The Last of Us PS4 Edition. Is It Really Needed?

Last year’s Game of the Year winner from many gaming publications is rumored to be coming to Sony’s newest console, the PlayStation 4. With such critical and commercial praise, does this game really need to be ported to the PS4? In this video we’ll dive into why I think it’s a great idea.

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jc485731520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

they were already using PS4 features for The Last of Us, so it only makes sense for them to release it on the PS4. There are also those who wouldn't mind revisiting the game.

NinjaRichParty1520d ago

Personally, I never got the opportunity to play it, so this will give me the chance to experience it. I'm excited.

GarrusVakarian1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Of course it's needed.

I mean, it's only one of the best games of all time and the winner of the most GOTY awards of any game ever made.

It could release on the PS4 and, despite being a touched up PS3 game, be the best game on either next gen console by a country mile.

The PS4 would be lucky to have it added to it's library of games.

TLOU fanboy mode off. (Not really).

ZodTheRipper1520d ago

I played through it 3,5 times and would play it again on PS4 especially if all DLC's are included. So this should be a clear "yes" for pretty much every PS4 owner, especially for those who didn't have the chance to play it yet.

Ezz20131520d ago

played it over 7 times already and finished the dlc 3 times

and will buy it again on ps4 when i get my console next month

morganfell1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Absolutley. And when this surfaced over at Gaf there were nothing but "I'll double dip" or "I'm in" comments. It is a fair indicator people want this, myself included.

Also consider the numerous gamers that joined the Sony family with the PS4. They would love to play this title.

Tony-A1520d ago

I never got the chance to play it either. This is why I'm so excited for this! The fact that it's essentially a GOTY Edition of the game on the PS4 makes me even more anxious than I was when it first launched.

Now all I need is a PS4!

........ -__-

Sethry1011520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I have a ps4 but never had a ps3. This game is a definite buy. I have even tried to learn as little as I can about the game, hoping one day get to play it without knowing the story and stuff already.

Plus will have dlc to play.

Edit: I would pay full price for it because its essentially a brand new game to me. BUT I wouldn't pay full price if I had played it, like Tomb raider played it on pc so wasn't willing to pay full price for it on ps4.

MysticStrummer1520d ago

I wouldn't say it's needed, but I have no problem with it.

Thehyph1520d ago

I'm in.

I'll even pay the full price if they want me to.
I'd pay even more than that if it could be unseen and I could play it again for the first time.

I think everyone envies you guys who haven't played it. You're in for a treat.

kingfetish171520d ago

I haven't bought TLOU yet. Huge Uncharted fan too. Crazy backlog right now. Played the beginning of it. Really liked it. Was waiting for the GOTY edition. Guess I'll be getting the PS4 version now.

Buddy of mine that leans his support more towards MS and owns an XB1, beat TLOU twice on his PS3. He told me he plans to get a PS4 as soon as this version is released.

So yeah, I personally think the PS4 edition is needed!

PeaSFor1520d ago

i know a lot of peoples who migrated from 360 to ps4, most of them never played TLOU and it was a no brainer to release it on ps4, for fans AND newcomers.

dedicatedtogamers1520d ago

I would play an "up-ported" version of this game. I absolutely loved The Last of Us. I beat it multiple times including on Survival (Survivor?) mode. But as much as I loved it, there were certain portions with jaggies and framerate drops. If they were able to tune the game up for the PS4 and lock the framerate at 30 fps (or maybe 60) I would definitely love to play it again.

The same goes for games like GTA5 and Dark Souls II. Those games would benefit from next-gen hardware.

ShinMaster1519d ago

There are people who skipped the PS3 last gen and jumped onto PS4 this gen.
They didn't get to play TLoU.

UltraNova1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

If they price it like a year's old game should be, say 35-40 bucks max add the dlc and upscale the visuals then hell yeah I m in it for the second time! But if they pull a Kojima on us forget it..

Then again there are a lot of people, as some guys above mentioned already, who migrated from other last gen consoles to the ps4 and this is their chance to play one of the best games out there. However, we the people who paid 60 first time around should not be forced to pay the full price again.

Demos and game revamps should never exceed half price no matter what they add!

Pozzle1519d ago

Exactly! I think it's a great idea because now a whole new bunch of gamers get to play such a great game.

