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Batman: Arkham Knight - 'Wii U Could Not Meet Gameplay Objectives'

NowGamer: "Rocksteady explains why Batman: Arkham Knight could only work on PS4, Xbox One and PC and is giving Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 a pass." (Batman: Arkham Knight, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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stuna1  +   527d ago
"All these things could only be done on next gen!", will this become the norm!?
CyrusLemont  +   527d ago
It better, otherwise games will just be PS3/360 games with improved visuals.
abzdine  +   527d ago
to me Wii U doesn't need this type of games.
if it released on Wii U and PS3 i would have bought the PS3 version.
Wii U is more a family get together console and does that brilliantly.
Mario Kart 8 for example will outshine Batman all versions combined. I absolutely love Batman games but just to say that the audience and expectations aren't the same.
Chrischi1988  +   527d ago
But you just said it, they will be exactly the same, but with better visuals. Who truly believes, that Wii U is not powerful enough for a Arkham game? It is about money, nothing else, they just want to smear sugar around your mouth.
Trekster_Gamer  +   527d ago
The wii-u is last gen as far as power goes.
AsimLeonheart  +   527d ago
B-b-b-but the Wii U is "technically" next-gen since it comes after the Wii!

Technically does not matters Nintendo fans; graphically matters! Now do you see it how much hardware matters and how much PS4/Xbone are ahead of Wii U when it continues to miss on games one after another?


Sour grapes much? The Wii U needs every game that it can get. Without third party support Nintendo home consoles will always be doomed to a niche status and being just a Mario/Zelda player. Mario and Zelda have lost their charm and we do not see people running out to buy Nintendo home consoles to play them any more. PS4 outsold Wii U lifetime sales in just 3 months without any games and at a higher price which shows the lack of consumer interest in the Wii U. Nintendo needs modern games for their home consoles that appeal to modern gamers. Nintendo and its fans believe we are the best, we do not need to change, we have the most refined tastes in gaming and we have the best games. It is that kind of proud, stubborn and arrogant attitude that is responsible for putting Nintendo and Wii U in the spot they are in right now.
Get with the times, evolve and survive OR remain trapped in the past, lag behind and die.
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abzdine  +   527d ago
i buy Nintendo consoles for first party games, i most of the time don't give a damn about the other stuff.
I bought Wii for Zelda and Mario and i could still play some amazing games on it on top of that.

Wii U is no exception. X, DK, Mario 3D, Zelda, Mario Kart are ALL i need on it. Batman or not, COD or not i don't care i have a PS4 for that.

Chris558  +   527d ago
how can you compare a kart racer to 3d person action game... that is like comparing oranges to a chair does it make sense to you?
Mr_Writer85  +   527d ago

If it was about money why not release a PS3/360 version? That would make them more money.
stragomccloud  +   527d ago
That's actually all this gen is. PS360 with improved visuals.
LOL_WUT  +   527d ago
WiiU is not a next-gen console therefore it can't handle the game ;)
SilentNegotiator  +   527d ago
Once again, like with the barely teased Assassin's Creed ( http://n4g.com/news/1479055... ), here come the Wii U fanboys, pretending to know everything about the game that the developers don't want to gimp for the WiiU.

"Bu-but the game could totally run on Wii U! I know for a fact that it could because [list of games with hardly any gameplay shown yet, plus games like Mario Kart that could have run 1080p on the freaking PS3/x360] can run on Wii U!"
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maniacmayhem  +   527d ago
He still doesn't answer the question of what "technically" is holding a Batman:AK from being put on the WiiU.

Does the WiiU not have enough RAM, CPU, memory, can it not output at a framerate they want, can it not handle huge worlds. Just saying the game has the Batmobile isn't an answer enough.
Knushwood Butt  +   526d ago
I see a trend in the posts here:

Nintendo fan downplays the Batman games.

