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Thuway: Sony Is Restructuring For Effiency

Thuway explains that Sony isn't just laying off people randomly, but there is a larger plan to restructure for efficiency. (Ahsan Rasheed, Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge, PS4, SCE London Studio)

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pedrof93  +   526d ago
Bette now than never.
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nicksetzer1  +   526d ago
Here we go, endless barrages of the the famous "insiders" all making educated guesses hoping their info sticks .....
FunAndGun  +   526d ago | Well said
well, its no difference to assuming this is all doom and gloom either.
joeorc  +   526d ago
while what you stated is correct its not a fact, but on the same token think about this, Its not the big chunk of the loss, as a matter of fact the Playstation section is a LLC, its not for Public IPO, so its runs really outside the rest of Sony. Its already by default "spun off" you just cannot buy Stock because Sony owns all of its playstation stock So no Public IPO offering. example: just recently Sony expects to loose 1.1 billion for the year's results but look at this

Expects $1.1 bln net loss this year, core operations weak

* Plans separate unit for TV business, sells PCs division

* 5,000 job cuts to help lower costs by nearly $1 bln/year

TOKYO, Feb 6 (Reuters) - Sony Corp Chief Executive Offer Kazuo Hirai is seeking to cure a TV business that has lost $7.8 billion over a decade by isolating it to speed up decisions on future strategy.


By doing this Sony is saving about 1 billion a year!

But also, they are cutting off those parts that are netting such huge Loss for them, So taking the Hit now, but Offset those Loss reductions to Later for Good, I think Kaz and the Board will take that, to stop such huge Loss. I mean in 10 years accumulated time Sony's TV section lost over 8 Billion!

But yet, that also shows How Japan differ's than the west in How the Exchange of Stock market differ's than the west,many such billionaires from the west get or have been frustrated in the fact they cannot get anywhere in changing japans culture against Hostile Take over's.

Its the Bitter Pill vs the Perception of West Hedge fund's as "Vultures" and corporate raiding that the west does vs in Japan its viewed with Disdain.
Thats why Sony's board and Kaz voted
"Sony's board of directors has unanimously concluded that continuing to own 100 percent of our entertainment business is the best path forward and is integral to Sony's strategy," Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai said in a letter to Loeb, which was released by the company.


Think about that Sony in about 10 years time and they lost over 8 billion from the TV section and then the near 3 billion Loss from the PS3's 5 years on the marke Loss from the Playstation 3 and than PC, and yet they still Told Loeb who owns 7% of Sony itself NO!

I think many just does not seem to get that between how the market is in Japan and how the markets perform in the west. for one would you see a US company loose 8 billion in 10 years in the US not get swallowed up if they have such massive debt? even with this debt, Sony's Trim of Fat but yet turns right around and re-invest shows despite many that think they know whats going on really fail to grasp that japan's market is not like the west!
Silly gameAr  +   526d ago
Yeah, those doom and gloom articles and comments hold almost as much weight as these insider articles right?
nicksetzer1  +   526d ago
@above Who said anything about doom and gloom? I am simply saying these guys have no clue what they are talking about and are just saying what seems to fit. Who knows why or what happened. All we know for sure is, it sucks.
Evilsnuggle  +   526d ago
Is one of the biggest Xbone fanBoys on this website and is a stealth pro troll.
That God Sony is restructuring and quality controlling. Santa Monica studio Wasted 100 million . That is unexcusable many people need to be fired . Management is the issue . Management people should be fired for letting the project that was not progressing Go on so long. Every one involved with the Santa Monica project in management should be fired. Sony is cutting the fat at it game studios. The Lost of 100 million has open Sony Eyes. Now Sony are investigating All there First party studios . I hope Sony Is holding their studios to high standards it better for us gamers. Sony should fire all Developers who can't do the job.
Some people are praying for Sony down fall. The PS4 is one of best preforming products For Sony. Sony has been in business for 70 years. Sony knows it takes investment to make profits.
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GameNameFame  +   526d ago
Only thing certain is this. Sony is hiring game devs as shown on their website.

They just added position to hire devs. So they are hiring some to hire game devs.

Does not seem like downsizing.
DOMination-  +   526d ago
If they were doing it for efficiency then why haven't they sacked thuway or famousmortimor yet considering they clearly spend most of their days posting crap on neogaf rather than doing whatever work they're supposed to be doing.
Volkama  +   526d ago
This isn't an educated guess, this is stating the incredibly obvious.

I am not sure I have ever seen a company restructuring with layoffs that wasn't done in the name of efficiency.
Sevir  +   525d ago
Im not sure why people feel that this isnt the case... Every Year Every major industry go through reordering of their structure, Its not just Sony, But Apple, MS, Google, HTC and Many big companys go through this...

