Europe snubs the Xbox One and Titanfall - Why?

Videogamedebate writes:

I reported a few weeks ago that the PS4 was crushing the Wii U and Xbox One and that momentum hasn’t ceased. This being despite the release of Titanfall, coupled with widespread official and non official price drops in the continent. Should Microsoft abandon all hope in Europe?

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Neonridr1239d ago

"If we exclude the UK then sales across Europe are extremely thin"

well we can spin any story if we are selective at what information we use and don't use can't we?

Hatsune-Miku1239d ago

Playstation nation that's why.

TheLyonKing1239d ago

regardless of the situation TF did sell well but not as well as MS hoped.

thrust1239d ago

I do like hatsune posts!

Do not know why but they make me laugh I think he would kill himself if something bad was to happen to Sony.

He likes Sony a lot :)

Nothin wrong with that unless it gets this bad hehe

Maddens Raiders1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

"well we can spin any story if we are selective at what information we use and don't use can't we?"

.... and yet without any spin, the simple mathematics remains the same doesn't it? Go figure.

Eonjay1239d ago

The Xbox One has a hardware lead in zero (0) regions, countries, or territories that it has launched in.

Neonridr1239d ago

@Maddens - what is that, that if we include the UK, then Titanfall and the Xbox One are selling pretty well, but by excluding the largest market in Europe the numbers don't look as good?

While the Xbox One maybe isn't selling very well in the other countries, the extra sales they are getting from the UK can definitely help offset some of the difference. Last time I checked the UK was in Europe.

Septic1239d ago


".... and yet without any spin, the simple mathematics remains the same doesn't it? Go figure."

Well simple mathematics would show that the Xbox One has been outselling the PS4 in the UK for over 4 weeks. Last time I checked, the UK was part of Europe and that the X1 isn't available in all European countries.

Go figure.

Imalwaysright1239d ago

Just because the X1 is selling well in the UK, it doesn't mean that is selling well in other countries of Europe. This isn't about offsetting sales or overall sales but the fact that selling well in one country in Europe doesn't in any way shape or form means that the X1 is selling well in Europe. For that to be true the X1 would have to sell well in the majority of Europe's countries, not just 1.

ajax171239d ago

PlayStation Continent is more like it.

candy_mafia1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )


Hehe yup Hatsune you totally rock!

Bubz up, looks like you need it :)

bigj791239d ago Show
himdeel1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

My thought. Releasing Titanfall on the 360 was an bad move. Until that version is released there is no telling what the final sells will be. For a new IP it's doing well.

Also delaying or having to delay the 360 version does nothing for the overall advertising momentum for Titanfall. Normal folk who don't frequent gaming sites probably don't know it's coming to the 360 and might think it's xbox one only.

Phoenix761239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

@bigj79: Sony is falling apart and they are losing a lot of people. In the past twelve months, so has MS. Don Mattrick, Steve Ballmer etc etc. this happens in business all the time. And why would u want the compition to be wiped out completely? If it wasn't for rivalry, the remaining company would be free to sell you shovel ware all day long because there is no one else to set the bar. Your comments are clearly that of a fanboy troll sadly.

Alsybub1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )


I'm an Xbox One owner but I have to say that it would be bad for gaming, in general, if Sony were to fall apart.

I don't personally take sides, as soon as the PS4 has a game that I really want I'll be at the front of the queue to buy one.

I'm a fan of gaming in general, I don't want any company to monopolise and kill competition and along with it creativity.

Your post is also a bit racist.

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Mr Pumblechook1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I won't reiterate the major factors about why the PS4 is selling much more than the XBOne in Europe. But something else to be mentioned...

The USA is described as 'the Big Country.' A massive land mass with big wide roads so it is perfectly acceptable to have big cars to drive down them. Likewise the XBOne is quintessentially an American console in its design philosophy. It is incased in a massive box and the Kinect camera is very large as well. Whilst it fits in with the 'more is better' mindset of the USA this is totally at odds with European and Japanese culture where the people live in more modest sized homes and have an appreciation for svelte design. Microsoft have actually said that the XBOne large design is partly so it shouts that it is the central device under the TV because they believe it should dominate this space. Whereas the PS4 has been designed to blend in.

Likewise when it comes to game tastes the PlayStation brand with its reputation for experimental games like Journey is a better fit in mainland Europe. The USA loves dude-bro FPS games and action games like Twisted Metal more than any other nation. Look at infamous Second Son -in the USA it was mostly scored 8 and 9s, in the UK and Europe mainly 7s. Then you get a game like Heavy Rain a big hit in Europe but only a fair hit in the USA.

The PS4 is strong games platform and a big part of the reason behind that this is that Sony, a Japanese company, didn't just use Japanese people to plan and develop the PS4 project they used an international team. Mark Cerny designed the console! With a ton of Brits, Americans, Europeans and Asians too. But the Xbox One was put together by a insular group of Microsoft's American staff in Redmond. The console reflects their tastes and their sensibilities and understandably a weakness of it is that there is a disconnect between it and the worldwide audience of gamers.

