The Possibility Of Frozen In Kingdom Hearts 3

The popular Disney movie Frozen has been trending on twitter with fans pleading for a possibility of Frozen in Kingdom Hearts 3. Considered a strong fan favorite, Disney’s Frozen achieved a monumental milestone: it crossed the $300 million mark at the U.S. box office. So the real question is could there be any chance that we see a Frozen world or even a few Frozen characters in Kingdom Hearts 3?

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KingKelloggTheWH1523d ago

I honestly hope not, I would rather see Gargoyles as a world.

porkChop1521d ago

Man that show was awesome

BlackIceJoe1521d ago

Thank you for saying that. I have been wanting a Gargoyle world since the first game. Another great one would be in the world of Darkwing Duck.

3-4-51521d ago

Has Tailspin been used yet either ?

NukaCola1521d ago

Nope. I'd love

Jungle Book
Toy Story

con4g231521d ago

olaf as summon
elsa as party member :3
toy story will also be good

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Haven't seen the movie... can't comment on it. But what they SHOULDN'T do is add the Marvel universe. I don't see how anyone thinks that would be a good idea. It doesn't fit in the least bit.

^^^^ yes toy story would be good.

@below There's no such thing as too much singing for a Disney movie.

Bhuahahaha1521d ago

im not a disney movie fan
but boy this movie is great
you'll never guesswho's the bad guy was until the last part. not your generic save the princess from the bad guys plot

-Foxtrot1521d ago

Probably will happen

I must be the only one who thought Frozen was overrated. I iked Tangled more.

I just thought for a Disney film there was a little too much singing. I wouldn't mind if it was Disney like but the songs felt more mature and some of them, and I said some, weren't like the old school catchy Disney songs. Some songs felt like dialogue ones which could of easily be said by talking. Felt like they were doing it as a quicker way to transition scenes along.

I thought Olaf saved the film in my opinion

BlackIceJoe1521d ago

It's great to see I'm not the only one who thinks it has to much music. I personally don't understand why it won the Academy Award when the Wind Rises was a much better film.

-Foxtrot1521d ago

Honestly some of the songs I thought great, very Disney like. Songs like Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Let It Go, Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People and In Summer for example

But others like "For the first time in Forever" some of the lyrics just felt forced and felt like "talking singing" if you get what I mean...basicaly parts of a song where it just sounds like they are saying a normal sentence but singing it instead.

Like you had something like

"Who knew we owned eight thousand salad plates?"

and so on....hearing them in the song didn't sound right in my opinion

BlackIceJoe1521d ago

I completely understand you. I watched the movie Les Miserables and a lot of it they could have just talked instead of in a singsong way. I have watched musicals before but I enjoy when it's a marriage of both singing and talking not straight singing.

weekev151521d ago

To be fair the film is aimed at kids (obviously). The singing is my 4 year old daughters favourite bit and Frozen is now her favourite thing after 1 view at the pictures. For adults I agree Olaf is gold. Quite like Sven too. But for the target market the level of singing is just right, hence thebox office records and now the fact its smashed all records for dvd sales to the point that its sold out.

matrixman921521d ago

i agree in that it was overrated...but i disagree on Olaf; he is one of the worst disney characters ever created. He is like this movies Donkey from Shrek

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Geekman1521d ago

Possibly, but if it they don't appear....



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