You dont trim fat to run more poorly!

They'll hire again and spread and they'll trim as needed to make sure they arent bleeding money! Doesnt take an Insider to tell the obvious!

In other news, the grass is green, the sky is blue, and winter in New York is cold. Fanboys are mean, and facts are true and another Iphone from the apple store was just sold. -_-
kaiserfranz  +   526d ago
It had to be done, this is for sure. For now, I trust their judgment...Though I expect many announcements between E3 and Gamescom.
LOL_WUT  +   526d ago
I understand if this happened during the ps3 era but now especially with how the ps4 is performing. E3 this year is going to be very interesting ;)
L0L_WUT  +   525d ago
can't wait for e3. :0
L0L_WUT  +   525d ago
* I mean ;)
otherZinc  +   526d ago
Thuway, LMAO, will you stfu with your biased @ss!
xx4xx  +   525d ago
Uggghhhh. Thuway.....he will never STFU as long as websites keep giving him the publicity he so craves.

Isn't this the same guy that NeoGaf and others booted for multiple inconsistencies?

I don't trust any insiders. I believe it when i see the company confirming it.

TitanFall to PS4?....probably. Just don't believe it until Sony, Respawn, or EA confirm it. The same can be said about Gears of War. "Insiders" said this was coming to the PS4 all the way up to the week that Microsoft bought the whole freakin' IP (and that deal most certainly took more than a week to pull off).

I don't trust any insiders. They have nothing to lose when they are wrong or get bad info. Thye like to flaunt their connections. Leeches.

I believe the news when i see the company confirming it.
TAURUS-555  +   526d ago
in sony i trust
LOGICWINS  +   526d ago
Seems like current teams couldn't live up to Sony's standards..so they were let go.
sonarus  +   526d ago
lol @ Sony's standards. You do realize you are talking about individuals livelihoods right?

Anyways its a business. Its a new generation so expect some parts of their divisions to expand and other parts to contract.
johndoe11211  +   526d ago
Every company has a standard to keep and individuals who do not live up to that standard will be let go. Yes it is people's livelihoods but at the end of the day when you accept a job, when you decide to work for a company, you do so with the knowledge that you need to produce for that company. You need to live up to the expectations of which you were hired. If you do not, do not think you can under perform or cost the company money and there to be no repercussions.

With that being said, I do hope that every one who left or who was let go does find work elsewhere and they continue to contribute to the gaming community.
sonarus  +   526d ago
Yes I grasp the fact that you need to perform at your job to see well. Those who lost their jobs will hopefully find more success in new roles. David Jaffe left after god of war 1 and i was worried but Cory Barlog did an even better job with god of war 2. When he left stig still did a fantastic job with god of war 3. All 3 have now left sony at some point and 2/3 have returned to Sony in some capacity. I have full confidence sony studios is still in good hands.

However fuck you if you think it's ok to praise a company for severing jobs due to fanboy delusions.
UltraNova  +   526d ago

I totally agree with your view on the subject, bubble up man.

Restructuring, job performance, call it what you want the fact remains when you fire someone your messing with their livelihood.

Lets not start cheering for Corporate decisions just yet!
Septic  +   526d ago
"lol @ Sony's standards. You do realize you are talking about individuals livelihoods right? "

I don't get where ethics comes into this. Yes livelihoods are affected but this kind of stuff happens all the time. I'm not saying its ideal but it happens and if a company feels a division or people responsible for that division aren't delivering, they do and will and get rid of them.

Its just business.
kaiserfranz  +   526d ago
You said it yourself, it's a business. In a business, it's perfectly normal to do such things.
BlackTar187  +   525d ago
never like to see people lose their jobs but....
Don't you think you're taking it a bit to far with trying to tie in their livelihood?

I can't tell if your intent is o make people feel bad.

Just to add again i hate people losing their jobs but Their specific livelihood to me is irrelevant.
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TheUltimateGamer  +   526d ago
Interesting. Hopefully their plan works out.
Sucks to be amongst those laid off. They probably thought they had a bit of security with the success of their system launch not 5 months ago...
LOGICWINS  +   526d ago
I think they'll be fine. I'd assume having Sony as a previous employer on your resume would do wonders at interviews.
TheUltimateGamer  +   526d ago
You make a fine point.
Mikefizzled  +   526d ago
Unless your name is Stig Asmussen. Cannot believe the numbers been thrown around about his wasted budget. Absolutely insane.
THC CELL  +   526d ago
this happens every year to every company i was layed off at gamestation and got in game even tho they are the same company and my best friends work in game. also was layed off a blockbuster one point in my life. it happens and something we have to deal with am afraid, sony are doing it for the better and looks like they have very good reasons. the games that was getting made are not what they want so they shut them down before money is wasted. its not sony fault people walk out too.

