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Watch_Dogs - Welcome to Chicago [UK]

Dive into the Chicago playground with this ingame-captured trailer, showing the game's depth and diversity. (PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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BehindGames  +   368d ago
Is the visuals improved in this trailer?
sander9702  +   368d ago
Look's like it but it's must probably PC as they said the game was only downgraded for consoles
ArmGunar  +   368d ago
No that's just because the version of the game in the Story Trailer is old

In this trailer, it's more recent and I'm sure it's PS4 gameplay footage, maybe not the end of the trailer !

And the gameplay seems just awesome, day one :)
BehindGames  +   368d ago
theXtReMe1  +   368d ago
No. It was never downgraded. A few forum dwellers decided that footage from a different time of day, with different lighting conditions and weather was a sign of a downgrade in visuals and people overreacted. The game looks better than the E3 2013 footage, which was from the PS4. The 2012 footage was always stated by Ubisoft to be from a high end PC build.

The game is going to be incredible on the PS4. This video proves how vivid the visuals and the world is going to be. I cant wait!
starchild  +   368d ago
Looks almost like real life in a lot of places. I'm impressed. I knew there was no downgrade, but this looks better than I expected.
candy_mafia  +   368d ago
I already paid up in full for Watchdogs. I have faith Watchdogs (PS4, PC Versions at least) will be awesome.

People need to get it fixed into their thick skulls, Watchdogs will never look or perform on consoles as good as a super high end PC.

Meltic  +   368d ago
im glad it looks better than this. Looks better than i though it would cool !. https://www.youtube.com/wat...
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sander9702  +   368d ago
Why is it still 2 months?!
Time, the greatest enemy there ever was!
Dark11  +   368d ago
It look like a GTA IV mod.
NYC_Gamer  +   368d ago
Watch Dogs isn't going to win any visual awards but the gameplay could be solid
ritsuka666  +   368d ago
Still downgrade graphics.
fluxmulder  +   368d ago
Why are they copying the GTAV gameplay trailer?
ginsunuva  +   368d ago
You mean the self-boasting narrator?
I hate that.

"Game X is so good. It is the goodest of the goods. Game X has so many features and Game X is awesome. Game X has such good visuals. Whoever made Game X must be gods."
CRASHBASHUK  +   368d ago
about this rumor downgrade I wonder if xbox one and the WII U ver have been and not the ps4 and pc ver
CapellPro85  +   368d ago
Why would they downgrade the Xbox one version. Morin has already come out and said that Xbox and PS4 are the same. The Wii U looks a little better than PS3/XBox360. PC Will be best. The only thing PS has is the extra content.
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mafiahajeri  +   368d ago
Must admit the NPC's look much better than anything Ive seen fro R* games
eaise  +   368d ago
Game looks awesome! Will be a day one buy! Hopefully the Wii U version comes out shortly after all the others and NOT months later
jazmac  +   368d ago
This still doesn't look as nice as the E3 2012 trailer, don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to this but whether it's ps4/PC it still looks visually worse.

I find it interesting that most people commenting are struggling to tell whether it's better but I guess that's a good thing for you?

Really seems clear to me anyway. Compared to the E3 2013 footage well as some people have already said the comparisons weren't a fair representation of the visuals.
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MegaDan  +   368d ago
Yea graphics deff. Look downgraded compared to E3. Downvote me all you want, im just stating facts.
starchild  +   368d ago
Not compared to last year's PS4 footage. It looks the same, if not better.

Everyone already knew last year that there was a bit of a downgrade compared to the PC demo at E3 2012.

It still looks really good and it will look even better on our own displays.
candy_mafia  +   368d ago
Downgraded or not, whatever...Watchdogs' looking as good, if not a 'lil better than the already super awesome lookin' Infamous...Watchdogs is GTA V on steroids!!

Wow! just wow, I feel super spoilt owning a PS4 right now.

PS3 still rocks too! I'm gonna.....!!!

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bienio  +   368d ago
Wow!! This look amazing!!! My Pc is ready!!!
beotron  +   368d ago
Was that Bob Saget talking??
mogwaii  +   368d ago
Its the gameplay possibilities that excite me about this game, lets hope they pull off their vision.

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