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Submitted by Abriael 685d ago | screenshot

Ryse’s Graphics Compared With and Without Some of its Advanced Visual Effects

Ryse: Son of Rome has been developed by Crytek as a visual showcase of what the Xbox One can do, and in order to achieve that, they had to work very intensively on the small details that make the difference.

During GDC a series of screenshots was shown with and without the game's visual effects. Here's a comparison. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

SonofGod  +   685d ago
When you look at Killzone SF and Ryse one can only imagine how games will look like later in this generation.
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Bathyj  +   685d ago
Havent graphics come a long way. I can remember how excited I was when I first noticed in Tekken a character had moving fingers, or you could make out their ear.

Now we have pores showing and light that actually penetrates the skin and scatters.

All that in less than 20 years.

What will our grandkids be playing? Scary.
BOLO  +   685d ago
You do realize Virtua Fighter 2 from 1994 had all that before even Tekken 4. Moving fingers, balling up fists when they crouch, moving their heads to track the opponents movements. That game was ahead of everything until DOA 2 came out. Before the disagrees, check out the Sega Model 2 or Sega Saturn emulated version before disagreeing.
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hkgamer  +   685d ago
that move from ps1-ps2 was pretty amazing.
ShinMaster  +   684d ago

You do realize he's talking about his first experience seeing this. He didn't claim Tekken was the first game to do it.
There's a difference.
Sugreev2001  +   684d ago
I still remember being amazed by Donkey Kong Country on the SNES as a kid.
Madderz  +   684d ago

DOA2 was my absolute favorite fighting game EVER.

So fluid and you could just combo forever. Jan Lee (If i remember his name correctly) with his dragon elbows "WAPAAAAAAAAA".

Oh the memories....
Muzikguy  +   684d ago
I also remember being amazed at Donkey Kong Country. I couldn't believe that was on SNES at the time. Tekken was my favorite fighting game back in the day. Oh those days with Tekken3, good times. Thinking back I was big into Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on N64. Good old days? Nah, there's plenty more to be had
Bigpappy  +   684d ago
It was DOA3 trailer that made me buy the first Xbox, not Halo. The particle effects with leaves blowing around, foot prints in the snow, water effects and fighters being knocked off buildings while you follow them to finish the off. All too much to pass up.

I had missed the whole PS1 and a good part of PS2 era. Was actually at work, not thinking about game when I saw it on a web page about a week before Xbox was released. I stated to look in to what this new console was all about and came across Halo. I was sure I was done with gaming back then. But here I am still engaged.
redwin  +   684d ago
Lol, Tao Feng for Xbox had one of the best graphics of its time, just horrible camera angles. Lol, I remember ONI by rockstar had good graphics for that time
Bathyj  +   684d ago
We used to stand slackjawed in amazement at the loading screens on C64 games. No way was that possible. The future was now.

For your enjoyment.
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nukeitall  +   685d ago
Frankly looking at those pictures, it is really hard to make out the differences.

Point being, diminishing returns on graphics. Rather more excited about gameplay and new technology. Kinect, Azure and maybe VR if they can fix the VR sickness and uncomfortable headset.
darkequitus  +   685d ago
Maybe it is my eyes, but when those images are moving, I will not be able notice the difference.
hkgamer  +   685d ago
VR needs to be wireless. if it isn't then its most likely pointless.
frostypants  +   684d ago
Good observation. As we progress with graphics tech it's going to take more and more horsepower to make improvements that are immediately obvious to the naked eye. Eventually we'll reach a point where perfect photo realism is possible (which would be powerful enough to do pretty much any other creative approaches you can imagine) to a maximum observable rendering distance. When that day comes, it truly will be all about the gameplay, because there won't be anywhere else for the GPU hardware to go. We're a good 30-40 years from that, though, in my estimation....again, because of those diminishing returns you mention.

Maybe after that we'll get holodecks or something...
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Plagasx  +   685d ago
MorePowerOfGreen  +   685d ago
Nah. His motive way to make a me too comment mentioning a PS4 game in a xbox article.
Bathyj  +   685d ago
I thought you had changed your username.

