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Games we’d like to see as MMO’s

GameKeysNow takes a look at some of the games we’d like to see made into massively multiplayer online games (Borderlands, Burnout Paradise, Dark Souls 2, Fallout 3, Half-Life 2, Halo, PC, Pokemon X and Y, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Tetsujin  +   120d ago
I swear "if" they ever made a GOOD Fallout MMO whatever social life I had would be gone completely.

A fighting MMO would also be welcomed, as well as Xenogears.
incendy35  +   120d ago
How bout a Jade Empire fighting MMO?
Matt666  +   120d ago
Not fallout I think it would ruin it, at most it should be 4 player co-op online where it gets harder the more people you have and not half-life either the half-life death match is good enough
ArbitorChief  +   120d ago
A Pokemon MMO with virtual reality support... Mother of god.
Julion0715  +   120d ago
Yea a Pokemon game that let's you explore dungeons, and caves with the controller but when ur about to battle you should be able to use the controller or kinect to tell the Pokemon when to attack, dodge, etc, also should be a training mode that would be epic for the game/kinect. What you think?
NiteX  +   120d ago
MS with Pokemon, that made me giggle.
Jaunty  +   119d ago
Half-Life.....? HELL NO

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