People forget sony are doing amazing in the gaming world also phones and tablets the xperia z1/2 are brilliant phones and like its waterproof and u can drop it same with tablet it can take a beating i wish the vita was the same as i would love it to be like xperia z. movies like this is the end and 22 jump street , spiderman are doing well also the music and other product apart from tv range are doing really good,sony has also bought that new building so why do they need other buildings, sorry people get laid off my point been is it happens every year if not day.
karamsoul  +   526d ago
Kinda obvious. A lot of people are being let go as of late :P
Kribwalker  +   526d ago
He may be right here, but in general thuway and all of these insiders are a joke. They typically throw a whole bunch of crap on the wall and see what sticks. I could do the same thing. My insider source says a new God of War game is coming. There you have it, I have become an insider, now let's wait and see if I'm right.
Dark11  +   526d ago
Good news and hopefully anyone who lost his job will find a new one.
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Rockefellow  +   526d ago
I can't tell what's worse: the fact that the author was too utterly incompetent to notice a blatant spelling error in the title, or that enough people approved it without reporting it.
wsoutlaw87  +   526d ago
ya its pretty bad and a lot of people seem to have not noticed.
kaiserfranz  +   526d ago
A typo mistake while submitting the story means that I'm "utterly incompetent" ? Really?

Get a life, dude.
Rockefellow  +   526d ago
I'm sorry if you don't agree, but I would consider a "journalist" who either doesn't bother to proofread his writing or is too dumb to realize the mistake in the first place is certainly incompetent. People often submit their poorly-written trash here in hopes of getting clicks, oblivious to the dozens of spelling errors and grammatical inconsistencies, and it amounts to a disrespect towards the potential audience and the subject matter in general. Having a glaring error in the damned title that five seconds of simple editing would have fixed treads the same line.

Now, I apologize if you just stumbled across this article and decided to submit it with no credit towards authoring it; that's no big deal. If you wrote it yourself, though? What sort of excuse can make up for it? It's a small but prominent error amongst an otherwise well-written article, and it stands out that much greater for it. Perhaps complete incompetence is hyperbole, but that's nicer than me calling you an imbecil or inept. I'll stick with plain old "lazy," and apologize for ranting as such.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   526d ago
CBOAT 2.0 says a lot of things.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   526d ago
So do MisterX and MisterCteam. But i guarantee you believe *every* word out of their mouths, right?. Even after MisterX got debunked by Penello.
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nypifisel  +   526d ago
Aren't those two the same persons delusional ramblings? MisterX doesn't know anyone in the industry, none at all, he's just making shit up. There are genuine insiders or leakers though. MisterX is the furthest away from being one.
Mikefizzled  +   526d ago
Both those two are muppets who spout nonsense and know no one on the inside. The only believable insider at team Xbox was ntkrnl and he has been believed to be part of a planned and controlled leak.
No_Limit  +   526d ago
Agreed, Thuway is a fake insider like MisterX and Cboat and Dodd and whomever. All they do is make guesses and hope for the best.

Here is just a small samples of Thuway's failed:
He claimed FFXV was locked down PS4 exclusive and SCE dev support to help it along. Nope

He also tweeted that Titanfall performance is not up to snuff at 720p on XB1. Nope

He even went as far to back up CBOAT claim and Dualshockers and Worldsfactory picked up this news and presented it like it was legit.

Ahsan Rasheed @thuway Tweet:

Today, CBOAT posted a thread claiming TitanFall would ship with 16 maps and the current textures in the alpha are final.

I heard the same information earlier this week, and before anyone thinks I am bluffing, I showed @tordavis when we had lunch.

I am aware Respawn is denying the rumors, but there is a whisper that is getting louder on the insider track about this info.

That in itself should disqualify N4G from using Thuway as a source of insider rumor as this cat isn't even in the gaming industry, he is just a med student or something.
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MCTJim  +   526d ago
Doom and Gloom....Sony and MS are doing fine...insider needs to get a real job.
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kaiserfranz  +   526d ago
If you actually read the article you'd understand that he was saying that they ARE fine, no "doom and gloom".
Aurenar  +   526d ago
I agree.
nosferatuzodd  +   526d ago
i see whats going on to the ppl who think something bad is going on listen up.. they are going through a transition stage right now they are taking the ps4 success has an example, and using what works from what don't and making a complete overall trust me..
they are up to something they are working on some big ideas notice has of late kaz, shoe no one is saying anything.. when they drop the bombs that their working on ppl are going to have a smile from ear to ear you just wait
noloyalties  +   526d ago
Usually when things are going well, you add resources, not get rid of them. Projects with fewer resources take longer to complete - meaning longer development time and fewer games.
RPG_Lover  +   526d ago
Sorry but I really feel like the big three are really suffering.