Thats a bit rude, I mean, how many Tom Hanks money shots do we need. :)
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scott182  +   684d ago

So it's ok for you to troll PS4 articles to no end, but not ok for him to simply mention a PS4 game in an Xbox article? Makes sense...
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Picnic  +   684d ago
Probably little better in Xbox One's case sadly. Xbox always pours all its resources to start of gen. And even if the Xbox one is capable of more do you think the likes of Project Spark, which looks Xbox 360-like, is going to do it?

Quantum Break may look nice but we all know that Sony games will look nice too.
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pheature  +   684d ago
its a tough job if you can only imagine what games should be like by focusing on early release games.

This is were the gaming industry loses out big time, its people like you and all the 77 people who agreed with you have not got one clue about how software/hardware in this generation is put together and what we should be expecting or in your words imagination. sad really that you can only imaging with the aid of a really poor game.

if everyone think ryse is good, it spreads around and the devlopers do not push the boundrys, as they will always take the easy route, althou there is a few companys that actually don't like i can remember when epic made gears of war with ms studios. that was pushing the boundry with the 360 software and set a bench mark, ryse is most certinly not a bench mark so ur imagination is weak for this day and age.

I am slating you because it is people like you who spread the word of "average games" to be great to aspire to when clearly the consoles power can produce much more. I know this as i am software enginer and i have a degree.
for example, i know the playstation 4 is capable of playing 4K on a lcd television as small as 32". that shrinks the pixles to 10x smaller the size of the average 1080p.. and the reason i am saying average for 1080p as people like you have settled for less which the companys producing these will keep spitting them out to churn the money wagon.

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UnholyLight  +   684d ago

My roommate and I have been talking about this a lot lately. We play the crap out of Battlefield 4 multiplayer and we always laugh at how realistically people die and how funny sometimes the deaths are...and yet, I can't help but feel like we are going to stop laughing about it soon. That game doesn't even run the multiplayer at the graphical levels that might be attainable in just a few years.

It's hard to fathom how profound I believe the effects ultra realistic graphics (like faces) are going to have the next time you get that sweet sniper kill or tank splatter..especially if Virtual Reality becomes commonplace.

The next gen beyond this one is going to likely bring us to those levels of realism that are going to really affect us while we play.
Agent_hitman  +   685d ago
Well, Ryse was a great game graphically. But of course PS4's games will be more appealing, especially the 1st party games like The order 1886.
N64fan   685d ago | Spam
SonofGod  +   685d ago
Why can't we have a game-tech article without fanboyism? WHY?
TheDarpaChief  +   685d ago
Pro sony here but I agree, that was ridiculous lol.
MetaReapre  +   684d ago
because fanboys are everywhere on the internet. you can't say any one gaming platform without someone opening their mouth to tell you something else is better... lol
Trekster_Gamer  +   685d ago | Well said
Of course not!!!

Xbox has hit the ground running with better and more variety of games.

Of course here at n4sg news for Sony gamers the Xbox One is hated on and constantly lied about!
scott182  +   684d ago
What do people lie about? Just curious. It seems to me people have opinions and they voice them, which is a great thing. And if more people on here/ the internet like the PS4, then that's just how it is, more popular... no? People need to stop with the Sony conspiracy nonsense.

You have the opinion that the Xbox has better games, others may or may not agree. You are entitled to your opinion like everyone else is.
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nukeitall  +   685d ago
To fangirl, everything has to do with the PS4!
Bathyj  +   685d ago
While I agree with what you said, its irrelevant to the topic and didnt need to be said so Im disagreeing.
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Beastforlifenoob  +   684d ago
It's funny how gamers these days have to turn ANYTHING into a console war...
Next youll hear about a new Toyota car coming out and will somehow manage to turn it into an outrageous console war.

