Oculus and Facebook: On which side of the Rift are you?

Much has been written about the Facebook Oculus buyout. But the fact is no one really knows if this is a good or bad think. Its all speculation and getting upset about it now helps no one.

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HanCilliers1361d ago

IMO - Kickstarter supporters can feel bad about this, but supporting a project doesn't equal you owning it.

From a gaming pov, I am concerned, giving Facebook's legacy.

jujubee881361d ago

People should know what they investing in before anything.

Choc_Salties1361d ago

No it doesn't, but it's still a case of being rather concerned in which direction the project you supported is going, that would make me a bit upset too...

dcj05241361d ago

I'm on VR's side. And if that means facebook funding Oculus to accelerate development then so be it.