Ryse’s Advanced Graphics Tech Explained; How it Became a “Visual showcase” for Xbox One

When CryTek was tasked with creating visually stunning game for the Xbox One, they found themselves with a problem to solve: how to create an experience that would show off the graphical fidelity of the console on a weaker hardware than their usual PC target?

The technology and solutions they used was explained in depth during a panel at the Games Developers Conference titled “Moving to the Next Generation – The Rendering Technology of Ryse“, hosted by Senior Rendering Engineer Nicolas Schulz.

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lifeisgamesok1549d ago

I knew Ryse had some form of raytracing the way lighting reflects so realistically

Those are the best facial animations I've ever seen in a game

Ryse is a good purchase too... Don't let haters cloud your judgment it has unbelievable graphics, a good story and good gameplay

Ryse 2: Knights of England. I can't wait

Alan_Shore1549d ago

It is a beautiful game.

I hope if there is a sequel that they give more weapon choices and maybe different types of levels horses charriots ect.

The storyline is decent heres to me hoping for a sequel

BX811549d ago

It is beautiful. I really enjoyed it. It could use some tweeks but I'm with you on waiting for the sequel.

deadfrag1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

And the gameplay was average and the game run like crap hitting framerates of 10fps!What a technical marvel..more like, what a technical joke,Crytek!

OpieWinston1549d ago

Did you play the game? Why do I doubt you did.

Gameplay was average? Yeah it was like any other Hack & Slash game...So if you're going to call it average...Might as well start bashing on the whole genre.

Game ran like crap? I think my game only hit 10 FPS when I was in the Siege mission. Other than that I found no problems with frame rate through the whole run through and multiplayer. Stable 20-30 FPS.... That's all a game like that needed.

Technical joke? Crytek did what they do best at...Creating beautiful looking experiences.

Haters gonna hate.

cubcake1549d ago

Deadfrag, go home, you're drunk.

assdan1549d ago

The game was technically very impressive, but was hampered down by sub-par hardware.

ScottyHoss1549d ago

@assdan I strongly agree with your comment, Ryse is a technical marvel and the fact that it looks so good on a console with relatively weak graphics capability is remarkable. Its a shame that its an exclusive, as it would look and play excellent on a good PC. Unfortunately optimizing make a complete masterpiece into just a masterpiece.

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Magicite1549d ago

Its true, it is a “Visual showcase” and that is pretty much all about this game.

Automatic791549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@ Lifeisgamesok

I agree RYSE is an awesome game the story, hack and slash elements, the matrix style/300(movie style)brutal attack was well executed made you feel like a Spartan. Can't wait for Crytek to work on a sequel.

Note: MS don't give up on this franchise has a lot of potential.

Bigpappy1549d ago

I still play this game in solo Gladiator. Very challenging. Very beautiful. Very brutal.

christocolus1549d ago


Imagine how good the sequel will look and play with dx12 and todd papy working his magic.

TheSaint1549d ago

The gameplay is sub standard at best, the AI is shockingly bad.

This is just a glorified tech demo, not saying it isn't impressive in places but it's just a showcase game.

jetlian1549d ago

you haven't played it! ive seen reviews claim the combat is like AC!!! lol

this game ai even on normal attacks your back all day unlike AC. All it needs is a few styles and more free form moves

TheSaint1548d ago

@jetlian is that what you fanboys say to anyone that has something negative to say about any Xbox game? You whine about not having played it?

Well I'm here to shatter your delusion as I own both consoles and have played, completed and returned Ryse.

It's too easy and the AI is bad. Maybe you could cry some more about me not having played it to try to make yourself feel better about yourself.

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GearSkiN1549d ago

i do agree it was a good lookin game, but the game play got old plus it was short, ill prob but it again down the road just to collect it.

