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Crazy Kim Jong-Un planning World War III...from his XBOX

CRAZY dictator Kim Jong-Un is using his favourite Xbox game to plan all-out nuclear war on AMERICA, sources have claimed. (Xbox One)

1OddWorld  +   122d ago
He's so Ronery.
Bigpappy  +   122d ago
I actually had to go an figure out what Ronery meant.

I didn't listen to the song, but read over the lyrics.

Yes he is Ronery, and is kind of young to be having a death wish.
1OddWorld  +   122d ago
You should listen to the the video its really good.
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SpiralTear  +   121d ago
Bubble for funny.
Linchpin  +   121d ago
Anyone know his gametag so i can add him?
We would so rule...... the world.
And he'd never have to feel ronery like his dad did.
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thejigisup  +   121d ago
I wonder what his gamer tag is as well, probably something clever like iwinuruse7
Linchpin  +   121d ago
medman  +   121d ago
His gamertag is fatbellytinypenismakemesoangry
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KonsoruMasuta  +   121d ago
"He loves the idea of the Korean army taking over the US. To be able to play as them taking on the Americans has put a smile on his face."

But a former US diplomat who has monitored North Korea for more than a decade declared: "This might be his only chance of racking up any kind of victory against America."

DC777  +   121d ago
He's just pissed that Russia is getting all the attention lately.
sonic989  +   121d ago
Russia Rocks man
NeoTribe  +   120d ago
You wouldnt be saying that if you lived next door to them.
Dogswithguns  +   121d ago
Let's start a clan so we can play against his.. gonna have some fun.
BattleTorn  +   121d ago
North Korea Twitter Account Inexplicably Follows Jimmy Dushku, 25-Year-Old Investor From Texas


Funny ;)
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Baccra17  +   121d ago
A North Korean source said: "Kim Jong-Un is a computer wizard and already has a stash of western games, including Homefront.

- Why does this sound like something straight from "The Adventures of Kim Jong Un?"

Noctis  +   121d ago
let's just all bully him and he'll eventually kill himself *hopefully*
cellur111  +   121d ago
Stop making fun of him guys, he is being serious.
rebeljoe14  +   121d ago
Somehow I knew it was gonna be Homefront, on another note the game lets you play as American and the enemy is NK troops so I wonder what he does? Does he just run around and let them kill him?
kalkano  +   121d ago
If that's the case, does he plan to use mind-control to make us run around so he can kill us?
dillhole  +   121d ago
The Daily Star, for anyone outside the UK is a British Tabloid paper - one thing they specialise in is completely making stories up if they are pretty sure they won't get sued. I don't see Kim Jong Un's legal team coming over any time soon.
KonsoruMasuta  +   121d ago
I kind of figured that this story was bs. The only way you can play as Korea in Homefront is when you play online, which the servers are down for. Second, in the main story, you play as America fighting Korean troops.
Arturo84  +   121d ago
exactly a big pile of BS
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Phoenix76  +   121d ago
Someone should tell the editors of The Daily Star that April Fools isn't for a few more days :D
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   121d ago
It's April fools every day for that paper
MonstaTruk  +   121d ago
Did you know that psychopath had his ex-girlfriend shot by a firing squad, and fed his uncle to 100+ starving dogs, recently? But we're in Afghanistan for over a decade...*smh*

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