Sony Worldwide Studios’ No Good, Very Bad Month

IGN-Obviously, more announcements are coming – E3 is right around the corner, after all – but it’s safe to say that 2014’s release schedule moving forward is bleak.

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GusHasGas1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

(Somewhat off topic): Anyone else been getting the impression that Colin Moriarty's been acting like a bit of an Xbox lover recently?

fr0sty1484d ago

What a terrible article. Let's start with this:

"Indies and third party devs are all well and good -- PS4 has their support in huge numbers -- but these fully-owned studios helped give PlayStation 3 in particular an identity of its own, resuscitating the console with a ton of quality exclusive games. To succeed in the long term, PS4 will need the same treatment."

1. Indies have put out some of the best games on the PS4, and not all of those are $5 mini-games or casual experiences either. To downplay Sony's focus on them isn't exactly smart.

2. A comparison to PS3 is drawn... when PS3 only had one AAA first party game available at this point in its life... Motorstom (Resistance was a third party exclusive.). PS3 already has Infamous, Killzone, Knack, and we already know of 3 more coming up this year and we haven't even made it to E3 yet. More announcements usually come in April as well as E3 approaches. Sounds like premature panic to me.

The author then fills the rest of the article with FUD about the recent round of layoffs and high profile devs leaving. Yes, it is unusual to see that many people leave all at once, but we don't know what state their games were in or what kind of creative differences were going on... Using their departure to signify that Sony is in some kind of trouble when the author has no idea why they even left or were fired to begin with is pretty unprofessional. For all we know, the games they were making could have been crap. If I'm funding a $60 million game that turns out to be crap, I'd fire them too.

Eonjay1484d ago

It is a bit exaggerated though. Sony has put out Killzone, Knack, Infamous, with MLB, The Order, Uncharted, Driveclub and now TLOU coming this year alone. This is in addition to the Sony's XDev studio which is put out other titles including Resogun. This year SWWS will be putting out more content than any other studio. By a long shot.

kenshiro1001484d ago

I don't know why you're getting disagrees frosty because that was pretty logical to begin with. We don't know why these people left at all and no one to be assuming things either.

Thehyph1484d ago

The guy in Megaton works for IGN?

In all seriousness, Colin is the only video games journalist who always seems to hit the same feelings as me about a game when he reviews it. He's also well spoken and well written.

He also has volumes of walkthroughs and guides to his credit. This guy probably has more experience writing on video games than anyone else his age.

Akuma071484d ago

He has been very anti Sony lately. The biggest problem with it is that most of his anti Sony articles read like total crap, like they sound really really stupid.

Like his article about how The Order looked very bad.

imt5581484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Pretty stupid article.
DemonNite, one of the Sony's employee (probably from Santa Monica ) said this yesterday :

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed layoffs at Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge and SCE London Studio, and many wondered about the reasons for such a move. Today NeoGAF member DemonNite, who is known to be a developer at Sony and in touch with the situation, gave a bit more insight on it.
Another user expressed what he feels about the layoffs:

"I think all these layoffs prove one thing, that there was a lot of bloat within Sony WWS. They need to become a well oiled machine for this gen and I suppose the layoffs are part of the process to achieve that goal. Sony have been synonymous with over-promising and under-delivering in the PS3 era. They can’t afford to repeat that this gen, so they need fine tune every studio for the better. I hope those affected can get back on their feet too."

Interestingly enough DemonNite confirmed:
"And this is exactly what is happening to one of those studios affected."

He also had something to say about the chance for Sony’s Project Morpheus to support PC now that Oculus Rift has been purchased by Facebook. While he doesn’t know if PC support will come or not, he did confirm that first party games will remain PS4 exclusive.
"I think it would be a cool move (I don’t know if they will or not)."

Exclusive “first party” VR software though will always stay on PS4 obviously, which I think could be a game changer.
That also indirectly confirms that Sony’s first parties are indeed going to work on actual games for Morpheus, and not just demos like we’ve seen so far leaving the bulk of development in the hands of indie studios.
One thing is for sure: while it’s definitely painful to see developers lose their job, the waves of layoffs that hit Sony’s studios do seem to mean that the company is looking into fine tuning its development pipeline into a well oiled, agile machine. We’ll have to wait and see the results in the next year or so.

andibandit1484d ago

Ok just let me get this straight, Sony is bloated so the thinking goes something like this:

hmm, lets fire some people to trim the fat, and then while were at it, lets do VR....

redwin1484d ago

I said it once and I'm saying it again, western developers have s job when the Xbox gives Sony a run for their money. When know they have the upper hand they go mostly Japanese . I like both kind of games, let's see what happens. MS is hiring and Sony is firing .