Nintendo fan then talks up the Nintendo first party franchise sequels.
Flamingweazel  +   527d ago
@ADZ, another blind nintendo fanboy, Batman and many big third party games will dwarf nintendo games this gen, mario kart is just more of the same and wont hold a candle to batman.
Chrischi1988  +   527d ago

We get it, you dont like Nintendo and its games, but to say, that a Arkham game will be so much better, but calling Mario Kart the same, even though Arkham Origins got bad reviews, just because of it being the same as the last ones, it being renewed annually... your statement is pretty fanboyish. You may not like Mario Kart, but it deserves credit for what it achieved. A Batman game is nothing against that caliber.
abzdine  +   527d ago
and you are just blind when i see how u spelled the 3 first letters of my name.

let's get this straight, first i am no fanboy. I love Nintendo as much as i love Sony PlayStation so your opinion falls short.

second, i keep saying that Wii U doesn't need this type of games. Batman Armored Edition has been released with massive enhancements and no one bought it.
Apart from SNES Nintendo consoles have never been about third party, it's always first party games that take the lead.
Wii won the last generation by no battlefield GTA COD or even Batman from Arkham series.

If you were a real gamer you would realize the value Nintendo consoles are having.
Batman Arkham series (the first two at least) are amazing and i can't wait for the new one on PS4 but i don't spit on a console with an amazing potential.

And as said above, Batman can try as hard as he can, he will never match the greatness and caliber of a Mario Kart.
We'll see where Rocksteady will be with this series in 22 years. (Mario Kart is 22 years old and still kicking butt)
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Chris558  +   527d ago
Chrischi you know Arkham origins wasn't made by rocksteady right? Rocksteady can't make a bad game .
jcnba28  +   527d ago
The Arkham franchise is so over-rated, I don't even see what's so appealing about them? All three of the games play the exact same, doing the same objectives over and over. I wonder if Batman wasn't the main character would the game sell half as much.

Are you seriously going to compare a cart racing game to a third-person adventure? lol

Whether you like it or not Wii U has the highest-rated exclusives right now and the rest of the year is looking even better with MK8, Smash, Bayonetta 2, Shovel Knight (on PC as well) and X.
GotHDGame  +   527d ago
Oh, lord. More of the same? Common, have you watched the trailers for Mario Kart 8, there is not a Kart racer out there that has had me so excited. It looks great and fun.

Also the Wii U, is much more capable than PS360, that debate has been over for months. So you are telling me, this game is going to be so freaking amazing, that they are going to squeeze every drop of power out of this gen,and that the Wii U just could not keep up? Doubt it!
DanManDantheMan  +   527d ago
They'll accept whatever you want to believe so long as it means you buy their product.
fonger08  +   527d ago
Right!? It's called money, when developing a game on the PS4 and Xbox1 from the start, it would take some money and time to port it over to the Wii U... It's not like Arkham City or Origins sold well on the Wii U, so why bother porting it over? Saying it's not capable of doing what they want it do on the PS4 and Xbox is obviously true in terms of power, but to say the game can't be done on the Wii U is more than likely false.
herbs  +   527d ago
PS4 and Xbone use X86 architecture (easier but less efficient) Wii U uses PPC architecture (more difficult with much less overhead) that's the reason, end of argument.
kwandar  +   526d ago
herbs nailed it!

They want to stick with legacy x86, and x86 needs LOTS of power to "drive". If they go to PPC, that means a separate set of programming - ports don't often cut it.

Nice if he just said it though!
supes_24  +   527d ago
I hope so. It may take a little while longer for near 100% but it'll soon come. I've been waiting to hear that about games "the PS3/360/wiiu" can't handle the gam and can only be made for next gen.
LiberatedAnimal  +   526d ago
I was under the impression that most people using this site had grown up and the "play station vs. WIIU" drama was over with. Just buy all the consoles so you can play everything. Fanboy-A word used by poor retards who don't have the common sense to buy more than one console.
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BattleN  +   526d ago
Well said, Bubble up to you sir! WiiU for Nintendo games, Xbone for Gears of War 4, PS4 for Sony game's..
scissor_runner  +   526d ago
Really this is over the bat mobile? After needs for speed on the wiiu really?A frigging driving segment when project cars has way better graphics. The crash is coming.
Geobros  +   527d ago
Ouch....thats hurts.
NYC_Gamer  +   527d ago
Wii U is in a tough spot due to the hardware being limited
Eonjay  +   527d ago
It has to play to its strengths. There are some things that it just can't do. But the first and second party developers will be willing to invest the time and money to maximize performance.
linkenski  +   527d ago
Toldya. Everyone has stressed that so much ever since the console's unveiling. It's the Wii all over again except this time it isn't innovative by the same margin.
WiiUsauce  +   527d ago
Yeah unfortunately it is. It sucks I have to buy another box just to play 3rd party games. Freakin' Nintendo, man. Smh
LOL_WUT  +   526d ago
I've been telling you guys this for a while ;)
MasterCornholio  +   526d ago
But isnt it that way with almost all Nintendo consoles?

