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Uncharted 4 Game Director Justin Richmond Leaves Naughty Dog

IGN: "Justin Richmond, who was working on Uncharted PS4 as game director, has left developer Naughty Dog." (Justin Richmond, PS4, Uncharted PS4)

Update UPDATE: SCEA says "the development timeline of Uncharted will not be impacted."

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leemo19  +   368d ago
Geez it seems like everyone is leaving the companies they work for this gen.
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Team_Litt   368d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
OlgerO  +   368d ago
I cant lie, I thought all these articles where rediculous, but I have to admit im starting to get a little bit worried
amnalehu  +   368d ago
It is starting to get a little crazy. On the other hand, its not like any of these people are going to stop making great games. A great game is a great game. Whether its made by ND, Riot games, PS$, or XB1 its doesnt really matter that much to me. Also, with the success they have had, I'm sure their careers are far from over.
Eonjay  +   368d ago
Don't. He has been working on Uncharted for some time and has made it clear that he is leaving the company on good terms to pursue a leadership role at Riot. And thats fair enough. He obviously left his project in good hands and gave the team his blessing.

Sounds like he was offered a job (probably with a higher pay grade) and he decided to pursue a new project. He has several hit games under his belt so he is very attractive to studios trying to go to the next level.

All I can say is that he doesn't seemed worried about the team at all and even added that he expects them to continue creating great content.
abzdine  +   368d ago
this is becoming too much to bear, we need a word from SONY and NOW!
NewMonday  +   368d ago
I think their is still more to come, by now their is no doubt a big reformation is going on at Sony 1st party studios, they need a good showing at E3 to reassure fans.

some rumors and probable explanations..
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miyamoto  +   368d ago
Don " Nuclear Sub" Mattrick started this trend when he left Xbox One after that launch! LoL
MysticStrummer  +   368d ago
People can get worried about things like this, but they also need to realize that success brings opportunity, and often bigger paychecks.
HiddenMission  +   368d ago

The thing is Riot games along with MS were just at GDC saying that plot isn't important to games anymore...big deal since he just was working on the Uncharted and The Last of Us series.

Does this mean he agrees or that he will turn their mind around on this subject...very interesting to say the least.
NewMonday  +   368d ago
famousmortimer spilling lots of beans on the subject of Sony layoffs @neogaf, I'm sure Abriael is working on a summery.
maniacmayhem  +   368d ago

Worried about what? You really think Sony will shut down PS4 and all game production because of this?

You guys are being ridiculous, people leave all the time. Sony has invested a lot of money and time with PS4, they are ramping up PSNow, they just unveiled their VR headset.

Seriously, what is there to be worried about?
lulumink  +   368d ago
something must be going on inside the company. Those leaves sound just too fishy to not believe it.
Eonjay  +   368d ago

I don't think so. I think this has more to do with money than anything else.
nukeitall  +   368d ago
The mass exodus from Sony is pretty bad. Key people are leaving in droves. Despite what they claim, it is all political, because you don't want to upset people that you might have to work with again.
UltimateMaster  +   368d ago
Well, PlayStation is undergoing the re-structuring to improve their overall company.
mewhy32  +   368d ago
Whats the deal with all the people leaving Sony's studios?
frostypants  +   368d ago
Uncharted 3, which this same guy directed, kind of sucked relative to Uncharted 2. Let's be honest. This guy being off the project isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Dark11  +   368d ago
There is something going on with sony , it no longer can be downplayed

this won't end well.

the future for ND isn't bright if this keep happening


10/10 Bubble up +


sony should try selling their one studios to MS or EA .. it's better than laying off employees.

sony get money and people keep their jobs
it's win win.
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Ezz2013  +   368d ago | Funny

i like you
you seem very fair and unbaised
i always see you in all sony articles saying how you feel
but sadly, we never see you do the same in most microsoft's xbox bad news and articles....we deserve more of your amazing comments

and you seem to know what to do more than any one else including sony and microsoft

every one should listen to you
i will get Kaz and shu on the phone right now
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speedforce131  +   368d ago
You're an idiot. Just another jackass that wants Sony to sell their studios so they can get their games on Xbox. How about you stop being a goddamn fanboy and buy the right console to play the games on? But wait, that makes sense, Xbox fanboys don't have any sense.
M-M  +   368d ago
Dark11 is the perfect example of a troll that uses controversial news stories to aid him in his trolling lol.
mhunterjr  +   368d ago
There's no way Sony would sell studios to MS. But typically when folks are layed of, they do provide exit counseling, which helps employs find jobs at other developers.
Tony-A  +   368d ago

Dude, you realize it's March this month, right? It's the end of the fiscal year, this stuff happens every year around this time, especially on the tail end of a major console release.

