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If Naughty Dog Made a Breaking Bad Game, This Is What Walter White Would Look Like

Michael Knowland, Naughty Dog’s lead character artist, has created a stunning next-gen quality model of Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White. Yes Mr White..yeah art! (Culture, Michael Knowland)

Hellsvacancy  +   395d ago
When the hats on, he's Heisenberg
Derekvinyard13  +   395d ago
They should do a movie or tv show licensed game, only good ones came from rockstar with the warriors telltales walking dead and remember the ps2 lord of the rings games. They could definitely pull it off
Hellsvacancy  +   395d ago
The Warriors game was excellent, I beat it sooo many times, i'd play it again if there was a hd version
PLASTICA-MAN  +   395d ago
ZBrush between the hands of Naughty Dog is pure magical wonder.
Talidan  +   394d ago
Everyone forgets Riddick...

Escape from Butcher Bay was amazing for the time. Great graphics and gameplay. Loved the directors cut on PC.

And then one licensed game that everyone forgets as being licensed from a movie, because it was so damn good and set a standard for gaming in general... Goldeneye.
antz1104  +   394d ago
Amazing show......It would be a horrible game. It would be like making a game out of Mad Men. The greatness comes from the drama.
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BlackTar187  +   394d ago
I don't see where the excitement is at in a breaking bad game.

Like Antz said below the greatness comes from the Drama.
Black-Helghast  +   395d ago
Naughty Dog better make this or they'll have to tread lightly.
zeee  +   395d ago
You think they won't don't you? I guess you are probably right! Why did you have to remind me of this?

* Pushes garage door button to close it *

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PSVita  +   395d ago
Sony owns breaking bad that's be a great Idea!
ThatEnglishDude  +   395d ago
I love Breaking Bad as much as anyone else, and although this 3D rendering is really great - I can't see how a game could be made of it. It's not really necessary or as relevant as it once was.
DoomeDx  +   395d ago
Agreed. I cannot think of any game mechanics besides making meth. It sounds like a flash game lol

And you cannot do Breaking Bad with different characters either. Wouldnt be breaking bad anymore
zeee  +   395d ago
Just make a game that allows me to make Jesse say "BITCH" in different styles with a simple push of a button :)

Oh and holding the button should make Jesse say it longer... like, BIIIIIITTTTTCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH!!! !!!!!
PSVita  +   395d ago
GTA type game with the story of Breaking Bad I'd sell like hot cakes BUT I'd take years to make and by then there might be as big of an niche for it.
DrJones  +   394d ago
Not if Naughty Dog makes it.
BlackTar187  +   394d ago

Why name it breaking bad?

GTA and Breaking bad are barely similar. Using any of the characters in that fashion is pure cash in and would either A. Just suck and be crummy or B. Be a good game but nothing like breaking bad which would diminish the value the show has in what made it great.
Myze  +   395d ago
I kind of agree. While there are obviously some things that could be used from the show to make a game, I don't see it being all that exciting. Probably could have great cutscenes, but the gameplay wouldn't work.

One show I've always thought could make an excellent game is Dexter. While not as good as Breaking Bad (except maybe season 4 of Dex, last few seasons nowhere close to BB), it lends itself far more to a video game. He can fight, he's often stealthy, he has elaborate plans for his murders, he has to avoid lots of different people, etc. It would probably end up being shallow and unoriginal, but the potential is there.
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ShowGun901  +   394d ago
wow, i was just thinking about this yesterday! LOL, and you could play as other killers too, each with their own kind of target (dex: baddies, not allowed to kill innocents) and their own kill style. it'd be pretty sweet, but i can already see the media going ape-shizzle about an ACTUAL serial killer simulator LOL!

and the option to play as debra, just to make her swear! lol
DrJones  +   394d ago
If Naughty Dog makes it, they'll make it work.
BlackTar187  +   394d ago
I disagree DrJones.

We all know Naughty are amazing but the only way to make an awesome Breaking Bad game imo is to kill everything that makes it Breaking Bad.
WeAreLegion  +   395d ago
Couldn't really see a good Breaking Bad game, as much as I love the show.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   395d ago
I'd imagine something like Heavy Rain but I don't think that would work either.
minimur12  +   394d ago
Now you say that, if heavy rain was a film I couldn't think of a way to make it into a game, but QD did. But still I couldn't imagine a breaking bad QTE game lol
minimur12  +   394d ago
flick down on the touch pad to count the wad of money

DrJones  +   394d ago
Oh come on! Naughty Dog! They'd pull it off.
minimur12  +   394d ago
I am a great fan of ND, but this tv series isn't even gameable, brilliant story but you wouldn't be able to make a game out of it.