Silly Mammo1484d ago

I can see Sony consolidating and trimming the bloat due to having studios that were working on PS3 and PS4 games. As there's less emphasis on the PS3, a lot of positions become redundant.

I wonder if the same thing happened with the PS2 to PS3 transition but it wasn't reported as news back then?

AceBlazer131483d ago

Let's not forget Sony just came out of a fantastic year with the ps3. I guarantee if they abandoned the ps3 2 years ago like the competitors, the ps4 would be damn near perfect. Can you imagine if ni no kuni, pupeteer,tlou,beyond 2 souls and gt7 were scrapped for ps3 and had to be made for ps4?

DarthZoolu1483d ago

I was trying to figure out how people say X1 isn't for gaming because every game I own is an exclusive. Forza, Ryse, DR3, Project Spark, Titanfall, and Killer Instinct are the games I have played the most since November and every single one of these games his hella fun, and there are still more AAA exclusives coming this year. I am constantly playing and having a great time and all my homies are playing what I'm playing. PS4 guys what are yall playing? Killzone and Second Son, I'm sure they are both fun but I would rather play the X1 games.


As many here suspected, PS3 development was not just harder, it took longer than usual, trying to fight that Sony created bloated studios. This suspicion about bloated studios was yesterday confirmed by DemoNite on NeoGaf.

It's no rocket science to figure this one out really... Starting around the second year on PS3 life, as many of you must remember, Sony went on hiring spree (studios like Naughty Dog and SSM more than doubled its army of employees), acquired some studios too. But the thing is PS3 projects not necessarily meet the standards they expected just by having bigger teams, in fact this was perceived by some as worse than how it was before (specially within the studios themselves), it created some kind of bureaucracy in the process (Zipper and the mess that became Socom 4 development was the most obvious example).

It's no surprise that, with PS4 being much easier to develop for and they being under restructuring (efficiency is the goal), they would eventually start trimming that fat, go back to mid sized studios, try to keep the very talented people more or less autonomous as to also maintain the freedom Sony was always known to allow its studios (not so easy with huge studios without stuff getting out of hand).

IGN is, once again, just grasping at straws, had they reached to Sony before writing this non-sense they probably could had got it right... I mean, what's the point of being a big gaming media outlet if you're going to just rumble about the crap that goes through your mind? Use your damn contacts.

Dee_911483d ago

even though most of what he is saying is pure speculation and assumption, he still has a point.

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BluP1484d ago

I thought I was the only one who noticed that Colin is pulling a "Sessler". But I only have 2 bubbles, so I didn't want to get marked for trolling.

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MrSwankSinatra1484d ago

Colin Moriarty is far from a Xbox lover, your just mad that somebody is criticizing sony for their missteps. contrary to what you might believe gaming doesn't revolve around this whole Xbox Vs PlayStation debate.

asmith23061484d ago

What missteps? I'm failing to see missteps by Sony here. Moriarty even fuds his own article when, after walls of text, he says "What does all of this mean? Frankly, it’s unclear.". So basically, pure rumor and speculation.

LexHazard791484d ago

Well said well said...bubble for you!

jcnba281484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Well said, Colin Moriarty is the real Sony fan here, he's not a blind fanboy like the majority of people on this site.

Thehyph1484d ago

I agree with swank.

Also, look how many comments there are here which seem to have no idea an editorial is.

warczar1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

missteps? In the corporate world layoffs are known as PROGRESS. In all seriousness, I can't believe Sony hasn't been criticized more on the PS4, it can't play a movie file, it can't be used as a media server, hell it can't even play a simple CD. I know it's just supposed to play games but it's inferior in many way's when compared to last gen hardware.

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RiPPn1484d ago

I'm more disappointed that Colin Moriarty has a job, the guy sucks, in fact the IGN beyond team as a whole is pretty much garbage. Everything from the lame forced "beyond" they yell expecting the audience to yell it back to how they come off acting like they are bigger stars than they are. smh

tiremfej1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

I stopped reading IGN years ago when they started copying and pasting reviews for different platforms. Pure laziness.

Negatives? Read is the truth.