LonDonE1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )


Agreed 100%
Its my all time greatest game, i LOVED every second of it! the flawlessly crafted story, the characters, the Hollywood quality voice acting, the music, the emotional roller-coaster of a script, and boy the game play!

Naughty dog nailed the game play, the tense stealth, the gory action, the awesome melee, the crafting mechanics, the scavenging for supplies, the level design with its sand box environments, the verticality of the levels, EVERYTHING WAS FLAWLESS! i know technically no game can be flawless but i think this is the closest to a perfect game we will see in a long time!

And lastly the presentation, man the graphics were next gen on a last gen console!
Seriously it made me think why do we even need a PS4 yet? the PS3 and cell processor still has power yet to be displayed by Sony's first party studios! The lighting, the texture work, the diverse environments, the sand box levels, the particle effects with the spores, the shadows, the water effects, need i go on?

Any one who talks shit about TLOU is either a xbox fan boy and so hasn't played it, or is a hater and a dude bro casual gamer!
Yes people can differ in opinions but no core gamer who has played TLOU can deny that its near flawlessly delivered master piece of a game is easily the genre defining game on last gen! i think it has pushed cinematic game play so much, and easily shows the critics that gaming today is a art form, and studios like naughty dog are some of the best in the business!

Sorry for ranting, but i am a core gamer who owns and games on all platforms, and it had been a long time since i played a game like the last of us, the kind of game which i had to just call in my paid holiday time off work for, the kind of game which i played through 3 times in a row in one sitting! the kind of game which had me thinking about it when i wasn't playing, humming the music, thinking what i would of done in that position, and finding myself missing the world and characters naughty dog created! BRAVO TO THEM FOR CREATING A JEWEL OF A GAME!

Seriously play through on the max difficulty and watch the game and experience absorb your life! play with a decent surround head set on, and turn off the lights, and prepare to be blown away! and i loved how they encouraged the re-playability by letting you carry over your weapons upgrades etc! seriously talking about it now makes me want to put it on!

Never before have i been touched by a story in a game in that way before.

I would so gladly give naughty dog my money again to play through the game again at native 1080p 60fps! that would be EPIC!!!

Tiechie1519d ago

Exactly, all those people who are new to playstion will get the chance to play it now.

harrisk9541519d ago

Oh man... you missed out on one of the greatest gaming experiences of the last generation... it was stunning on the PS3, so I can only imagine what it will be like on the PS4. You will love it.

Edvin19841519d ago


I just finished the DLC and Single player again, and the day this comes out bet your ass ill be buying it again. Its well worth the price, and a blast to play. Its a great single player game, and with really good emphasis on story telling. It will be worth the wait, and will give me something else to play on my PS4 that isn't inFAMOUSE.

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Conzul1520d ago

Yeah the PS4 would give the game some more replayability, make Sony some more money, plenty of reasons.

While I dislike paying full price for nextgen/definitive editions, TLOU is the only exception I can think of. Such a masterpiece deserves as many playthroughs and new fans as can possibly be achieved.

Also it would preserve the multiplayer, which is the best TPS multiplayer experience I've ever seen.

FlunkinMonkey1520d ago

People could ask if Bluray movies were needed after DVD, the answer is Yes. It will be an enhancement, and also a physical copy to own on the PS4, sounds good to me.

MajorLazer1520d ago

tLoU, Gta V and Dark Souls II needs to be touched up graphically and ported onto the PS4 :D

ifistbrowni1520d ago

it'd be nice for those who didn't have ps3. The Last of Us was my favorite game from last gen (red dead redemption right behind that). I feel bad for anyone who hasn't tried it.

Though, i feel like if they wait too long, many gamers will just move on and play the newer games coming out.

Would be nice to get it over this summer, but i highly doubt naughty dog has any plans to re-release TLOU.

hot4play1519d ago

1080p / 60 fps PS4 version would be sweet! Although a solid 30 fps would be okay too i guess. There were times when you could notice the PS3 struggling with the game engine and assets.

Hope Sony offers $40 for the game + Left Behind DLC or a PS4 upgrade program for PS3 owners.

ZodTheRipper1519d ago

I'm not quite sure whether 60fps would be a good fit for this game and it's cinematic tone ...but I guess it would be necessary just to prevent the trolls from bashing it.

