PS4 Emulation of PS2/PS1 "From Amazing 1080p to Buggy Single FPS;" Disk Plans Unknown - Insider

Two days ago industry insider Ahsan "Thuway" Rasheed ousted Sony's work in implementing PS2 and PS1 emulation on PS4, and today he provided more information about its performance on Twitter.

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Relientk771522d ago

Bring on the PS1 and PS2 games

UltimateMaster1521d ago

Just don't take too much time.
I don't want it to take 3 years.

Sly-Lupin1521d ago

Damn straight.

Here's hoping it works as well as PCSX2 so Sony can start putting up some of the big, classic RPGs on the PSN. Dragon Quest. Final Fantasy. Dot Hack GU. Xenosaga. Wild Arms. Suokoden. Shadow Hearts. Etc., etc.

No_Limit1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

No offense Dualshockers, but you guys need to stop posting Thuway Unknown – Insiders rumors every change you get. You posted a similar article yesterday about PS1/PS2 1080p on PS4 and I don't think this one adds anything new to what was already put out.

WitWolfy1522d ago

Just what I was about to say...

Abriael1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

It actually adds a lot more detail about the emulation's performance and Sony's intentions with it. And why it hasn't been released/announced yet.

I don't report what he says at every chance, mind you, but only when he specifies that it's information he received.

There are others that try to post his opinions as news, but that's not me :D

It's information, and information is relevant. If you don't like info, no one forces you to read.

Madderz1522d ago

I for one, found it news worthy and helpful.

The whole performance issues could be why they have said "selected" PS1/PS2 titles.

Maybe some are too much hard work or not cost effective to bring to the market. So they will choose the ones they can get to run the best.

Be a shame if a real classic was unable to be emulated correctly/efficiently and we had to miss it on PS4.

Abriael1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

@Madderz: they'll probably solve performance issues gradually. That's the natural evolution of all emulators. They start buggy and with only a few titles supported, and then they'll work their way through the catalogue until they become perfect.

Advanced PS1 and PS2 PC emulators that work well with almost every game exist, and they run very well on PCS with similar performance as the PS3, so there's a good chance that the PS4 will get there as well.

SegaSaturn6691522d ago

No, it isn't. You need to peddle your crap somewhere else.

sephiroth4201522d ago

Abriael there was no information at all there, nothing worth even mentioning as the guy was just saying what anyone would be thinking on this matter. Also i believe this comment is a joke "Sony doesn’t want to ship a half baked product with people complaining about inaccurate features" did they not release the ps4 with inaccurate features, they could've dragged the ps3 out a bit longer so they could've made a more beefy console.

Madderz1522d ago


Yeah, i've been following the ppsspp emulator for a little while now and that started out really really buggy, but its slowly getting there. It takes lots of testing and feedback from users. I imagine Sony will obviously do in house testing etc as appose to having public testers.

@Everyone else

Whats with all the hate, some of the info was repeated but there is new info on stability, res and fps. I wasn't aware before this article and i think it adds to the previous one quite well.

memots1521d ago

Don't Worry "No_Limit" is just mad because its not a news about Titanfall.

ITPython1521d ago

No_Limit just complains about dualshockers because they generally offer up a lot of positive PS4 news.

ShiranaiJittai1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

@ Abriael Comment #2.2

So then update the EXISTING article no reason to make a new one if it is the same information that is simply expanded upon.

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DeadRabbits1522d ago

It was these Rumours that outted M$ anti consumer/gamer policies. Let the people digest these "rumours" as they see fit!

Joe9131522d ago

It says this info is in addition to the info you got a day or two ago not a rehash of info just a lil addition.

Akuma071521d ago

Industry 'insiders' have been the source of countless leaks which turned out to be true.

Microsoft's DRM policies were outed by an insider.

Developers don't really provide us with much information, so industry insiders are becoming more and more popular, and proving to be good sources of unofficial information.

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ArbitorChief1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


ArbitorChief1522d ago

Sony... Give me 007 NightFire emulated with online MP and I'll give you all my money.

LexHazard791522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Man I loved me some 007 Nightfire back in the day! Had it on original Xbox!

OT- Can't wait to play some of the PS1 PS2 classics again!

WeAreLegion1522d ago

Oh God, yes. Agent Under Fire, too. The Q-Claw hasn't been done in multiplayer since.

sephiroth4201522d ago

I hope its like the pcsx2, that makes ps2 games look absolutely beautiful on my pc, some better than ps3 games at points, Grandia 3 and FF12 are pretty good examples, oh and of course budokai tenkaichi 3, if the ps4 doesnt do something similar with its emulation of these games like (AA, FXAA and whatever else is there, cant remember exactly what i have on and upscalled to 1080P) then you may aswell just get the emu on the pc. serious piss take though, you should just be able to play any previous playstation title on the ps4.

moujahed1522d ago

Seeing as how the PS4 is basically a high end Linux computer I wouldn't doubt them taking note from PC emulation.

DawnOfDon1522d ago

The PS4 is by no means a "High-end" PC

moujahed1521d ago

@DawnOfDon!?! Listen, ofcourse you cant compare it to a 2-3 thousand dollar PC rig... yet that little Hp you have at school is on the same par... Why?? So many times I will play a game and jump back and forth to a webpage with a youtube video showing me how to collect trophies. I did this with tomb raider, normally i would use my phone or laptop but I stayed on my PS4... now if this system is capable of processing the video game, youtube video and my music then I think it's on par with a high end PC.

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