DrJones  +   394d ago

Anything can work if you put your mind to it. You are too quick to dismiss the concept. If what you're saying is true, then gaming as a medium is truly limited.
OttoniBastos  +   395d ago
Why sony is not funding this?

Imagine a GTA like sandbox with naughty dog graphics and story quality.

fattyuk  +   395d ago
Nah naughty dog suits more linear type games

And sandbox games whilst are becoming beautiful to look at seem to be harder to actually fill with a storyline and stuff to do! GTA/Infamous springs to mind
Ducky  +   395d ago
... you don't know Jak?
PSVita  +   395d ago
Hyro-San  +   395d ago
As much as I love Naughty Dog and their work, I think Rockstar Games would be a better developer for adapting the Breaking Bad series.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   395d ago
C'mon..I got all gassed up when I saw Naughty Dog in the title. I dont want to read about this. I want info on uncharted!!!!!!!!
Shield  +   395d ago
Done right a Breaking Bad game would be awesome! I want!
BlackTar187  +   394d ago
I don't believe there is anyway to do it right and maintain the respect to the core story and drama that make breaking bad awesome.

What could you possibly do to keep people entertained?

Walter and Jesse aren't Arnold and Stallone. They don't carjack people. They rarely shoot people. Some of the most intense parts of the show imo are 100% pur dialogue and the show is 80% dialogue.
Gore-Content  +   395d ago
Dat talent, yo.
lawgone  +   395d ago
I can see it now: "Achievement Unlocked: Where's my money, bitch?"
lawgone  +   395d ago
Care to explain the disagree there?
mrsid526  +   395d ago
I didn't disagree but if I had to guess it was cause you used achievement instead of trophy. I personally found it funny and gave an agree. Platinum should be "I am the danger!"
Tom_Hedley  +   395d ago
Very good.
goldwyncq  +   395d ago
Now that I think about it, Joel and Ellie's relationship by the end of the game is kinda similar to Walt and Jesse's relationship during the first half of season 5.
ninjagoat  +   395d ago
DeletedAcc  +   395d ago
Best developer making a game of the best series? Man can dream
Hazmat13  +   395d ago
A-ARON? no A-Aron here today?
bryanm  +   395d ago
ab5olut10n  +   394d ago
Hahaha! Funny bubs for you both!
GEO9875  +   395d ago
Never watched breaking bad, is it good?
DannyTanner  +   395d ago
One of the best shows i've ever seen. I actually PAID $2.99 to watch each extra episode via playstation store after netflix ran out of seasons.

I still get to watch 1.5seasons left. Lucky me, haven't seen the end yet. WHOOHOO!
xnesbittx  +   395d ago
Dude Netflix has the entire season 5 now, I just finished the series like 2 weeks ago better get to watching it!
mixelon  +   394d ago
One of the best shows of all time. Makes almost everything else look amateur in comparison.
1nsomniac  +   395d ago
Why would you do this to me!?

Now all I can think of is a Breaking Bad version of 'State of Decay - Breakdown DLC' where instead of being on the run from zombies in an RV, your on the run from the DEA as Walter White & Jessie Pinkman & you have to build meth labs!
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heisenberguk  +   395d ago
DannyTanner  +   395d ago
xnesbittx, yes, I know, that's why Im finally able to catchup. Was waiting and didn't know how long i'd have to wait.
fabiani  +   395d ago
its nothin special.ZBRUSH IS SEXY i use it everyday
BallsEye  +   394d ago
Yep, me too. Seen better models of him already


This looks way better


Yep, it is 3d.
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fabiani  +   392d ago
its all easy lol with the right brushes lol
Noctis  +   395d ago
this site has the most annoying pop up ever
WitWolfy  +   394d ago
WHY TEASE US LIKE THIS!?!?! Man I'd buy this game in a second if ND ever released something like this!!!
Illusive_Man  +   394d ago
He will get laid off for wasting valuable Sony resources for this. I admit it is amazing though.
S2Killinit  +   394d ago
Naughty Dog makes Blue quality drugs… I mean… games.

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