Like people say Nintendo consoles are usually secondary consoles whose sole purpose is to play excellent Nintendo games.

I dont see why anyone would buy a Wii U to play inferior multiplats.
kwandar  +   526d ago
Limited? Lets get it straight, NYC_Gamer, it is running on newer PPC hardware instead of the "limited" legacy x86 hardware.

The issue is that that software houses would rather develop on X86 as they know it better, and there are more users on that platform.
Eonjay  +   527d ago
I don't think Wii U owners mind too much. Its not like they expect every game to be gimped.

You could get another team to code a last gen version, but that just adds unnecessary costs to a project meant to sport next gen visuals.

I will probably get a Wii U one day, but not as a multiplatform device.
BattleN  +   526d ago
WiiU is exclusively for Nintendo games, so people should stop expecting 3rd party support on it. It's sad but Nintendo is boss at creating fun games!
chrissx  +   527d ago
Sad news for wii u owners. They must be planning to utilize nextgen engine fully,which is great news
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bobacdigital  +   527d ago
Not sad for me if it hits PC!
gronk-bonk  +   527d ago
I see this becoming a trend LOL.
boya3gob94  +   527d ago
It couldnt handle it ... You Nintendo fans have to face facts. The Wii u is a last gen console. The moron Iwata promised the Wii u wont be behind in terms of technology i wonder what he has to say now
Chrischi1988  +   527d ago
Face the facts? Fact is, Batman Arkham Origins sold poorly and was a gimped game, fact is, all devs, who think there is no money with the Wii U, say it is weak, so they dont seem as greedy. Fact is, all businesses are there for the money. Fact is, there is no such thing as next gen games, just better visuals, to a already existing genre. FPS stays FPS, where is the innovation in Killzone for example? Just visuals.
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Hicken  +   527d ago
Fact is: you're a hardcore Nintendo fan who's currently in denial.
CrowbaitBob  +   527d ago
I found the OWL and the way they implemented voice recordings in Killzone to be a couple of examples of innovation that I've personally really enjoyed. I typically don't get into FPS games but Killzone has been loads of fun.
bobacdigital  +   527d ago
Not being powerful enough isn't the be all determination of next gen... If that was the case the x1 shouldn't be classified as next gen since it provides as many upscaled 720 experiences as the Wii U.
AsimLeonheart  +   527d ago
Resolution alone does not determines a console being next-gen. Gran Trurismo 4 on PS2 ran in 1080i but that does not makes it more powerful than the Xbone or Wii U. The amount of computing power makes a console next-gen. Xbone is significantly more powerful than Wii U. Xbone has 8 GB RAM and a 1.3 TF GPU while Wii U has only 2 GB RAM and a 0.35 TF GPU. That makes 4 times more powerful than Wii U. The difference with PS4 is even greater as PS4 is almost 6 times more powerful than Wii U. Being powerful enough to run games being released during the gen is very important. Nobody will waste resources to downgrade a game to fit on a weaker console if it is expected to sell poorly anyway.

fonger08  +   527d ago
It probably could be done though without 1080p, destructible environments, MP, or decent AI (which seriously these next gen developers need to take the next step on). But after all that why bother? It's not going sell well.

