the Xbox one. So usually people have $50 extra with a ps4 cause you dont have to pay tax if you use trade credit.
ifistbrowni  +   518d ago
im half tempted to trade-in my xbox 1 at that price. If i ever wanted another one, i could just pay $60 more and get a $450 version with a free game.

I haven't played my x1 since dead rising 3. TitanFall was a flop in my eyes, returned it 1 day after owning it. I still have hopes for a Halo re-boot.

I just dont know what i'd get with the $390.

Wait a second. It's Walmart! I can get anything! Perhaps a 2nd ps4 controller to start.
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medman  +   518d ago
This confuses me.
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KontryBoy706  +   518d ago
or they regret keeping the XB1
TheRedButterfly  +   518d ago
Saw someone trade in their PS4 today. (Might have been a return, I'm not sure - I don't work in customer service.)

Food for thought.
The_Infected  +   519d ago
Much better deals on everything other than Wii U.
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URNightmare  +   518d ago
Wow $390 for an Xbox One?? That's pretty good!!!
mrpsychoticstalker  +   518d ago
I smell stealth trolling on your post Mr. insomnia_84

Most of us gamers will never sell our Xbox One for $390. in fact we don't want to sell it!
drakulus  +   518d ago
I agree. I didn't pay 500 bucks for this thing to take it for $390.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   518d ago
I understand not wanting to sell it but it's still a good trade-in price if you wanted/needed to for some reason.
curtis92  +   518d ago
I'm honestly thinking of it... mainly because the games I want are on both systems and if they look and play better on one then why do I need the other? That's why I mostly played 360 last gen.
KonsoruMasuta  +   518d ago
I know. Bring it in, add 10 bucks to it, and you can get an even better console.
DEEBO  +   518d ago
Yeah store credit but cash trades is were GameStop wins because Walmart doesn't have them but Walmart gives a better trade credit for games and you can buy more at their store.

Say you want a new led TV and you got some games you want to get rid of.I did this at bestbuy and pickup a plasma TV.
us_army  +   518d ago
Also remember the GS trade-in values have no promos included, which they are always running. Members of their loyalty program automatically get a 10% bump on all those values, and if they are traded to a pre-order of an upcoming new game, you usually get an extra 30% as well, totaling an extra 40% on value. So not bad all around.
kurruptor  +   518d ago
So, $1 becomes $1.40.
WeAreLegion  +   518d ago
Moms will sell systems for groceries.
nevin1  +   518d ago
WeAreLegion  +   518d ago
You trade games and systems in for Walmart gift cards. That means you can buy groceries with it. So, that's what's going to happen to a lot of people, especially those on welfare.
BlasterGR  +   518d ago
Ace Killa 08  +   518d ago
$31.50 for BF4 on PS4 not bad! Compare to the crappy market set by GS.

Maybe I'll take it to get Second Son.
vallencer  +   518d ago
Oh hold me back a 1.50 more then what gamestop would give you!! But for real it's only a 1.50 more. Still rather take it to gamestop. Even if it was less then that I'd rather go to gamestop. I hate Walmart with a passion. Everyone that works there hate their jobs and they're all rude. Not saying gamestop is a saint but the point is my experience is typically better at gamestop.
us_army  +   518d ago
not to mention that when you go to walmart you will stand around for an hour waiting for someone to assist you in the electronics department lol
ShowGun901  +   518d ago
my wife used to work there, and she said it was the worst place to work, ever. she would have panic attacks before work, couldn't sleep. of course she was actually trying, i guess all that woulda stopped if she hadn't gave a crap, like everybody else there...
vikingland1  +   518d ago
I was curious so I went to walmarts site and used thier tool to get a quote and it's $215 not $390. That's for XB1.
dp277407  +   518d ago
yea I tried some stuff also and they wont give you a dime on any of the games if you dont have the case, Gamestop it doesnt matter.
Calvin_ISA  +   518d ago
Guess what? They're offering 225 for PS4. LOLOL. I'm not even joking, check it out.

cannon8800  +   518d ago
Guess what? They're offering 215 for Xbox One. LOLOL. I'm not even joking, check it out.


see what I did there?
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   518d ago
$131.58 for Xbox 1 without kinect.

FinalomegaS  +   518d ago
Sony PlayStation 4

Get an offer Follow the steps below to get your appraisal.

What condition is the device in?Not Working Trading in Controller?No
No Trading in A/V Cables?
No Trading in Power Cable?


Microsoft Xbox One

Get an offerFollow the steps below to get your appraisal.
What condition is the device in?Not Working Trading in Controller?No
No Trading in A/V Cables?
No Trading in Power Cable?
No Trading in Kinect Sensor?


somehow both system are broken yet they still appraise the XB1 higher...
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astralproxy  +   518d ago
After going through the process, I'm not sure I want to send my game in...

Trying to print the shipping label doesn't work well in Chrome. I had to right click and choose "Open image in new tab" to get it print larger. Then I emailed the support email listed on the shipping page, but it got returned as undeliverable.
Wescyde  +   518d ago
Yah some of these prices are not matching up if you go to the website so not sure about this article now
Demoa  +   518d ago
29 is more than you'll ever get from gamestop
Goku781  +   518d ago
Get rid of those Xbox Ones quick while the trade in is still good!
prettyboy12  +   518d ago
lol come on man your affending people
Bdub2000  +   518d ago
Offensive, yes. But very true. It's a slap in the face to Microsoft for anyone with buyers remorse and wanting the ps4.
OpieWinston  +   518d ago
And that's why you've got one bubble...Fanboy.
Flames76  +   518d ago
Why would anyone do that?Xbox One is over 4 million in 13 countrys and back to outselling the PS4 in america this month also in the UK as well.PS4 is over 6 million in 59 countrys which isnt good at all when you do the math.Some of you fanboys are weird
FinalomegaS  +   518d ago
this is going to hurt GS if this is properly advertised...
Bdub2000  +   518d ago
How could I still watch my digital content on my x1 if I traded it in?
newmoney86  +   518d ago
I don't know what the guy at the top is talking about but. Any trade in value already has the 10% added. Which of you go to gamestop you should already have the pro membership
newmoney86  +   518d ago
So 225 for ps4 that cost 400 and 215 for xbox that cost 5. Dame xbox.
OpieWinston  +   518d ago
WoW Maria...Now I'm convinced you work for Sony because this is quite funny...Especially with that headline.
Flames76  +   518d ago
The article is wrong walmart does not take consoles
snarls200  +   518d ago
even if this comes to canada i will still trade at eb
LetoAtreides82  +   517d ago
Please update the article, the tool says it would pay you
$215 for trading in a working Xbox One with the Kinect sensor and the controller and AV cables.

Interestingly enough their tool says that they'd pay you $225 for a working Playstation 4 with the controller and the AV cables.

If the tool previously said $390 then that price was of course a mistake, no one in their right mind would pay that much for a used system when you can get a new bundle for $450.
snarls200  +   516d ago
plus depending on where u live the rules are different

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