Yeah, some of these layoffs are fishy, but 90% of them are done due to re-evaluating a company's fiscal goals and budgets for the year.

Hard to imagine a multi-billion dollar conglomerate suffering because they're releasing some people... you know that means there's less people they need to pay, right?

The bottom line is this - sure, every developer needs a leader, but a AAA title isn't done by just one or two people. Its like the Amy Henning story; to think that she just wrote a one-off draft of the Uncharted script and it made it straight into the game is insane. There are many other hands in the pie when it comes to big titles.
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ZodTheRipper  +   368d ago
Trolls seem to love these kind of news.
ramiuk1  +   368d ago
no way,the gaming industry is having a shakeup as usual, few more than i would like but all the talented people will walk into new studios,create own etc,just alot of projects coming to end and people having a new drive/genre they want to explore.
would of prefered them to just expand into studios and keep undfer sony umbrella but it isnt the end for them.
We never really hear of all the people they take on,just the ones u leave.
its the way the media thrives of something they can make sound bad.

happened for years just wasnt as reported.
MysticStrummer  +   368d ago

10/10 Bubble up +"

That pretty much says it all about you. No need to read anything else you post.
Genuine-User  +   368d ago
"Connecting dots where they don't need to be connected.

Stig and his team spent almost 100 million dollars on a game that failed every QA test that took. The game sucked. They shitcanned the game and a lot of the people involved. They offered stig a spot on barlog's project - he didn't want to go from game director to something lesser so he quit.

This makes sense, right? Shitty game, money wasted, people fired, head guy leaves out of ego? I mean that all makes sense.

Amy Hennig has creative differences about the direction that UC4 should go in. Egos swell, she leaves. She's happy, she will make another studio much better when she gets there. Justin Richmond, an ally of Hennig's, gets an offer he can't refuse from Riot. He leaves.

These things happen. Naughty Dog is going to be fine. UC4 will still be awesome. Riot will be better with the pickup of Richmond and whoever gets Hennig will be better off. The sky isn't falling.

Guerilla Cambridge is working on a vita game that is shit and won't sell. They slim down as they retool for another project.

Again - this isn't new. This happens a lot.

The director of Driveclub doesn't deliver the game on time. Given more time the game still needs work. He is replaced.

Wouldn't you replace him? Wouldn't you shitcan stig's project that cost them almost 100 mil and had nothing of value to show for it? In fact they should have done it two years ago. The fact they let it go this far is a testament to how much they believed in him after GoW 3.

And all of this is happening before the fiscal year ends. Is sony trimming fat? Of course. Sony corporation is not in a great spot. So they are tightening up a bit. But a lot of people are connecting dots that don't need to be connected. Hennig/Richmond is about creative differences and ego. Stig is about wasted money and time. Col Rogers (driveclub) is about failing to deliver. Taken on their own they all make sense. Combine them together and you get glenn beck with a chalkboard.

And Jack Tretton was about money and inability to move up. He will make more money and have more power somewhere else - something Sony simply could not offer him. Shit happens.

It's the same with the xbox department guys. People move around. People leave for other companies. Shit happens. "

Source - famousmortimer
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chickenface  +   368d ago
"The future for ND isn't bright" lol so jealous stealth troll. stealth troll soooo sad that xbone hast got the ND.
Beastforlifenoob  +   368d ago
It's funny that whatever news in this case neutral is spinned to look negative...

What if this benifited not only the company but also the quality of the games?

I will see weather this has done good when Uncharted 4 comes down.
frostypants  +   368d ago
They let the guy who was responsible for the relatively underwhelming Uncharted 3 go. Seems like an OK move to me.
frostypants  +   368d ago
Still haven't seen any proof that people are switching companies this gen more than at any other time.
Frankfurt  +   368d ago
Not "companies". Just Sony.