Lilrizky1484d ago

You obviously don't listen to Podcast Beyond.

The dude does not play Xbox at all and he doesn't like their exclusives that much. He gave Last of us a 10/10 and he loves his Vita to death. He's also a really high trophy level. So no, he's just reporting what he thinks.

ruefrak1484d ago

I listen to Podcast Beyond, but it's tough. Somewhere between Colin's talk of the Jets/ The Islanders and Greg's obsession with his own celebrity, they manage to talk about PlayStation for a few minutes.

But no, Colin does not have any love for the Xbox.

Conzul1484d ago

Hell will freeze over before Colin stops being a PS fanboy. It is the job, though, of a critic, to make critical observations.

iamnsuperman1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

No, he is fairly positive on the Beyond Podcast. What this article really is, is a misunderstanding and IGN pandering to their audience (these kind of articles always appear on IGN which stirs up their comment section). Like fr0sty (+bubs for that) said we ave no idea why these people are leaving nor why the lay offs are happing. It actually happened with the PS3 launch as well and some games were cancelled then as well. I honestly see this as Sony becoming more streamlined. There approach with the PS3 was different to what it is with the PS4. PS3 was essentially shove anything out there when done. Now it seems Sony wants to stagger their launches. These means they may not need so many people in their studios. They have got quite a lot with some doing noticeably very litte

Games_R_Us1484d ago

Maybe if you looked around, there's a lot to play on Xbox One mate, as opposed to PS4.

No need for lists readers, we know what the games are, just more to play on X1.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

"Thers a lot to play on Xbox One mate, as opposed to PS4."

Lmao when I'm fact PS4 has more games. You Xbox famboys are funny. Titanfall doesn't count as 100 games. In fact both the PS4 and bone have nothing to play other than InFamous and Titanfail.

In May there is MLB 14 The Show, Wolfenstien, and Watch Dogs. And Mario Kart 8 for Wii U and Kirby Triple Deluxe for 3DS. Its great to be a PlayStation and Nintendo gamer. Talk about variety.

liquidhalos1484d ago

thats completely off topic and No, id just say the dudes being honest

360ICE1484d ago

Also somewhat off-topic, but has anyone else been getting the impression that a lot of N4G'ers have a need to pretend that everyone takes part in the Xbox/PlayStation fanboy war?

Or do most senior journalists somehow prefer an entertainment box so much to another that they're willing to risk their integrity to write disfavourable of the other box?

Because that last option sounds insane.

creatchee1484d ago

Kinda. The fanboy philosophy is that if you say anything bad or criticize my console of choice (whether said criticism is justified or not), then you are obviously a fanboy of the rival product or have been bought or are just a really stupid person who lacks sound decision making skills.

I laugh quite heartily when I see (especially on here) people go on diatribes about how biased somebody is because they criticize or question anything about their favorite. I've seen Sony on Sony, MS on MS, and even Nintendo on Nintendo verbal fanboy violence that came just because of a few words that were true.

Alsybub1484d ago

@360ICE & @creatchee

Bubbles for both of you. Well said.

TheBrit1484d ago

It's not a terrible article at all, he just didn't write what you wanted to HEAR.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1484d ago

He's a pretty avid supporter of playstation. I mean the dude has been advocating Vita for ages now.

Azzanation1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Colin is the biggest PS fanboy iv seen. He loves Sony so much, but his not blinded by there falling. Just because he writes an article that's not positive for Sony/PS doesn't makes him a Xbox fanboy?

You should look in the mirror before claiming someone else is.

InTheLab1483d ago

101 desagreers are in denial. Colin is basically the opposite of Greg Miller. He's been riding the PS hate train for a while but that's ok.

The site needs balance so as long as there's a Greg Miller to counter Colon's s***, it's ok.

As for the article, he goes on about the layoffs of 2012 and seemingly glossed over the massive year 2013 was.

He also expects Sony to place all cards on the table prior to E3 and that's just foolishness.

While I'm glad someone has compiled a list of all the major players and Sony that have departed, this article is pointless because he has no idea why they left and says so himself.

AliTheSnake11483d ago

That, or the Fact that sony have been laying off a bunch of their main employees.

