Press Start to Dark Knight - AusGamers Previews Batman: Arkham Knight

At this year's GDC, Warner Bros Interactive and Rocksteady held a hands-off session for the very recently-announced Batman: Arkham Knight, and AusGamers who was in attendance writes:

"The pre-alpha demo was played live on a PC by way of PS4 controller. Dax confirmed the PC was running on hardware that was comparable to new-gen console hardware, which is refreshing for a few key reasons. First and foremost, it means Rocksteady isn’t misrepresenting how Arkham Knight will look on consoles. Second, Arkham Knight looks absolutely breathtaking in its seamless vision of a fully realised open-world Gotham City that’s reportedly 20 times larger than the hardly small game world of Arkham Asylum. Third, and most importantly for our PC readers, it means Arkham Knight has the potential to look even better on a NASA-certified Crysis-slaying rig. It’s worth noting that there were some visual oddities at play: jerky frame-rate, rare pop-in and a couple of instances of a loading logo (the latter being something Rocksteady wants to avoid in Arkham Knight)."

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