They are restructuring because projects were not working, and they were losing money. That is normal but it also isnt roses.
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Hicken  +   526d ago
Who said it WAS roses?
Aclay  +   526d ago
With all the cuts Sony's been making within their internal studios it's almost surprising Sony hasn't scrapped The Last Guardian after being in development limbo for ages and nothing new being shown since the initial reveal in 2009.

I reckon they've remained committed to the game because there's not a huge team working on it and the dev. budget probably isn't out of this world, and because Sony knows there's still a lot of interest in the title because of past games from Team Ico.
#13 (Edited 526d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
odderz  +   526d ago
This is true but I think that The Last Guardian is a very important project to be deleted.
#13.1 (Edited 526d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
noloyalties  +   526d ago
This is just horrible, there isn't any positive spin to be had when you take a step back to look at the big picture. Too many valuable people either jumping ship or being layed off here in such a short amount of time should throw up a red flag. Are they saying these people were just lazy hacks without value??? I think not.

People change jobs all the time but not with this frequency and numbers in such a short time frame. Obviously they are in a dire need to restructure, lets hope its not too late.

I feel for all the people leaving those jobs and wish them well.
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king_george  +   526d ago
Seriously wtf is going on though?? I just want some kind of official word from sony on all these departures
metatronx  +   526d ago
Well as long as Sony keeps pumping out high quality games, it doesnt really matter. Plus people come and go, thats just business nowadays.
king_george  +   526d ago
Yeah true. Its just that some of my favorite people in the whole industry are leaving :/ really bums me out. Amy from naughty dog really got to me in particular
Lawboy2  +   526d ago
This...except that list of 100 should speak volumes...sony is cost cutting and games have took a hit
TheFutureIsBlue  +   526d ago
Lets hope it is for the best. I know a lot of amazing talent have left.
kaiserfranz  +   526d ago
I'm sure a lot more will join as a result.
Bundi  +   526d ago
More spin to put a positive twist to it. Creative directors leaving on their own is not restructuring for the best, it is losing talent. Plain and simple.
scott182  +   526d ago
At least Sony has great first party talent to begin with... Devs move around for pay.
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Gozer  +   526d ago
Its spelled Efficiency not Effiency. Low quality post am confirmed.
PurpHerbison  +   525d ago
Is this bait?
Dlacy13g  +   526d ago
Thank God for twitter and Neogaf....otherwise these sites would have nothing to write about. They could not come up with their own conclusion this is restructuring But they are somehow more legit because they are taking the word of the insider as some kind of factual statement as to why people are leaving. brilliant
ArbitorChief  +   526d ago
If this is true, why doesn't Sony come out and state this? It can't be a coincidence that Sony forecasted a $1.1 billion loss and because of this fired employees from the Sony stores, PC and TV division but the Playstation division firings were due to efficiency... Come on, it's clearly due to Sony's horrible annual financial forecast results.
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   526d ago
Exactly. Microsoft last summer "restructured for effiency" and they came out and told us. So, why not Sony?
AnEwGuY  +   526d ago
Oh, well that makes it all better then....unless you're one of the hundreds that have lost their jobs.
edonus   526d ago | Spam
MultiConsoleGamer  +   526d ago
That's a complete crock of shit.
Humanbean74  +   526d ago
Gamers need to stick to playing games and let the business men run their companies Sony isn't stupid there are shit load of developers out there and some who may have a fresh outlook and new innovation so it could be out with the old and in with the new or Devs wanting the freedom to work with whom ever they want to so either way it's all good!
fonduktoe  +   526d ago
I hope they do good
kingPoS  +   526d ago
I leave N4G for a couple of days and bedlam happens. lol

The restructuring does make sense from a business perspective. Sony has to plug where ever the money is leaking from. Not even Sony is immune to the economy.

Gateway MT6706 2008
hot4play  +   526d ago
Sony better blow us away with their E3 conference this year! This will assure fans that the PS4 and its games at least are not affected.


new IPs from Guerilla, Cambridge, Santa Monica, Japan Studio...

HumanatPlay  +   526d ago
This is the most responsible thing SONY could do for the Playstation brand.

Retaining senior talent isn't always in the best interests of video game development. You have to let people go and make room for fresh talent. Its good to see a lot of senior members parting ways with Naughty Dog and Santa Monica.

We as consumers can expect new experiences from franchises like Uncharted and God of War etc.
Festano  +   526d ago
Unfortunately, if it does not create profit even large software house close.
vlashyr  +   526d ago
I agree, even Sony can not afford to lose money.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   526d ago
Gaming news, direct from message boards.
micx  +   526d ago
You got that wrong. It's classified as a rumor.
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