I know every situation is different but anytime a developer says we can't do a game within the same generation of consoles, I always think back to when Squaresoft said they couldn't do Final Fantasy VII on the N64 because cartridges couldn't do FMV, and pre-rendered backgrounds... then Capcom goes and puts RE2 on a cartridge... so yeah.
swice  +   527d ago
It's not last gen. As a Nintendo fan, this is the NEXT GEN of Nintendo. So, it's next gen.

You are the one that needs to get off your high-horse, because you don't make the facts.

If devs don't want to take the time to learn how to fully utilize Wii U, then I don't want their game on it anyway. I have a PC for that
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RPG_Lover  +   527d ago
No offense to them but that is horse *()(&^%^^

The graphics on this game should not dictate what systems you can port to. I bet if they wanted to they could port it to mobile.

About the money.
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Tommy_titfer  +   527d ago
It's crazy isn't it that a company wants to see a return on investment.
ChickeyCantor  +   527d ago
It isn't. But blatantly lying to a user base and not doing a good job at hiding it is crazy.
Flutterby  +   526d ago
If it was all about the money why are there no 360 or ps3 versions ?
Aghashie  +   527d ago
It's not about visuals, but hardware limitations overall.

Did u know Mario creator had envisioned Mario riding a dinosaur since the 8bit era? He have to wait until Super Nintendo to make it happen and guive us Yoshi. He explain that was technically imposible to create a multi interface engine for 8bit NES. So, he waited for a more powerful system.

This is a basic example. The same is happening now with Batman. Don't blame developer on this one, they are not responsible for WiiU lack of power.
jetlian  +   527d ago
yea but no that was a bit issue and notice since 1998s dreamcast bits have stopped at 128.

they could scale it back just a matter of time and money. And clearly they dont think its worth it
Aghashie  +   527d ago

When Crysis was released back in 2007 most computers can only run it on low and only a handful computers as high as medium.

Have u seen Crysis runing on a high spec computer these days? The game is still a graphic feast for the eyes.

If u where back in 2007 when this game was released, what would u have done? Would it be ok for you to run it on low settings?

Now, go and compare Crysis PC runing on high settings vs Crysis for console and tell me if any game could be scaled to a lesser hardware. Anyone who played both knows that a lot where lost "in translation", they bear the same title and all, but they are not the same experience.
#8.2.2 (Edited 527d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
jetlian  +   525d ago
lol consoles aka 360/ps3 came out before crysis and it still looks good.

its all about money
Aghashie  +   525d ago
I can only think u never played it on a high spec pc, because is impossible to compare one version to the other.

But it's ok. Guive it a rest. I do respect ur opinion. After all, having different views on a matter is the whole point of opinions. Time will tell if my view on this is wrong. Until then.
Tastyfishpaul1974  +   527d ago
that article gives no reasons as to why it could not work on wiiu or ps360? the only thing ps4 xbone have over wiiu is more gb's???? to me it smacks off "we dont want to optimise the game to run on different architecture" it saves money and time! we know the wiiu can do more as other big developers have said so and confirm it is more then powerful enough! what this now means is rocksteady are going to have to produce something proving this and a game that blows everyone away? as yet NO ps4 or xbone game has blown anyone away!

its the same old story wrapped in a different wrapper to the one EA use!
slivery  +   527d ago
"the only thing ps4 xbone have over wiiu is more gb's"

Much more powerful CPU's, more RAM, much more powerful GPU's. Everything is better, they just don't have more GB's, whatever that even means.

Wii U runs on an IBM 3 core processor, has only 1GB of allocated RAM for games that is DDR3, the only thing good in the Wii U is the GPU really. That is its saving grace.

This has nothing to do with the article really so don't get all butt hurt and rage, I can already see the disagrees now for simply stating an actual fact.
No_Limit  +   527d ago
Dang, I feel sorry for Wii U owners as they just can't catch a break. I might still get one for Mario Kart 8 though but without third party support, it is not looking good for Nintendo in the long run even if they have the best first party games in the business.
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RPG_Lover  +   527d ago
Nintendo is going to be around a lot longer than Microsoft or Sony when it comes to gaming.