6 people in TWO MONTHS (2 from naughty, 2 from SSM, tretton and the sucker punch lead).


Add the 15000 lay-offs, 40 stores closed, 3 years in a row losing billions, selling their main building, and you have more than smoke. You have fire.
ZodTheRipper  +   368d ago
^And it's good that Sony is taking action to keep the business afloat. If that means laying people off then so be it. In this case, it's not a layoff though - he left on his own will.
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-Superman-  +   368d ago | Well said
1)Uncharted' writer and director Amy Hennig leaves Naughty Dog, reportedly forced out

2)Brian Karis leaves Naughty dog

3)Infamous: Second Son lead designer leaves Sony

4)PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale lead game designer leaves Sony Santa Monica

5)God of War Dev Stig Asmussen Leaves Sony Santa Monica

7)Sony America CEO Jack Tretton Steps Down

7)Superbot layoff

8)Sony Santa Monica layoff

9)Layoffs at Evolution Studios

10)Layoffs at Guerrilla Games

11)Layoffs at SCE London

12)Col Rodgers Is No Longer DriveClub's Game Director
supes_24  +   368d ago
Omg, that lost literally makes me a little worried about the future of these companies quality of games in the future. I love my PS4 and losing these top people is worrisome.
thejigisup  +   368d ago
So we've got 12 major moves and fb bought oculus rift, pretty sure it's the beginning of the end of the world folks. I blame global warming.
zebramocha  +   368d ago
You got that wrong,superbot were a second party studio contracted to make pasbr,the people at ssm plus stig were working a game for 3+ years and from what was reported it wasn't doing well so it got nixed,nothing happened to evolution there was an update that did not make it on n4g but appeared on neogaf,GG games wasn't affected but GG Cambridge the people responsible for kz ps vita and Sony from what I've seen on gaf were restructuring their studios starting with scej and I guess working there way down.
liquidhalos  +   368d ago
I think for the sake of the customers who bought a ps4 based on sonys sterling first party reputation that Sony should say something to put our minds at ease. It is genuinely concerning to me that so many people have gone. Hopefully things are made clearer for us customers sooner rather than later.
TOTSUKO  +   368d ago
From a business perspective, it is best to cut loose or not pay the more expensive high profiled developers. It's tough to let go a proven talent of developers but this industry is always demanding innovation. A new generation with fresh and innovative ideas at a cheaper cost.

It is for the sake of the future!

Greatness Awaits!
Pogmathoin  +   368d ago
There is a lot of people in this industry, I am sure, for the talented people, there are many offers that cannot be refused, and also have families to consider as well.... Would not look into all the recent changes, departures, its just life.....
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Ghoul  +   368d ago
Well tbh this happpens and happend all the time and will happen all the time.

Peoples lives change and so do theyre Interesets and Jobs, its a ever changing process,

oh and the higher you get the most likely you switch, since your offered new oppurtunitys wich you then take.

Well until your in the top 5% of a company those are meant to stay longer since the benefit grows exponentially when you reached the "share" part in a company.

the only difference is that gaming "journalism" suddenly thinks those shifts in positions are the implication of something "big" goin on.

Actually they just try o imply a story behind a regular normal sheme, in the hopes to hit something....

its totally annoying and only servers the sole purpose of content no matter how irrelevant

p.s. see Dark11 below....
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andibandit  +   368d ago
In the 7 years ive been into console gaming ive never seen anything like this happen. I guess it happens alot on planet defense.
Ghoul  +   368d ago
i dont understand what you mean ?

if you think i defended anything your blind......
Illusive_Man  +   368d ago
Yea but only at Sony.
Evilsnuggle  +   368d ago
This one I have a problem with Uncharted 2 multiplayer was my favorite multiplayer of all time. I love UC2 multiplayer if Justin Richmond was responsible for that than he will really be missed. I think that Uncharted need a reboot it's to campy and slap stick for my taste. I was disappointed that ND is working on Uncharted 4 instead of The Last Of Us two. I hope that ND is Rebooting Uncharted Like many think a pre sequel Maybe. I hope A Pre sequel to uncharted maybe pirates In the 1700 would breathe new life in the series.
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BakPAin  +   368d ago
Nah, if I want a pirate game I'll play AC4. What they need to do is something like "National Treasure" bring that adventure to the city!
PaperClichePixel  +   368d ago
I really have no good or bad opinion on this mass Western exodus. I just know this looks like the exact shift that the Japanese developers went through post PS2.