1239d ago
Mr Pumblechook1239d ago

@Cobra951. Thank you. Definitely not trying to put any system down [well, not in this post!] I'm just talking about some of the cultural differences in tastes.

You are right about the online thing too. Whilst I've travelled around a few western European countries which all have a working internet structure, generally speaking there does seem to be a preference for offline games.

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Why o why1239d ago

Well played lads...people can make criticisms without trolling as well as some can accept criticisms without getting defensive and upset.

In regards to the titanfall sales, guess time will tell but ms are conspicuously quiet which is telling as we've all seen em chest thump when they believe they've reached a milestone. You would of thought the whole of europe would of grabbed a bundle like that..thats what many were banking on anyway

Belasco1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Last I checked, Americans come from all creeds, colors, religions and backgrounds. Or are all Americans just fat,rich,white dudebros? You could easily say MS has the same diversity.

warven1239d ago

Im from sweden and i agree what you say but there are some other things that people dont think about.
American digital/software companies has a very bad reputation in europe right now (ms youtube facebook etc.)
why? beacuse Snowden showed and proved that NSA have been spying on european citizens and its leaders, even nato Allies.
And that american companies sits in the lap of the goverment and collecting data from people.
There have been stories in the media about the kinect spying for the nsa.
I saw a newsclip here in sweden from germany from the ps4/xbox launch and they asked people standing in line why not anyone wanted the xbox and alot of people said "I dont trust that microsoft isn't spying on me". Young europeans today dont trust the us and its companies.
For example, Edward Snowden is a big hero in europe and basically the entire world but in us hes considered a traitor.

Sorry for my bad english learned it from games :).

jnemesh1239d ago

warven...You NEVER have to apologize for speaking a SECOND language! Most of us Americans (myself included) only speak one if you speak English AT ALL, in addition to your native tongue, you need not apologize if your grammar isn't perfect! (it's not bad at all, by the way!)

Why o why1239d ago

Well said jnemesh

@ waven, dude, that was fine and very true.

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Evilsnuggle1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

sense when it is Being out sold by our closest competitor 3 to 1 or even 2 to 1 selling well that's not good . Microsoft is losing market share it once had in the United Kingdom to Sony. You guys and you Spin.
What the hell are you talking about . Last gen 360 won the United Kingdom. 360 is the highest selling game consoles of all times in the U.K. This generation PS4 is out selling xbone 3 to 1 in U.K. . After 360 being the highest selling consoles of U.K history the PS4 launched 1 million in Europe and the xbone sold 100000. Xbone is getting destroyed by PS4 in Europe. The xbone is doing well in the USA. But xbone is not doing well in the United Kingdom or Europe. I know reality can be a hard thing to deal with sometimes. If these sale trends continue the xbone will not be as successful as 360 was in the United Kingdom or Europe. The xbone will continue to sell well in the USA because of Microsoft multiplayer focus.


Please stop the Microsoft P.R SPIN machine. Microsoft is in 7 countries because there's is demand for xbone in those countries. Microsoft has 900000 consoles sitting on selves in the USA and U.K. The could been in all of Europe and Asia . But Microsoft just don't want to because of lower demand in those countries. We all know that xbone is in high supply They could ship that extra supply to any country.

Neonridr1239d ago

over 120k copies of Titanfall sold in the UK in one week isn't too shabby.

I never said that the PS4 wasn't outselling the Xbox One in the UK so please don't put words in my mouth, but you can't deny that Titanfall hasn't helped sell some more XB1's. And it looks to be a healthy amount in the UK (Europe's largest gaming community).

Gunstar751239d ago

Hasn't most of Europe not seen the release of xb1

SugarSoSweet1239d ago

The UK is just ONE country out of several in Europe....

Neonridr1239d ago

actually the United Kingdom is 4 countries - England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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jackanderson19851239d ago

the xbox is in 7 countries in Europe officially, the ps4 is in 18. doesn't matter if they're big or small countries they've shifted units in those countries widening the gap.

not to mention europe (bar the UK) has always been a playstation cluster, sales are consistently better for Sony then MS in regards game consoles so not sure why it's such a shock that it's continued that trend

Flamingweazel1239d ago

So in your bizarro world, size of the country and sales percentage is irrelevant? Those tony territories would make a tiny dent at best weekly, would make zero difference.

jackanderson19851239d ago

not sure where you got that from?

i said PS4 was in 11 more countries than xbox in europe and stated that it doesn't matter what size those are but a single unit shifted there increases the gap on xbox because xbox isn't in those countries.

also went on to say that historically Sony outsells MS in europe

Nekroo911239d ago

xbox is still using in those 7 countries it doeset matter if they launched in 18 because they will lose..

AnteCash1239d ago

You can buy any console in any country in europe even in croatia where im from.

Bobets1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

No need to exclude anything considering PS4 is still ahead even in UK.

As for the topic the answer is easy because Europe doesn't get a hard on every time another FPS is being hyped like U.S does. Only a few shooters Europe really buys into and thats halo and COD.

DJustinUNCHAIND1239d ago

So we are just going to conveniently ignore the fact that the X1 is only 13 territories.


Titanfall has sold over a million copies so far, by the way.