Sony and Microsoft are cutting jobs, cancelling games, closing studios and generally are in dissarray.

Even if Nintendo does not have the most third party support (they have tons still, that is a trolling lie, I include indies as support), they are actually growing and generally doing better as a company.

What they did is give an excuse and not really explain why. Lazyness is likely the real reason.

Yes, the Wii U will generally not last long on the market but it is more about lossing the battle, winning the war.
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Aghashie  +   527d ago
Did u mind if I ask you to name some of the third party studios working for the WiiU? And I beg u pardon my ignorance...
DualWielding  +   526d ago
Nintendo only has third party support when it come to the 3DS but the Wii U...... Skylanders, Disney Inifnity, Lego and Just Dance, Scribblenauts that's all the REAL third party support they have (I don't count stuff like Bayonetta or Sonic as third party support as those are specific deals)
swice  +   527d ago
Why? I love my Wii U. Don't feel bad for all of us. Some of us are quite happy.
skydragoonity  +   527d ago
The wii u is in the same gen with the ps3 & xbox 360, so this pretty much will be the norm this new gen
KakashiHotake  +   527d ago
Nintendo put themselves in this position. I'm not going to go on a long rant of all the things they did wrong because by now it should be obvious to everyone. All I have to say is hopefully Nintendo learns from their mistakes and the next console be in better shape.
Perjoss  +   527d ago
I love my WiiU, ZombieU was probably my favourite game of 2012, but I had to trade in my copy of Batman AC, the performance was terrible, either the port was terrible or the machine just couldn't handle that game.
ZainreFang  +   527d ago
They'd be making a Wii U version if it was profitable to make the port.
Beastforlifenoob  +   527d ago
*drooools* well you REALLY brought something to the table here didnt you... Wow your ideas are truly innovative.

marloc_x  +   527d ago
DanManDantheMan  +   527d ago
Of course we all know this is BS. Like the situation with the PS3 and the current one with the Vita ,it's more about the money than about the power. If Wii U was selling as fast as the original Wii, there'd be a Wii U version. It may not be on par will the newer consoles, but there'd be one. It is pretty funny seeing people use this to confirm their bias.

Of course they can't tell you that, they want you to believe their game is teh next-gen
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incendy35  +   527d ago
I have come to grips that the WiiU is a companion console. It is basically just for exclusives. And I am ok with that, as long as the price stays below.
gedden7   527d ago | Spam
AKR  +   527d ago
When I hear of a game like Project Cars, running on Wii U, and seeing other titles like Most Wanted U, Mass Effect 3, Crysis 3 (although it was never shown, it was almost done) - Sonic Lost World, Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, and the big-boy; X ~ excuses like these don't hold much water in my eyes.
jcnba28  +   527d ago
More excuses from developers, not that I care though I buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games and playstation for third parties. Has always been that way for me since the N64 days.
CrowbaitBob  +   527d ago
If this is true then just imagine a Playstation that played Nintendo games. I realize this is heresy, but would it really be so bad?
Father__Merrin  +   527d ago
if Nintendo thinks people only want Nintendo games on their platform then in afraid even their next console will fall flat

gamers want a console for all games, wiiu doesn't provide that, reading users posts it's clear they don't want third party games on wiiu, hence it's befitting that they have no software support imo

lets see what Nintendo e3 direct will bring
FinalomegaS  +   527d ago
i'm part of a lerge multi billion dollar system and I can tell you something that some wouldn't want to hear... Nintendo's own secrecy has gotten the better of them, if they reached out to the gaming society they would of gotten feedback from the bulk on what is required for "next gen".

i have a friend that is an indie dev and he's says that nintendo is great to work with but doesn't understand the system specs. He went to japane 2 weeks ago to show his game off and he even asked the question on the specs... no answer.

I personally think they kept the specs a secret because they didn't want the info on their gamepad being leaked to the competitors..

i know nintendo is looking out for #1, them self and that's fine but consumers have always bought 3rd party stuff also so the platform might only have been the ideals of one mans dream or a few men.