Let the cards play out.
mp1289  +   368d ago
Infinity ward replaced almost everybody, yet COD sold better than ever. Just saying, sales of games like Uncharted most likely won't be effected. But the franchise is in danger of becoming repetitive in the future.
Razmossis  +   368d ago
Happens around this time EVERY YEAR
Trim fat, hire new talent
Pon4  +   368d ago
Umm only Sony is this happening too go figure ...Sony financials are way way down lol...go Xbox One you beast
MUGEN81  +   368d ago
You mean Sony's game dev companies.
PudgeySan  +   368d ago
I think some of it is people are now watching for people to quit or be let go. Each name seems to be some big guy that you never heard of or heard of once until you read an article of someone being let go with the exception of a few. I am sure if you monitored any studio you might find the same thing or something similar. This might also be the studio letting it's younger talent move up kinda like kojima did with his other team. I wouldn't worry to much. Sony isn't going to release a console and shut down it's studios. Wouldn't be the best business plan.
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CuddlyREDRUM  +   368d ago
Lukas, you are looking really stupid right now.
gameon1985  +   368d ago
Nah, everyone is just leaving Sony for some reason this gen.
Loadedklip  +   368d ago
More like Sony's ...
Blaze929  +   367d ago
Not good when a game keeps switching directors. Literally look at the progression of God of War games starting with David. IMO went downhill after each game and director switch.
Nyxus  +   368d ago
Wow, another one? What's going on? :/
NegativeCreep427  +   368d ago
I don't think all of these layoffs and people just "leaving* isnt a coincidence. I believe sony is conducting some major shake up or restructuring.
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hkgamer  +   368d ago
I'm guessing it has to do with money.

Sony hasn't got any and working for these big studios/companies will never make you big money compared to getting lucky with a smaller company.
Dark11  +   368d ago
Maybe they are just jumping from the ship?

i agree with hkgamer.
they should try selling their one studios to MS or EA .. it's better than laying off employees.

sony get money and people keep their jobs
it's win win.

casualties List:

Amy Hennig (Creative Director) of Naughty Dog
Justin Richmond (Creative Director) of Naughty Dog
Col Rodgers (Creative Director) of Evolution Studios
Stig Asmussen (Creative Director) of Sony Santa Monica
Jaime Griesemer (Lead Designer) of Sucker Punch
60+ Employees of Sony Santa Monica
Employees of Evolution
Employees of Guerilla
Employees of SCE London
Seth Killian
Jack Tretton as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America
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Ghoul  +   368d ago

please scroll up a little and read my comment


or it was allways like that but now we all get those "news" wich a few years would just have happend without letting the whole internet participate in it ?
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DoubleM70  +   368d ago
Yes they are doing some major restructuring. I think these cuts have to happen to get back into the black for the company. Sony has had Damn good talent at their studios for many many years.
DigitalRaptor  +   368d ago
Sony Corp. has been restructuring for the past 3 or so years.

What we're seeing here is business as usual for this time of year, every year. The start of a generation is critical for any company in this industry, but this is just what happens. Fat is trimmed. Talent is poached. People shift around. Xbox has also had key folks leaving in the past few months, although not as many as in recent times for Sony:

Ballmer, Mattrick, Whitten, Larsson-Green.

Nintendo probably has too, but no-one makes a shake about that. Big companies have people coming and going, but not like the tail end of a generation, going into a new one.

This is a big deal, but only those with either naivety or hopeful agendas are looking into this as some kind of endgame for Sony and PlayStation.
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Death  +   368d ago
I don't think any real gamer wants to see this happen. It doesn't happen every year like this either. Sure, people come and go, but not as many high profile positions across multiple first party studios. It is more than possible that they are moving on before the market gets flooded with more layoffs. We will know after Monday when the fiscal year ends for Sony and Hirai faces investors.
Kalowest  +   368d ago
Sony doesn't have the money!
Dark11  +   368d ago
Well People getting laid off for reason.
Charybdis  +   368d ago
My guess is they are trying to reduce the number of ("non essential")directors/mana gers in order to increase their efficiency or something. They probably are offering a nice buy out sum for personnel willing to leave.
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InTheLab  +   368d ago
When there's smoke, there's fire. There is clearly something wrong at Sony and at this point, it's well past normal day to day operations.
zebramocha  +   368d ago
Not entirely in this case,ssm was the only studion to lose a sizable amount of people,like I touch on some in my post only a few people were affected overall in some of the studios.
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InTheLab  +   368d ago
They lost Stig though. That is a major cause for concern.
clmstr  +   368d ago
Fantangoooo  +   368d ago
not such a bad thing you know .. League of Legends is an awesome game.. cant get enough... lol. Well on the top this things happen, people move. I am sure they would still bring out an ace game.
Dudebro90  +   368d ago
Still think nothing weird is going on at Sony?

