Xbox Boss: A Halo 2 Remake Would Have to 'Nail' Multiplayer

Speaking to IGN during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last week, Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer described what would be the most important feature to him in a hypothetical Halo 2 Anniversary release for Xbox One.

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-Foxtrot1519d ago

Thing if though if your going to have online with Halo 2 HD then you have to make it JUST LIKE Halo 2 online back when we didn't have silly gimmicks like load outs, abilities, specializations etc

No point making it like the newer games when you have Halo 5 coming out round the conner.

Gozer1519d ago

I agree. I wouldn't want them to change Halo 2s MP. Halo 2 arguably had the best MP of the series.

DawnOfDon1519d ago

Exactly just update graphics and fix some problems that it had back in the day and keep the rest the exact same

tokugawa1519d ago

chuck it on azure with the same set-up as titanfall "choose a datacentre" and i will be all over it day 1

Gozer1519d ago

Hell yeah!!!Halo 2+dedicated servers would be sweet. Halo 2 on Xbox suffered because of P2P servers. Glad I have an X1+Live, cant beat those deddies.

darthv721519d ago

halo 2 anniversary edition for 360 please. then they can make a halo 3 anniversary edition for the xb1.

Make it have the same visual style of CE:AE that lets you switch back and forth but keep the solid MP of the original H2.

user95970821519d ago

If they added forge mode, I wouldn't complain though.
Means more options.

OpieWinston1519d ago

Chances are Darth they'll release Halo 2 Anniversary for X1..But maybe for 360 as well...Just makes more sense for X1 since they promised everyone that the "Halo Journey begins 2014" and Halo 2 Anniversary would hit this year and then Halo 5 next year.

Also helps them ship lots of X1s.

Halo is what sold Xbox

Halo 2 is the best Halo MP in the franchise

People would shell out 499 for that experience again...Dedicated Servers + LAN Parties.

GG X1 wins back NA in a heart beat. Not even joking, I loved the times when I'd invite some friends over with Xboxs and hook up Halo CE or 2 and have tournaments. Phil Spencer understands that Halo CE Anniversary was rushed and 2 wouldn't suffer the same problem.

LexHazard791519d ago


Theres no doubt in my mind that Halo 2 will be on Azure!

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Shadonic1519d ago

I still have nightmares of the Halo 4 population decline due to the MP . It was like the remaining fans started to act like the the townspeople in Majora's mask, saying everything's alright even though it was breaking down right in front of us

xDHAV0K24x1519d ago

COD took the population too

Dannyh1519d ago

I loved the halo 4 single player but not the mp

Evilsnuggle1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

This is the world worst kept secret. Phil Spencer I'm not saying that there's a halo 2 HD but if it was;-);-) ;-)

OpieWinston1519d ago

I ain't complaining...Obviously they know that generating some hype for the game is crucial to getting people pumped and ready for E3 when they blow us away with updated textures and an untouched MP experience.

Allsystemgamer1519d ago

I'm reluctant to buy a one but if this released THE SAME as halo 2 with updated graphics then I would buy a one.

Not redone. Just a new coat of paint and fully optimized. The gameplay was already near perfect.

On that note if they added the additional content they added to halo 2 PC (rocket hog, 15 extra maps, map editor) then I'd preorder it and buy a one right now.

ArtificiallyYours1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

well, then let's just hope the game-breaking exploits won't be used over and over again by illicit modders.

T21519d ago

This. Why would you change Halo 2 mp???!!

RAAMzilla1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I agree.

Example: I'm a huge fan of the Gears of War series and occasionally tout the first one as the best for MP. Quite a number of 'HD Gears of War Anniversary remake' ideas have popped up both on the official forums and the internet alike, but have never really had My backing.

Point: After making so many more entries in a series, You can't really trust a development team not to add stupid, unneeded garbage in a remake.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I think it's definatley coming and I also think it will be a 360 exclusive, they will probably bundle the original trilogy down the line (halo3's 10 year anniversary) for xb1.

And yes it should be kept the way people remember it imo.

Also the reason I say 360 exclusive is because it's been confirmed several times Halo 5 is coming to xb1 this year, so I don't think it makes sense to release 2 halo games side by side on the same platform... unless they plan on giving it away with the Halo 5 ultra meg amazing awesome give me all your money edition.

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TheDarpaChief1519d ago

Seems plausible enough. It would be a good game to add to xbones library

anesthesique1519d ago

I don't think the Halo 2 remake will have multiplayer at all, co-op campaign at most. Lets not forget Halo 5 is coming out in a year and half tops. Too expensive and would require much effort to remake H2s MP for just one year lifespan.

mhunterjr1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

When the head guy says a halo 2 remake would 'need to nail multiplayer' how can you come to the conclusion that their would be no multiplayer at all?

anesthesique1519d ago

Frankly? Because I don't really trust what the "head" guys say.

In my opinion if 343 wants to make a big flashy entrance to next gen, its gonna be with what new they can bring to the table and franchise, introduce next gen to the multiplayer, not remake a good old one. Their chips are on next gen, there is no doubt about that.

"If there were something called Halo 2 Anniversary," he concluded, "I think the multiplayer would have to be fantastic."

Plus, seems to me he is just speculating here. Could be talking simply about co-op as he talks about Halo Anniversary multuplayer but there was none, just co-op.

mhunterjr1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Wait a second. Halo2's campaign was generally hated, and the multiplayer was generally loved. But you think it's more likely that the xbox head was teasing a multiplayer mode, knowing all along that when it releases it will only feature a campaign that no one liked. I really don't see the logic.

343 doesn't develop these anniversary games, so there's no way bring halo2 mp to xb1 would get in their way. If anything, it would get people more excited for the eventual releases of Halo5.

PS Spencer doesn't have to 'speculate' ... He knows exactly what's being developed.

@jdaboss I remember vividly why people hated the halo2 campaign. In addition to the cliff hanger, people hated playing as the arbiter, we're let down by the absence of the E3 demo level, and still had repetitive level designs... I didn't mind the campaign, but it's pretty sill to think that a halo2 anniversary game would be campaign only, given its reception.

jdaboss1519d ago

erm.. people "hated" Halo 2 because it was such a bad cliff hanger that left everyone pretty much hanging for another 5 years.

Dannyh1519d ago

Most people just hated the way Halo 2 ended

Alsybub1519d ago

The campaign was far too linear compared to Halo. It certainly didn't grip me the way that the first game did and that was the general consensus at the time.

The amazing multiplayer more than made up for it.

I would love to see Halo 2 multiplayer with Azure, the return of some of the Halo maps and perhaps some maps expanded with 32 player.

Summons751519d ago

Yeah basically but I would bet a lot of people who complain and cry because of the lack of loadouts.

A lot of good memories with the Halo 2 online, I don't think they would be able to ever recreate it without some influence from modern gaming. A remake of all the maps (DLC maps included) would be absolutely amazing, super jumps and ways out of the map included.

WeAreLegion1519d ago

Step 1: Make it prettier

Step 2: Stop

It's pretty simple, really...

alexkoepp1519d ago

Agreed, the old/updated graphics with the h:CE anniversary edition was awesome, just do that again, and include multiplayer this time around.

anesthesique1519d ago

Couldn't agree more! Altough I have to say I'm not a huge fan of remakes. Can't see the point in making them since the original was/is a good game as it was/is.

lets_go_gunners1519d ago

Agreed 1080p 60fps DONE!!! No more than that is needed.

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