343 Industries To Work With "External Partners" On The Future Of Halo

Here's your enigma for today: 343 Industries is in the market for a software development engineer to help "drive the future of Halo", a process that involves work with "external partners". Another hint, perhaps, that talk of a third-party developed Halo 2 Anniversary reboot is more than talk?

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dirigiblebill1516d ago

Nightmarish thought: they've partnered with Spark Unlimited, Capcom's go-to guy for terrible reboots.

ArbitorChief1516d ago

My guess is Certain Affinity is working on Halo 2 Anniversary and future Halo 5 content (e.g. Forge)

Belasco1516d ago

Well, here's hoping the quality doesn't go all to hell.

1nsaint1513d ago

it already did, the moment 343 stepped in.

Hercules1891516d ago

In a way I'm glad that H2A is possibly coming this year to give more time to make Halo 5 even more amazing, but I also think that people want their first experience on the xbox1 to be a proper next gen game and I don't know if they can make it feel next gen enough especially if theyre just using the same engine from H2 but HCEA looked really amazing.

If they do make it tho, it needs to have the original multiplayer. Even tho I do like all the Halos for different reasons, the population is rapidly decreasing and I'm not sure if that's because of the changes or if its because that Halo is not as relevant as it once was. H2A would become a testing phase to see if it can come close to seeing H2 population and make it a base for Halo 5 but with some minor changes to make it feel fresh at the same time.

PixelNinja1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

inb4 Halo gets its own "Other M"

Certain Affinity are definitely involved with this one way or another.

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