Seriously, what's going on over there?
Paulie_gualtieri  +   368d ago
Same thing that's been going on for a few months.Studio spring cleaning.

Guess we're going to get a new news submission everytime someone else gets canned.
Zodiac  +   368d ago
Uncharted is one of Playstations flagship series, The PS4 is hot, and now a game directer just walks out on all that?

Not something i would just label as "Spring Cleaning"
SoapShoes  +   368d ago
It's getting old... Why don't we have any articles about when someone leaves Atari, Nintendo, Microsoft? Furthermore lets have 100s of articles for the people who join these companies too. Talent leaves and talent comes in. I can only imagine the crapstorm there'd be if the co-founders(Jason/Andy) left today, everyone would be crying foul when ND went on just fine without them. The only reason people are actually worried is because they're withholding game news for major events such as E3. You hear stuff like this and don't get the whole picture. People are afraid of what they don't understand.
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InTheLab  +   368d ago
This is Justin Richmond though. He's the equivalent of Stig leaving SSM. This is not normal. There is something wrong.
svoulis  +   368d ago
Hard to say really one big thing is he went to riot games immediately meaning he was offered a better contract. Well see though I still think the current generation of games will do wonders for us.
hkgamer  +   368d ago
its a shame that sony cannot do something to keep these guys.

Sony starting to go uphill with the PS4 success and them trimming down their main businesses.
Fantangoooo  +   368d ago
when i do think of it now.. the last lady that left Amy Hennig, she was the director, now another director..?? wtf is up with that... these are the captains of the ship!
Kayant  +   368d ago
Well now the game industry has certainly been interesting these few days.

Seems kind of odd to go from Naughty Dog to Riot games. Anyways best of luck on his career change.

There's defiantly something going on with Sony studios.
#5 (Edited 368d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
EXVirtual  +   368d ago
I think it's a restructuring. A very radical restructuring. In some cases at least. It kinda makes sense. It's a new gen and soon enough we'll get through transitional period. I would think some positions would become redundant.
Has GG been hit yet?
towelie1288  +   368d ago
wow the one game i am looking forward too
also for me to get a PS4 isnt looking so good
what the hell is going on?
fonger08  +   368d ago
When it rains it pours I guess.
Ginesis  +   368d ago
Wow...something is definitely wrong at the big ND! Creative differences maybe?!?
frostypants  +   368d ago
Talented studio = talented people = lots of poaching. Nothing surprising. The flip side is a company like ND attracts the best new people, too.
Ginesis  +   368d ago
I get what you're saying but he's leaving in the midst of development, that in itself is rare. Usually they finish the project to collect their bounus then they make their leave.

P.S. as a director most companies give you a bounus depending on how well the game sells.
DeadMansHand  +   368d ago
Exactly. The n4g trolls have never worked in big business. Any team that wins a superbowl gets picked apart in the following draft. Restructure happens. Contracts end. People get cancer and have to leave work. Think they want the trolls to know what's going on in their personal life? No, they do not. The ps4 is hot. Anti ps4 people want it to fail. They blog and comment to vent their insecurities. To be fair, Sony trolls will do the same thing to xbox news and both do It to Nintendo doom news stories. The circle of troll is complete.
#8.1.2 (Edited 368d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report
Edsword  +   368d ago
I think a shake up at Sony is happening, some people leave when those things occur even if they were not asked to. I hope this is for the best, but loosing talented individuals rarely is.
Z_-_D_-_3  +   368d ago
I hope none of these ND departures take away from the overall quality of their games... Two big people are now gone.
bjmartynhak  +   368d ago
"The Last of Us"

That's the meaning of the game title, huh... (saw this on GAF)
Unreal01  +   368d ago
Haha, to be honest that's pretty funny.
RebelWAC  +   368d ago
Layoffs is one thing but when one leaves after another you start to wonder, what the hell is going on behind those closed doors?
Soldierone  +   368d ago
Wonder what the hell is going on at ND? It has to be something creative making a mess.