aLiEnViSiToR  +   684d ago
You are drunk... go home !
lets_go_gunners  +   685d ago
Are there any first party studios that use Cry Engine? Conker bad fur day on Cry Engine would be orgasmic.
No_Limit  +   685d ago
Games will look even better in a few years like what Uncharted 2 looks like compared to Uncharted 1 or Forza 4 compared to Forza 2.
N64fan   685d ago | Spam
christocolus  +   684d ago
Definitly ...imagine what the next ryse running on dx12 will look like or the next uncharted.
Moncole  +   684d ago
Since the console use an x86 architecture the devs already know how to use it good and wont need to get to learn the system so it wont be like that this gen.
Raiden  +   684d ago
Hey I'm not replying to your comment as such but too the gaming community as a whole.
1. I'm disappointed as great and as good uncharted and infamous games are, they visuals shouldn't be compared with a multiplayer type games, show me any game that is a single player that can't out perform a multiplayer game. The gpu has a very easy job. Compare single player with single player Tomb Raider v Uncharted for example.
KZ v GEARS and so on.
B1uBurneR  +   685d ago
Ryse keeps getting attention for its graphic which validate X1 capability as a next Gen console that others like to downplay
Convas  +   685d ago
Yup, expect Quantum Break, Sunset OverDrive, and Forza Horizon 2, etc to continue to demonstrate that the XONE is still plenty capable.
lifeisgamesok  +   685d ago
Exactly! And I'll add Halo 2 anniversary, Halo 5, Gears of War 4, and Fable Legends
hkgamer  +   685d ago
crytek has been pretty amazing with graphics. Crysis 2 &3 looked amazing on consoles and that was a multiplatform title.
SonyKong64  +   684d ago
you could make a 5 min game contained in a single room on the ps3 that graphically could look almost as impressive as ryse on the one.

would that then make that game a benchmark for the generation lol?
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   685d ago
This and Killzone Shadow Fall have already been surpassed by InFamous Second Son.
incendy35  +   685d ago
Second Son nailed the lighting effects and particle effects, but overall Ryse looks better. Ryse has an extraordinary amount of detail in their models. To the point you have to wonder how it is even possible. I read they got Marius down to 80,000 poly's but he looks like he is at least 800,000. Crazy stuff.
Whitey2k  +   685d ago
Dude infamous has surpassed both ryse and killzone ryse had to be dubbed down in resolution to achieve that killzone and infamous hasnt and indeed infamous is open world at 1080p using a better txaa
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hkgamer  +   685d ago
Ryse facial model looks impressive.


OK. for an open world game. Infamous is undoubtedly a pretty game. However you can't say Ryse doesn't look better since infamous is an open world game.

Ryse resolution has gone down but it still looks amazing.

before i get attacked by fanboys. I am not saying infamous 2 doesn't look great. It looks freaking amazing. But judging by main character facial details then it loses to ryse.
imt558  +   684d ago
According to your opinion,incendy35, Ryse is best looking game because it has great character model i great facial animation.
I like your opinion. What about other stuff in game, dude?

Name me some other technical stuff?
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frostypants  +   684d ago
Ryse has far superior facial animations and detail, but I'd give Infamous the environments and lighting by an equally long shot.
BallsEye  +   684d ago

Obviously you have never played Ryse. There is so much Technical stuff going in its mind blowing. Rain particles are actually tiny rain drop models that bend the vision like they should and even get affected by light, effect no other game has. Hundreds of soldiers on screen and all of them have realtime,reflections on armors. You can literally see reflections of incoming flaming arrows in every armor or reflective surface in game. Skin got subsurface scattering which makes skin look transparent in places like ears, just like in real life. There is also real time global illumination (voxel) which makes light photons bouce correctly between objects which results in super realistic lighting. Did I mention Every single character got real time cloth, hair and even body fat physics? Yep you can see that cheeks or fat tummy shake. Textures got extremely advanced normal maps so every flat texture looks like a really believable 3d model, never seen this kind of textures in a game before. There is much much more. Play it, I did and I got blown away. Loved the story too.
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imt558  +   684d ago
Awesome, Ballseye!

