Rocksteady On Batman: Arkham Origins - "They Did A Really Solid Job"

NowGamer: "Rocksteady's Dax Ginn gives his thoughts on the Batman game Rocksteady didn't make, Batman: Arkham Origins."

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NewMonday849d ago

if it was a $40 Arkham City expansion then it would be a great game, but it did not deserve a full $60

TransientDreamer849d ago

Solid is exactly the word I would use to describe Arkham Origins. It gets way too much flak than it deserves.

rdgneoz3849d ago

They deserved the flak for telling people that bought their game, that instead of fixing game breaking bugs they'd rather work on DLC...

SaintAlpha101849d ago

Since the announcement of Arkham Knight, Origins has gotten a lot of hate, but I still think it was a decent addition to the Arkhamverse, nowhere near as good as the previous two, but still good in it's own right.

Arkham Knight is going to be amazing, though.

exnoob849d ago

I personally preferred arkham origins story line, more than I did city...

rodiabloalmeida849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

"They Did A Really Solid Job"


"We can do so much better".

That's what I hope. Origins is not on par with the previous games. And had a sh1t ton of bugs on PC version.

TheEnigma313849d ago

I liked Origins a lot. The gameplay wasn't as good as the previous two, but the story was amazing.

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