Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Now Rolling Out on Xbox One for Premium Members

MP1st - Battlefield 4‘s ocean combat-themed Naval Strike expansion is beginning to roll out on the Xbox One for Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers.

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Santana1550d ago

Surprised they rolled it out earlier than expected.

ddgaming8201550d ago

Quite, I kinda wish I was a premium member right now >.>

ObiWanaTokie1550d ago

dude dont get it. you will regret it so so so bad

they cant seem to get it right to save their ass. im suprised we havent seen layoffs at dice. they have more devs committed to easter eggs rather than fixing broken shit

Aleithian1550d ago

I hope it runs better for you XBOX players than for us PS4 players.

AutoCad1550d ago

Rubberbanding is pretty bad on PS4.
But i doubt it will be different lol.

ObiWanaTokie1550d ago

it wont. it will probably run good at the launch of battlefield 5

ThichQuangDuck1550d ago

Guess I will just keep watching gameplay videos on my computer :(

ObiWanaTokie1550d ago

i think battlefield 3 just became playable

LOL i kid but not really

MasterD9191549d ago

Is BF4 truly that bad? I haven't played it yet and frankly, I find it inexcusable that I keep hearing BF4 has such serious issues on next-gen consoles.

I would expect it from last-gen consoles, but it really is ridiculous to see the same issues that ruined BF3 for me on last gen plague BF4 on next-gen.

Aleithian1549d ago

It really is pretty bad. For me at least, rubber banding is the only issue now. It varies, but when it's bad it makes the game borderline unplayable. And it's not limited to large 64-player games either.

MasterD9191549d ago

Wow...that is bad. I'll pass on it...Hopefully BF5 will finally get it right.

What a shame that they didn't fix the major issues that plagued BF3 for BF4.

Detoxx1549d ago

It's not bad for everyone one.

What makes the game bad for some people is the rubber banding (lag), but I don't have it.

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