Raider691549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Framerate sucks,gameplay sucks frankly i have played and didnt like it.It can look good in some parts,but runs so badly and the gameplay is so boring that i dont recomend this game.I dont find admissible that after buying a new console like the Xboxone;new hardware for the price its selling i still have to play games that cant atleast run at 30fps lock!

donnieboy1549d ago

You obviously don't have a Xbox One...

GW2121549d ago

I do have an xbox one. Ryse is bloody horrible. The graphics aren't even as good as some xbox fanboys would like to believe. Infamous crushes it (yes I have that game too).

I can't see myself playing it again with Titanfall out and other more impressive titles on the horizon. Quantum. Break, Halo and other exclusives come to mind.

Prime1571549d ago

Ryse was OK to me. I don't actually own an X1, but there's one in my family room owned by my roomates. Ryse is a small, short game, that I really liked the plot on. Not that the plot or the characters are incredibly new, but it was done very well; thus, Ryse is ok, but worth owning if you have an X1.

Also, Crytek is good at making things visually appealing.

Now, slightly off topic, what's funny about this article's comment section is that there aren't a million PS4 trolls pointing out the absurd amount of xbox fanboyism going on. Raider69 is the first of the (percievibly) ps4 trolls.

SHERIOUSHLY, if this is "PSN4G" where are all the normal ps trolls hating as much as KZ and Infamous get from xbox trolls?

No really, there's more love on Ryse articles than KZ/Infamous articles. I hate that my comment here will get downvoted, but I'm just pointing out to everyone that WE'RE ALL FANBOYS AT TIMES.

God, why do I post only when I'm drunk?

thezeldadoth1549d ago

the rage, the high blood pressure. Can't just read an article about technical aspects of a game, you have to descend into ape like shit slinging

Boody-Bandit1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

This game gets WAY TOO much praise for a game using the most simplistic combat engine I have played since the original PS1 and N64.

The story was decent, voice acting good, didn't care for the ending and overall I thought it was a mediocre game at best and I'm being kind.

It was linear, had poor frame rates, lacked enemy variety and the Marius moved like a tank.

So this is a really bad game to be touting as a graphical marvel considering how basic the game was from top to bottom (scope, depth, variation, length and content) and overall below average performance.

If RYSE had the game engine depth of a Ninja Gaiden (as an example)? Than I would be all in joining the praise of the graphics. RYSE was more like a tech demo than an actual game. It could've used another 6 months to a year of polish.

Now if Crytek was to make a sequel and add to the combat engine while smoothing out the performance? They stand a good chance of having a hit on their hands.

FYI, I've played it from start to finish and I love hack and slash games.
XBL - BoodyBandit

jetlian1549d ago

And yet it looks better than knack which is also very simple. Every game isnt gonna be NG.

It has around 100 executions and around average length with all the staples of modern day gaming. frame rates werent bad and enemies variety was normal. and he wasnt a tank.

linear like what NG, gow, bayo, dmc yea ok lol

guyman1549d ago

The only reason why you're getting disagrees is because fanboy's refuse to accept the truth. However, i don't believe it's bad because of it's linearity, some of the best games of last gen were mostly linear, and i personally prefer linear games to open world one's... not supporting Ryse because there's nothing really good about it besides its graphics and MAYBE the story but that's it.

Trekster_Gamer1549d ago

Spoken like a true pathetic troll. You are so full of sheet your eyes are brown.

Go troll elsewhere and stfu!

ramiuk11549d ago

a game dropping below 30fps is not acceptable.
the reason i dint buiy thief on ps4 was because they was lazy and didnt deserve my money with bad coding,but i assume the xbone games struggle is because of the bone,not the devs.

dead rising had similar issues.
oh and to the person way above.
20-30 fps isnt stable lol

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Bill_Willson_CIA1549d ago

"How it became a visual showcase for xbox one?"

It's simple,sacrifice the framerate.

Alan_Shore1549d ago

Got a ton better after patches

NeoTribe1549d ago

Game ran bad. Played bad also.

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