GhostTurtle1519d ago

There are also those who came from 360, and never played the game. Can't wait.

kayoss1519d ago

They asked the same question about Tomb Raider the definite edition. People complained and moaned but when it was released. It sold very well despite what everyone else thought. The only problem i might see is that TLOU is a Sony exclusive and the PS4 user base is not that big. But i think Sony is not doing this for the money but more for the fans i guess.

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Themba761520d ago

yess it is highly needed ppl like myself who has switched from 360 to ps4 has never played this masterpiece.

NinjaRichParty1520d ago

Haha if you watch the video, you'll see that that is my point exactly :P

Sethry1011520d ago

I switched from 360 to PS4 just like you. I think a lot of people did. Glad to have a chance to play the best PS3 game, if not the best game ever.

BattleTorn1520d ago

I'd also support a Uncharted Collection for PS4!

BattleTorn1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I did the same, though I bought PS3 in time to play LoU.

I bet Microsoft wishes that they had any exclusives that we so well received that people would be choppin at the bit to double dip on....

edit: hey I got my 5th bubble back wooo hoooo!

LexHazard791520d ago

I dont think MS is losing sleep over this! Im excited for this game cause I missed out on it. But no need for the jabs at MS!

Makroyale1520d ago

I played it on the PS3 and I would still buy this on the PS4 @ full price. Great game.

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Gozer1520d ago

Sony needs to be putting their energy into new IPs for the ps4 not ports of ps3 games.

Nitrowolf21520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

You act like they aren't when they have a bunch of exclusives in the works. A title like this would just be there to fill in the gaps that are to come after May. Honestly, no heavy titles are coming out that we know of after May till about late August/early September.

I wouldn't mind The Last of us to be on the PS4, the Multiplayer is great

Conzul1520d ago

In general, Gozer is right - but TLOU is such an amazing masterpiece, I feel an exception is in order.

GarrusVakarian1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I disagree, if this was any old PS3 game then i would agree with you but this is TLOU we are talking about here. It would sell like hotcakes, all those people who made the jump to PS4 from PS3 and 360 would jump at the chance to play this game....hell, even people who have bought and played the game already on PS3 would double dip and get this on PS4.

Would you say no to a touched up Gears 3 or a touched up Halo 4 on the X1? I know i wouldn't. As long as there are new IP's being worked on too, then i don't see the problem.

There's Driveclub, The Order and Deep Down in the works for 2014, all new IP's. And they are the only ones we know of so far.

Gozer1520d ago

Im done with the last gen. If I had to choose between a new IP or a port from last gen, I want the new IP no question. To each their own though.

Angeljuice1520d ago


It can take 2-4 years to produce a decent new IP, you can knock out a port in a few months. It's not a case of either/or, its about getting as much quality content on the new console as quickly as possible. If it's outsourced, it has no impact on new IP's in the slightest.

GarrusVakarian1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

"Im done with the last gen"

I can understand that mentality, i was ready for next gen two years ago.

" If I had to choose between a new IP or a port from last gen, I want the new IP no question."

If there's a choice for both, then bring it on, i say. Especially if the ports of of games as great as TLOU.

I wouldn't mind a GTAV port either......

thejigisup1520d ago

A gtav port needs to happen alongside pc release. TLoU on ps4 just needs to happen id gladly give up another$60 this game is genius

Hicken1519d ago

You need to be putting your efforts into more relevant comments.

You act as if Sony hasn't shown off or sounded any new IPs, as if they're well known for relying just on the same old franchises.

... You're acting as if they're Microsoft.

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Zodiac1520d ago

Wind Waker HD wasn't needed, but it was very much appreciated.

I have the same attitude for this scenario.

-Foxtrot1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I hope they release it with new trophies, I've just got all of them for the PS3 version. Would need a good enough reason to go through it again. I'm not really a "trophy hunter" but I've been through the game enough times now.

Unless it released with a brand new story DLC....that would be nice.

They've given us backstory on Ellie now how about Joel during the 20 year gap. From when Blah Blah was killed all away up to him and Tommy parted ways, then when Joel met Tess, right up to why they are going after Robert in the beginning of the main game

candy_mafia1520d ago

Sony would most likely offer a $10 cross buy :)

BattleTorn1520d ago

I beat the entire game on Easy, so I think I can approx 1or2 trophies :( (which is my main reason for wanting to replay it, on PS4 regardless of a separate trophy set)