Everything you counted KZ : SF has it and even more and @1080p/~40fps in SP. KZ is much bigger game than Ryse and graphically much demanding. So is InFamous.

Bye, bye!:)
#6.1.6 (Edited 684d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
Gozer  +   685d ago
Lol, in your wildest dreams maybe.
marcofdeath  +   684d ago
KZSF was not Full 1080P and no one industry is saying "let's make our game look as good as kZSF" why is this because it wasn't close to the visuals of Ryse..
#6.2.1 (Edited 684d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
scott182  +   684d ago
Actually, Killzone single player was full HD 1080p, the multiplayer part used a new technique. Which game looked better is up for debate, the resolution and tech is not.
midget_gem  +   685d ago
Hey convas, you forgot the B.
aftershock  +   684d ago
I rented ryse the other day and the whole game looked like Vaseline was rubbed on the screen. My eyes actually hurt from it. It was a fun hack n slash game and I enjoyed it but this game is not graphically amazing.
B1uBurneR  +   684d ago
That wouldn't happen to be the tv you watch your orn on? I've played Ryse on a projector .. looks good but can't wait to play it on 24 inch screen.
Psygnosis333  +   684d ago
lol I never thought about that before,maybe I would try someday to play it on projector
aftershock  +   684d ago
Ahhh no. I played it on my Panasonic vt60 plasma
Flames76  +   684d ago
Ryse is the best looking game out.Vaseline really?Are you sure you didnt rub vaseline in your eyes before you played it?
Flames76  +   684d ago
Ryse still the best looking game there is period
KingKongKilla  +   684d ago
Lol U Sir Get A Bubble For The Laugh!
windblowsagain  +   684d ago
The game that blew me away going back.

Tomb raider PS1.
ShowGun901  +   684d ago
the differences look minor, EXCEPT the subsurface scattering on the face on/off... off, he doesn't even look human, like a doll or something. on, it looks REAL lol! cool comparison shots!
Gore-Content  +   684d ago
lololol Ryse....... Facepalm. Infamous SS rapes the sh't out of it.
scott182  +   684d ago
I agree. And also digital foundry is most impressed with it from a technical standpoint "Sony's first parties kick off the new generation just as they left the last - with the most technology advanced console games on the market."

I'm not saying Ryse isn't very impressive, but you gotta give credit to the king: Infamous.
Duke19  +   684d ago
Gorgeous game, interesting to see some of this behind the scenes stuff.

I hope they are working on a sequel - loved Ryse, was just too short
cruzngta  +   684d ago
For me Ryse and Forza 5 on XB1 and Killzone SF and Infamous SS on PS4 are the best looking games this gen so far. I have both systems and am lucky enough to enjoy them both. Both machines are very powerful and the games will get much better in time.
Illusive_Man  +   684d ago
Will be interesting to see what impacts DX12 will have on its sequel.
jnemesh  +   684d ago
Ryse is the perfect example....
Of graphics over gameplay! Shit game, but damn it looks pretty! Feel sorry for the chumps that bought it.
marcofdeath  +   684d ago

Here is what was left out of that story:

"Target hardware less powerful than high-end PCs at launch."

As I tried to tell many of the people here on this site and others is that Xbox one is a sleeping megaton bomb. Microsoft has done a brilliant job with its architecture and in over the next few years or less E3, the full potential of its hardware will only be matched by high-end PCs. Many sites have refused to acknowledge the possibility of the hardware being more advanced than that of its competitors.

It's very funny that we saw that a 5 Tflop gpu from the PC was running Forza motorsports 5 and did not stay locked at 60fps, and both of these games were launched games that did not use some of the hardware like the Ryse did not use the upscaler.

There is a reason why the only games that have out shined Xbox one games on other systems are ports. None of the first party games of Sony has surpassed that of Xbox one, sooner or later you have to start asking yourself how is a 12cu out gunning a 18CUs, why?
#18 (Edited 684d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
marcofdeath  +   684d ago
Best looking game this GEN especially the last hallway scene.....
#19 (Edited 684d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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