You are right, boy is E3 going to be interesting.
Father__Merrin  +   527d ago
Merrin hates to come across as a Nintendo hater but im not.

i absolutely remember the snes days oh man they were awesome, starfox - axeley - super aleste - donkey kong - mario 4 - PROBOTECTOR(contra 3)

it was just class, it had everything on it but its all gone down hill
FinalomegaS  +   526d ago

sometimes the mighty needs to fall a bit to to have their face close to the ground so they can see better.
Crillvirus81  +   527d ago
Please they could make this for mobile if they wanted its a money thing cause wii u could run a lower res version like ac4 wii u did etc ..
CrowbaitBob  +   527d ago
If this were about money it'd be on 360/PS3, there's absolutely no way to deny that.

Simply ditching a WiiU version could be a reaction to low sales expectations, but that doesn't hold up if the game is going to be limited to PS4/Xbox One/PC.

If Nintendo had shown up in 2012 with a competent piece of hardware we might be seeing greater third party support. Unfortunately Nintendo's faithful have made it abundantly clear that Nintendo can't possibly create high quality games on competent hardware, which is why it's so necessary for Nintendo to push subpar tech.

It's strange, however, that this belief that inferior tech equals superior gameplay only came about when the Wii was launched. Prior to that Nintendo was making amazing games on consoles that were technically superior to, or on par with, their competitors. I really miss the Nintendo that I grew up with. I kind of feel like the death of Sega has made them soft.
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Dunban67  +   527d ago
If Nintendo was 1/10th as confident in the Wii U as many of the Nintendo supporters on these message boards, then they would step up and share some of the risk with proven developers and proven brands like Rocksteady and Batman. But Nintendo has not done that- So if the creator and owner of the console won t back the Wii U re 3rd party games then why should a 3rd party dev take the risk?

I only only a Wii U- I believed Iwata when he said they would do better re 3rd parties this generation - but I learned the hard way that Nintendo execs are not sincere or particularly honest when it comes to their communications w their customers and the market they sell to-
I def wish we would get games like the latest Batman but I can understand why 3rd party devs avoid the Wii U
stragomccloud  +   527d ago
Read: We didn't want to take the time to learn to program a different architecture.
slivery  +   527d ago
Yep, that 20+ year old PowerPC architecture, which is what the Wii U's IBM CPU uses. Yea, I am so sure they couldn't take the time to learn something that is so widely used and has been for years now.

Makes sense.
stragomccloud  +   527d ago
20 years is still newer than the 40+ year old x86 architecture. That said just because something is the same basic architecture, doesn't mean that it's programmed the same way.

Wii U's custom PowerPC architecture is extremely capable and efficient, but like the Cell processor(Though not as bad), developers really gotta' learn the beast to take advantage of it.
#23.2 (Edited 527d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CrowbaitBob  +   526d ago
Sony finally learned their lesson about building a console that is developer friendly. Maybe Nintendo will learn the same lesson eventually.

Do Nintendo's hardcore loyalists really believe that it would be impossible for Nintendo to produce quality games on hardware that is easy for third party devs to support?

WiiU's architecture is only as capable as the games that actually make use of it. Just like the PS3 you mentioned, what's the point of keeping tons of performance locked behind a massive development learning curve?

Blame lazy devs all day long, but no amount of finger pointing is going to produce a library of enjoyable games. Nintendo needs to stop pretending they are king of the gaming world and come back down to reality.
JunMei  +   522d ago
Actually, it's not very difficult to program for. It's just different. But most developers are sooooo lazy, they just want to dump code on the Wii U. It just happens to be so efficient, that even when a code dump is performed, it doesn't take much tweaking to make the thing run. That said, 3rd party developers need to start actually writing code for the Wii U's hardware. Last gen the 360 and PS3 could run similarly looking games even though they were using vastly different architecture, which was by the way, all IBM power PC architecture. Just because a a device isn't using exactly the same architecture as the competition, does not give developers the right to be lazy.

This is disgusting.

