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PlayStation Now Private Beta Invites Now Going Out

Check your email as PlayStation Now Private Beta invites are now being sent out.

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Community1186d ago
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ftwrthtx1186d ago

I'm interested to see how well this works on fiber optic internet.

Mikey322301186d ago

I got my invite. Ohio, USA.

I wish they would expand to PS4 or Vita

Ron_Danger1186d ago

Just got mine (suburb of Chicago)

1OddWorld1186d ago

Got one here in Dirty KCMO

BoriboyShoGUN1186d ago

I wish they went by seniority on these things, but I know there is a lot more factors that go into it :( refreshing email now!

1186d ago
SeanScythe1186d ago

Just got mine, Louisiana

SeanScythe1186d ago

Got mine Louisiana 50mbps fiber

thorstein1186d ago

Just got MINE!!!! Central New York State!

crs3531186d ago

got in here too. ( also in Ohio )

ExtoVert1185d ago

Got mine yesterday...Providence RI, USA aka Murica

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darthv721186d ago

Definitely let us know how it flows. Im in West Sac myself with ATT uverse 12mbps connection. but no invite yet....sadly.

BoriboyShoGUN1186d ago

I don't know if 12mbps is going to cut it!

kayoss1185d ago

They say you need a minimum of 5mbs.

AFCCannonieri1186d ago

well didn't they say that the minimum speed required is Mbps download, and i would think that if you have fiber optic it will be higher that Mbps so hopefully should run well

ftwrthtx1186d ago

I want to try it on fiber and then through my 4G hotspot and compare speeds.

KillerPwned1186d ago

I saw an email its 5Mbps that is the min.

rainslacker1186d ago

Got the email myself and signed up. They recommend 5Mbps for the best experience, but didn't give an actual minimum.

meatnormous1186d ago

They also said they recomend a wired connection.

Snookies121185d ago

They don't say that's the minimum. They say that 5 or higher is the recommended speed.

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incredibleMULK1186d ago

Cool now i can finally play resistance 3 multiplayer....oh wait, nevermind.

thejigisup1186d ago

Just got mine a few hours ago so excited to turn my ps3 back on!

nunley331185d ago

I got an invite,just waiting on the code now. I really wanna try this

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Mikelarry1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Time to log on to my multiple accounts to see if i got lucky i mean out of the 10 one should be picked riiight:)

George Sears1186d ago

Just checked my email, yep I'm in the beta.

Mikey322301186d ago

Did you actually get the Code itself yet, or did you just accept the invite.

I'm still waiting on their email back with the code.

ftwrthtx1186d ago

Code to be emailed later

George Sears1186d ago

You first have to confirm and accept the TOU. After that it says you'll get a code in a couple of days.

dsammy041186d ago

Got mine Sony just made my day!

ginsunuva1186d ago

It's a test that's meant to be taken seriously, not a free thing for you to have fun with.

MainstreamGamer1185d ago

wow, you must be a blast at parties....