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‘BioShock Infinite – Burial at Sea: Episode 2′ Ending Explained

Game Rant breaks down the ending to BioShock Infinite's Burial at Sea: Episode 2 DLC. (BioShock Infinite - Burial At Sea, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

ziggurcat  +   560d ago
i really need to fire up my xbox, and play this DLC since i bought the season pass...
-Foxtrot  +   560d ago
The ending was so sad







I can't believe she's gone, both of them. They were great characters and the whole "Infinite" universe concept felt like you would see Elizabeth pop up in different games.

I feel like during the development of the DLC they knew the studio was closing down and decided to tie Infinite into Bioshock 1 and 2 instead of expanding on it.

It's why at the end you see that because of Elizabeth's sacrifice she set in a chain of events which would set Sally and the rest of the Little Sisters free thanks to Jack and end the City of violence theme that keeps happening.

One thing I don't understand though...the end of the Infinite you saw a brief scene of Booker, at his home, with Anna crying in her bedroom. Did one Booker survive, did he survive and his memory was wiped. I guess that scene was going to be expanded on in the DLC but with the studio closing down they most likely wanted to tie up loose ends.

I do wish Jack had a bigger role in the DLC....imagine if it set up another game featuring Jack. That would be amazing.
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