If it was simply layoffs from Sony, wouldn't GG already be hit by now too? The only thing they got hit with was at Cambridge and it was just excess people from the Vita title.

I mean Sucker Punch and other studios seem to be fine so far too. Perhaps the people just don't like where Uncharted 4 is going?
DC777  +   368d ago
Maybe. ND is the top team in the industry right now so I'm sure the pressure is ridiculous there.
NeloAnjelo  +   368d ago
What is going on???
prodg52  +   368d ago
I can't imagine the amount of pressure these guys are under to deliver another "game of the year" in a tight release window. Especially when you're working with an established franchise (Uncharted). With a new IP the expectations wouldn't be so high.
curtis92  +   368d ago
Well... this is interesting. No point in speculating since we have NO idea but it's interesting nevertheless. I'm sure to some it's nothing major and to others it's a sinking ship. Just... whatever. At this point I'm tired of thinking about it.
Goro  +   368d ago
It's bad for the game when a director leaves during development.
extermin8or  +   368d ago
Depends who takes over and ibguess gotta remember naughty dog dont have the same hierarchy as most devs, they operate abit differently.
polow got sol  +   368d ago
It makes me scared.
hankmoody  +   368d ago
This is just weird if you ask me. Who knows what kind of pressure must be getting put on these people. And two of Naughty Dog's top staff leaving within days of each other, in the midst of the PS4 selling like hotcakes?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   368d ago
I thought the other dude left in December, and that his departure got announced only a few days ago.

But yes I agree, it's weird.
Kyanu  +   368d ago
u gotta be kiddin' me!
Pancit_Canton  +   368d ago
Everyone wants to start their own studio now a days. Kickstarter besically made it easy for people to developed and create games they want to do with creative freedom at all times. Also, self publishing made it more easy for indie developers published games to console,pc and mobile device for a reasonable price without the help of big publisher to make a cut.
#21 (Edited 368d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Kyanu  +   368d ago
You mean with Ken Levine as a role model? Interesting point, though I would expect people in "smaller" positions to leave a big company and try something on one's own. But high profile people?
bjmartynhak  +   368d ago
PS3 not selling: invest in games and studios to catch up with MS.

PS4 outselling Xbox: cut the fat, invest less in games, make marketing deals because they are cheaper. People will get multiplat on PS4 anyway because of the better hardware. That's it. Hope to be wrong though.
curtis92  +   368d ago
That's not the most absurd thing I've read on N4G today, I'll tell you that. It's definitely a business strategy that'd be worth looking into at the very least.
Kyanu  +   368d ago
Good point. But why cutting Naughty Dog's fat?
SoapShoes  +   368d ago
Sooo how do you explain PS2 doing well and still investing in studios??
bjmartynhak  +   368d ago
PS2 had lots of third party exclusives. Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Guerrilla Games and Evolution are all relatively recent acquisitions. I think all of them except GG were during PS3 era. GG was in the very late life of PS2.
incredibleMULK  +   368d ago
you're right. ps4 will have better graphics but less exclusives/games and xbox one will have not as good graphics but more exclusives causing all the fanboys on both sides to backpedal!......diabolical!

exclusives?? who needs exclusives when you got call of duty and better graphics??

graphics?? who needs good graphics when you got good exclusives like project spark?

sony pulled a microsoft. They hyped all these games that never existed. sweet. Sad thing is they wiped their ass with Jack Denton after his squashing xbox at e3. Then they wiped their ass with all these poor video game designers after they made games for them. I am starting to dislike sony....and it all started when I called their 1800number to complaign about mandatory online fees and they had a shitty, coy attitude like we can what are you gonna do about it.

I'll tell you what i'm gonna do, when you go broke i'm gonna call you back and laugh my ass off at ya.