Anyway, it's too bad Sony and Microsoft when really cheap this gen with mobile APUs instead of actual custom gaming hardware.
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truechainz  +   527d ago
Yeah well the wii u will not be getting much 3rd party at all anymore. tbh I doubt each case is a matter of the wii u can't handle it but rather devs aren't going to invest time to make a good game on it because that isn't how devs work anymore. I personally am pretty burnt out on the batman and assassin's creed series and won't be getting them for PS4/X1 but there are still going to be a couple new 3rd party series that will come out and not be on wii u that I will like.

Things like this are old news. Nintendo needs to keep embracing indies and start acquiring a couple studios with real vision so they can get more games out because the AAA 3rd party scene clearly is not embracing them and (with the exception of a few) are mostly lacking in inspiration anyways. If Nintendo gives some indie and lesser studios the resources to expand and even some room to work with their IP's or some new ones then they could really become a place for exclusive creative content. But honestly whatever happens happens and it is not worth getting bent out of shape about.
#24 (Edited 527d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
AlexFili  +   527d ago
If it was just about money then there would be a 360 version, but there isn't. The time is almost upon us where developers say farewell to last gen.
Reeze  +   527d ago
Reading these comments makes me very sad.

Nintendo does not need to turn into another PlayStation clone. I like Nintendo because it is unique.

Yes, I would like more third party games, but that is up to the developers. The Wii U is not underpowered, especially at this point in the generation. Saying it can't run a game that is barely 8th gen is ridiculous.

Its architecture is different, and it does not make sense financially to put the game on the Wii U. It's that simple.

It's not about hardware... It's about money. And even if it were about hardware, I would not want Nintendo to conform and become another identical third-party gaming machine.
Flutterby  +   526d ago
Yup all a out the money that's why they are making the ps3 and 360 versions with the massive install bases .........oh wait they aren't making versions for the ps3 or 360 so I guess it isn't about the money then , assumptions averted.
Reeze  +   526d ago
I said the architecture is different for the Wii U. It would not make since financially to put the game on the Wii U because it is completely different than the PS10,000,000 and the XboxNegativeOne.

Maybe PS360 aren't capable of running the game, but that in no way means the Wii U can't.

Go back to your cave and come out when you have something intelligent to say.
+1 trolling.
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slivery  +   527d ago | Intelligent
I am sorry but the excuses people make for weaker hardware are absolutely ridiculous, I own a Wii U and guess what I can live with that fact knowing it is the least powerful system out of all the three right now. I also understand that it's going to cause some problems as far a multiplats are concerned. Whether you like it or not this is going to happen more often because developers will utilize the PS4/Xbox One more simply because of their sales and also because of their flexibility.

As much as you may hate these companies and yes some do just make up excuses also, some really cannot afford to make games for the PS4/Xbox One then go back and make a completely different version for the Wii U because of its hardware differences. The Wii U is closer to the PS3/360 in terms of hardware than it is PS4/Xbox One obviously, so it is really no wonder games you won't see on PS3/360 most likely won't be on Wii U either.

If you seriously think the Wii U is in the same league as the PS4/Xbox One you are really are delusional. I am not discrediting its games or how they look but you people make them out to be something they simply are not.

Lets face it, all Wii U fans will use the same excuses as always as every fan does when they are at a disadvantage, just like Xbox fans are now.. The architecture is different, I don't need third party games as I bought the Wii U for first party titles. What utter nonsense that is.

That second part kills me, such a seflish way of thinking. What about people who do want some better third party games on Wii U? What about the people who do only own a Wii U and would actually like to play something other than first party titles? Oh that is right you people could give a shit about them as long as you're happy right? Even if your way of thinking is actually hurting the system you claim to love?

More games on the Wii U would help bottom line, so I never understood anyone saying that, that applies for any gaming system. Did you see some of the top selling games on PS4/Xbox that never made it to the Wii U.. Guess what most of them were third party games.. Not first party. So how can you act like third party developers do not help sell systems also?

I also am completely dumb founded by the architecture argument... There is nothing new about the Wii U's architecture at all and I not trying to be mean, again just the facts. So apparently according to many Nintendo fans, developers have never worked with PowerPC before, something that has been around for over 20 years now?

