Games Under Pressure Review: inFamous Second Son (PS4)

Does inFamous Second Son use the PS4's power for good or evil?

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Shad0wRunner1522d ago

Decent review.

Although, I'd like to see that 8.6 jump to a solid 9.

It's not a perfect game, by any means...which is why I wouldnt give it a perfect 10. I just consider this "practice" on the PS4, as they get the experience laid out, for the sequel. If 2nd Son is this great...imagine what the sequel is gonna be like. *Mind = BLOWN*

So far, 2nd Son stands at the top rated game as being my #1 favorite on PS4...until something else comes out, that trumps it.


sAVAge_bEaST1522d ago

Totally agree. solid 9- all day every day.

5up3r 5oL1d.. like concrete.

sonarus1521d ago

The game is not perfect and not without its flaws but still remains very fun to play. Extremely fun to play. The powers available make city traversal very fun and that is ok. Review scores don't matter.

NeoTribe1522d ago

Enough of this 8.6 crap. Either 8.5 or 9

cheetah1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Yeah so true. How can you be so precise to award 0.1? lol.

Alucardx031522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

It's not a matter of being so precise, it's just what I feel the game deserved, in my humble opinion. Personally, an 8.5 seemed too low (though close to what I felt), and a 9 seemed too high. I don't want to short change the game, but I don't want to overscore it either.

If I start rounding up or down (when our review system is 10-point scale), that wouldn't be accurately describing how I feel. You know what i mean? Not trying to split hairs with a .1, but I think it's important to choose a scale and stick to it.

cheetah1522d ago

I see your point. To be honest, I actually commented before reading the review.

Good review and seems pretty fair. I have to go back and look at gtav now and see if it has the same impact as it did 6 months ago.

ps360s1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

good review and 8.6 I what I would have giving it too

ps360s1515d ago

:)don't know why the disagree but Guess someone is a total die hard fan and thinks it's a perfect 10

Exies71522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Infamous was great. I definitely WANTED to play the evil side after 100 percent good, but it definitely was a bit over hyped.

City could have been better, and there could have been more content. But overall, pretty happy with the experience. Probably a 7/10 for me, which is a great game.

I definitely liked Delsin a lot more than I thought. The conversations between him and the billboard woman cracked me up.

avenger.avrs1522d ago

Fun game! First game I got a platinum trophy on

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