Call of Duty: Ghosts And Battlefield 4 Now Discounted On Microsoft Store for Xbox One

MP1st - Both Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts and DICE’s Battlefield 4, are now priced at $24.99 and $29.99, respectively, on the official Microsoft store.

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pakua1486d ago

Still full price in the UK, Microsoft yet again ignoring everyone outside the US. Jokers.

LexHazard791486d ago

The same UK that got Fifa, and 1st Xbox One pricedrop! Yeah MS sure is treating you bad!

pakua1486d ago

Fifa is awful, I got it with my Xbox and since deleted it. Garbage game

805Junior8051486d ago

Theyre trying real hard to push consoles, with FPS as always.

STANK081486d ago

@805Junior805 Or I could be that BF4 is an unplayable piece of crap and Ghost is an even bigger piece of crap. Nice stealth troll tho.

bumnut1485d ago

I have BF4 on PC but was thinking of picking up the xbox one version if the price is right. Is it really so bad?

No_Limit1486d ago

Hmm, might go to the MS store later on and pick this game up. $30 seems like a good price for Battlefield. Also, I think Target has the COD Ghost double digital pack like $20. Love these prices.

No_Limit1486d ago

Update: just got back from the MS store, they also have Lego Marvel Superheores and Assassin's Creed for $30 as well. I picked up Battlefield and Marvel with it. Great deal for XB1 owners.

angelsx1486d ago

They must give you money to pick up battlefield 4 coz is not playable.

SonyKong641486d ago

it's been playable since January. 64 player rubber banding eliminated a short time ago.

game is near flawless now, with the exception of no lobby and no option for 32 player rooms.

Utalkin2me1486d ago

I am still rubber-banding just as of yesterday.

Iamnemesis48801486d ago

Battlefield is worth it but COD na will pass till MW4 in November hope it is better than Ghosts.

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