I'll also laugh my ass off if Jack Denton goes over to xbox with phil spencer and makes some bang up games and gives away your crabby patty secret formula.
#22.4 (Edited 368d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
superbhoy  +   368d ago
''Jack Denton''...facepalm... come back when you know what you are talking about
JunkyardWillie  +   368d ago
Everyone is mysteriously leaving Naughty Dog, SEGA's CEO steps down, and Xbox One sales are increasing. I'm no detective...just saying.
WeAreLegion  +   368d ago
They increased for two weeks. It's back down.
KwietStorm  +   368d ago
What exactly are you saying?
Hicken  +   368d ago
Not a damn thing.
JunkyardWillie   368d ago | Personal attack | show
Fantangoooo  +   368d ago
hahahahahaha kwietstorm &Hicken damn that killed me...
KwietStorm  +   368d ago
Because you don't want to explain yourself, I'm and idiot? OK.
Hicken  +   368d ago
Calling somebody else an idiot because you strung a bunch of events together but didn't explain how they should be looked at as related?

If you got upset because your nonsense was seen for what it was, maybe you should, you know, make some sense?
Whitey2k  +   368d ago
More studios = more ps4 exclusives :D
Team_Litt  +   368d ago
Everybody be cool. Apparently it is pretty normal for game directors to up and leave in the middle of a project after years of service at a studio. /s
Bet you somebody is going to say his job was done -__-
extermin8or  +   368d ago
Well... two leads on uncharted 3 the weakest in the trillogy both seem to have left... im not complaining till I see finished product.
Blacklash93  +   368d ago
They were also leads on Uncharted 2, and of course we all know that game was horrible. :/

Uncharted 3 was a product of rushed development with too much ambition, very evident by how fragmented it felt. It doesn't change that these are talented people who were great assets for Naughty Dog.
#26.1 (Edited 368d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
extermin8or  +   368d ago
No amy hennig was a co lead for writing on uncharted 2 along with bruce and neil. Richmond was lead on uncharted 2's multiplayer. Also people kindly remember Naughty Dog has a pretty unique system, it's more everyone works on their own lvel/bit of a level at any one time and then it all get's brought together. The leads there have slightly different jobs to leads at other studios who have control of the whole overall vision for the game.
Blacklash93  +   368d ago
Hennig has been Creative Director and Lead Writer the for the entire series. And Richmond being in charge of the entire multiplayer aspect of Uncharted 2 is also a leading role. Those are top positions and my point still stands.
xx4xx  +   368d ago
I'm concerned as I really thought Uncharted 3 was very disjointed...easily the weakest in the series.

I know it's hard to keep momentum going after #3 in a series....so I really thought Uncharted 4 was going to need to really be great.

These recent departure don't bode well.

(@Blacklash 93....I really liked Uncharted 2)
extermin8or  +   368d ago
read, someone with some common sense it should appear if nothing else. Makes a nice change.
xx4xx  +   368d ago
Read? Read what? The article you attached that was different than the one i commented on?

Know what else makes a nice change?
Coherent sentences with proper punctuation.
#26.2.2 (Edited 368d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
jcnba28  +   368d ago
I don't care whether you're a sony fanboy or a sony hater this is very concerning.
vikingland1  +   368d ago
The new PS4 moto,Greatness leaving. Just a joke guys.
I'm sure it's nothing more than he felt it was time to move on. It happens all the time cliff belinski comes to mind.
#28 (Edited 368d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ltachiUchiha  +   368d ago
He was in charge of the multiplayer for uncharted 2 & 3 which after all the nerfs for 2 got me not to like it anymore. Whoever is the lead director for The Last of Us multiplayer needs to step in for Uncharted 4 multiplayer because im still enjoying The Last of Us multiplayer. Both my characters have a 1.70+ Kill/Death Ratio and I dont even run with a squad, I join random games. My favorite multiplayer even to this day. Cant wait for the ps4 version.
#29 (Edited 368d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Tripl3seis  +   368d ago
Ok wtf is going on at Sony this has been a bad month for them
SoapShoes  +   368d ago
How do you know? All we know is there have been some layoffs and people left. We know a small fraction of what's going on in their studios.
TheProfessional  +   368d ago
@soapshoes that's just naïve. There's been way too many people in top tier positions leaving and getting fired in the last month or two, all from Sony studios. There's obviously something going on.
#30.1.1 (Edited 368d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
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