This Unsolved Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Goes Deep, Battlefield Yeti Discovered

MP1st - The Battlefield 4 community is getting deep into a seemingly unsolvable easter egg related to the recently launched Naval Strike DLC, and possibly the mysterious Phantom Trainee assignment.

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Themba761523d ago

I still can't believe no one has solved this yet this is getting ridiculous now

KyRo1523d ago

The expansion has just been released? The phantom prospect weren't solved in a day either and this one is a lot deeper. Unless you're getting confused with the last Easter egg?

Themba761522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

ppl were trying to solve this since march 9th according to battlelog post.


KyRo1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Edit: double post, my bad.

DOMination-1522d ago

If only dice spent as much time fixing their game as they did to adding pointless easter eggs then maybe more people would actually give a shit

Clown_Syndr0me1523d ago

Watched the videos, didn't see a yeti...just a guy firing a rocket at a mountain?

TotalSynthesisX1523d ago

After he fires the rocket, turn up the volume and listen closely.

Clown_Syndr0me1523d ago

Ooh, my computer was on mute!

Dirtnapstor1523d ago

Dino mode please please please!

OutcastMosquito1523d ago

From what I saw in jack frags video, dice may be hinting that the upcoming dlc packs may be set in WWII. Or at least I hope so...

r3f1cul1522d ago

i would just be happy if i didnt have to wait over 2 weeks from the original release date as a premium member because dice cant get their shit together on such a promising game that they keep dropping the ball on time and time again.... sorry had a lot of disappointment building up had to vent :(