How ridiculous does that look? It proves most of you literally have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to the technical side, which is fine, but don't act like you do because PowerPC is far from new architecture, nor is using DDR3 RAM.

It is as simple as the hardware differences are just too vast for some developers to want to put the time into it, when they can save those resources by putting their games on hardware that leaves them with less bottlenecks, less work, saving them more money.

You're right it may be all just about money in the scheme of it but the fact still stands the Wii U's lack of power plays a part in them making those decisions, if that was not the case, they would also be wasting the resources for PS3/360 versions also. To act like this game would run anywhere near the same as it would on PS4 or Xbox One is again ridiculous..
slivery  +   527d ago
Not saying the Wii U is underneath the PS3/360 but again anyone with a brain knowing the hardware, knows all it has is a newer GPU and literally only about 512MB more RAM than a PS3 would have. So why do people try to make the Wii U out to be something it isn't?

You guys always use the same games as an excuse also but in all honesty these games are not graphically demanding in the way you claim. They look great for the Wii U but you can't tell me games like SM3DW, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2 or X could not run on the 360 or PS3 with a few tweaks. Your same argument applies is the problem, you guys always argue it's just developers being lazy, then clearly these same games could run on those older systems also with a few cutbacks.

Oh no! We can't talk about Nintendo games running on other systems.. It is dark taboo!

Did I miss something? Did the PS3 and 360 games all look like ass compared to the Wii U? No they don't.. There are tons of games on those systems that are very much comparable to all of the Wii U's new games because as I said the Wii U is only a bit more powerful than those two systems to begin with. So it basically very simply math.

As you may say you didn't buy the system for third parties or you constantly just blaming developers instead. I will just say, I never bought the system for power. I understand it isn't as powerful and I am perfectly fine with my Wii U knowing that but its these constant excuses and blatant lies that drive me insane especially when Nintendo fans were the complete opposite during the Wii era..

Anytime you brought up power, they dismissed the idea that power never mattered, good games do, but now they have a more powerful system that puts out HD games finally... Now look how cocky they have all gotten, no better than any other of the stupid fans.
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Klad  +   526d ago
No developer has taken FULL advantage of the Wii U's power yet. Not even Nintendo them selves. So none of us really know what the wii U is acually capable of yet. Most developers have only had to use one of the Wii U's cores & haven't fully utilised the GPGPU yet.

It is down to the Wii U's slow sales as to why Big third party developers are not making games for the Wii U. The gaming industry is in a bad state right now & right now, the Wii U is a BIG risk that they cannot afford to take. It is down to Nintendo to change that.
stragomccloud  +   527d ago
As far as sales are concerned. Their are still more Wii Us out in the wild than Xbones, and not that many more PS4s. Just saying.

Also, you clearly have no understanding of architecture.
Dunban67  +   526d ago
Stragmocloud- you can look on VG Chartz and see that the common games released on PS4, XB1 and Wii U sold much better on the PS 4 and XB1.

Look at AC4. That is a good example- Wii undid not come close in sales of AC 4

I only own a Wii u and am not happy that I have to miss out on most good 3 rd party games - it is solely one Nintendo that this is happening too- If it was not or Ubisoft nd Warner We would have had virtually zero 3 rd party support - now that those 2 are probably walking away Ill be waiting on the 3 or 4 Nintendo games they release a year ( and hope that I like them).
stragomccloud  +   526d ago
You're right. A fine example. Because Ubisoft had announced from the beginning that Wii U would not be getting any DLC.

What incentive do Wii U owners have to purchase games when publishers sell incomplete or half assed games, most of which will not be remotely supported.
pcz  +   527d ago
another nail in wiiu's nail riddled coffin

*waits for nintendo fans to say ''yeah but...''
DanManDantheMan  +   526d ago
That's one long coffin.
PsychOff  +   527d ago
If it were about money there would also be a Xbox 360 and PS3 version at least, no?
josephayal  +   527d ago
the wii u is a powerful, powerful machine
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