Final Fantasy XV – Omnis Lacrima Music Track Now Available

While there is no ETA yet for this new part of the FF series, Square Enix has officially released the music track that was featured in the E3 trailer (track is available on YT but will also be available on Square Enix Stores worldwide soon).

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Snookies121486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Such a wonderful track... Really sets a great tone for this game. Always love Yoko's work, she's amazing with musical scores. To me, she's the female Nobuo, and sometimes manages to rival even his works.

KingKelloggTheWH1486d ago

Yoko is such a good composer, her and Uematsu are the best.

JetP06191486d ago

shes the female version of nobuo

Eamon1486d ago

Love this track. Can't wait for the full game though.

Chrono1486d ago

I hope they confirm the release date/window on E3.

Sigh1486d ago

agreed. Hope to see some new gameplay too @ E3

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