Killzoner991483d ago

Colin Moriarty is a well known Microsoft shill and has been tarnishing Sony's image for awhile now. I won't even read his "Sony is doomed" articles anymore. IGN has been in Micro$ofts pockets for years but act like they are a neutral unbiased entity . That just ain't true and it's pretty obvious.
Sony and Playstation are #1 ,so there are going to be a ton of journalist trying to make a name for themselves , who will try to make them look bad with slanderous articles like this one.That's the way it is , everyone wants a piece of the big dog. Too bad for these journos that the PS4's momentum is unstoppable at this point while the Xbone is circling the drain.

XboxFun1483d ago

Well once again the sony fanboys on n4g are scrambling to explain why they are wrong once again. Not to long ago they said sony's problems would not effect the playstation brand, and that the ps4's success would carry sony. But now its a different tune as the foot in mouth syndrome once againstrikes them.

Of course a lot will use the excuse of IGN being biased against Sony. Some will even bury their heads and say sony is fine. But a lot of people are bailing from sony, a lot of studios are closing, laying off and canceling games despite this huge success the ps4 is having. House cleaning indeed.

Regardless, who has ever heard of this many people leaving when their product is a supposed success?

Denethor_II1483d ago

Colin Moriarty does nothing but praise PlayStation games on his podcast.

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AllenScribe1484d ago

Looking strictly at upcoming games, I can't blame anybody who wants to wait another year to buy either machine.

AngelicIceDiamond1484d ago

You don't like PS4 and X1's line ups?

I think they're great.

Prime1571484d ago

I agree, both are. They cater to different people, but both had/have pretty strong launch line ups.

frostypants1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

I personally can count on one hand the number of games currently available on both systems combined that interest me. I'm with AllenScribe...gonna wait another few months I think. The continuing BF4 debacle doesn't help...that was to be my system seller. It seems funny that the most highly regarded game to be released recently, Dark Souls 2, is only on last-gen consoles and PC.

Wake me when Driveclub comes out.

SniperControl1484d ago

The Order, Driveclub, Everyone's gone to the Rapture, Uncharted 4, Shadow of the Beast, Rime, Transistor, Playstation Now, and a slew of indie games.

Buying a PS4 right now is the right thing to do, same for the X1.

Jeff2571484d ago

Not to mention the 3rd party titles that we are getting this year and will most likely run better on PS4. AC: Unity and Batman Arkham Knight are both next gen only titles and if you want to play them then you need to get a next gen system. Based on multiplats so far the best bet is the PS4.

DawnOfDon1484d ago

DriveCLub and Uncharted will not be coming out this year and I bet The Order will be delayed. I hope I am wrong I am looking forward to those games but no need for one right now

aquamala1483d ago

why buy a console now if you don't have enough games you want to play now? buy the console when it has enough games that interest you, by that time it may be cheaper too

SniperControl1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )


I bought a PS4 because Killzone, Knack, Fifa, Warframe and Assassins Creed interested me.

Lately, Infamous, Strider and Outlast have interested me.

To date, I have not regretted any off the above purchases, PS4 has been a great buy, hopefully I can add a X1 during Christmas.


Maybe Uncharted, but Driveclub and The Order look well on course for a 2014 delivery.

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Beastforlifenoob1484d ago

The PS4 has great lineup and exiting games
The XBX1 has great lineup and exiting games
The WIIU has great lineup and exiting games
PC has great lineup and exiting games
Either purchase of these 4 consoles will deliver a :).

Madderz1484d ago


Annnnnnnnd, you guessed it...


tiremfej1484d ago

Well said. Everyone has great games to play.

Team_Litt1484d ago

This is the problem with buying what you can't afford. Sony went on a studio buying spree to save the PS3 and it worked but now can't afford to maintain them all.
I hope they refrain from any more studio purchases until they have their house in order.

I wonder if people are still under the illusion that Sony's woes won't affect PlayStation.

Silly gameAr1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

It's kind of like the people that keep screaming Sony is Doom in every Sony article huh? Pointless and looks a little desperate? It's like if you guys hope hard enough and leave enough dramatic comments in enough Sony articles, Sony might actually go bankrupt.

Good luck with that.

aragon1484d ago

just like with xbox getting sold off huh? lol gamers think they are business analysts all of a sudden

Silly gameAr1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Yeah I know right? It's more wishful thinking at this point.

S2Killinit1484d ago

Its IGN. They are and always have been a MS mouth piece. Im cancelling my PS4 IGN application. Just horrible bias from them. Im tired of it

Ra30301484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

And the thing is even if Sony fails and folds it's tent it's not going to make owning a X1 one bit better for anyone in fact it will make owning a X1 worse because no one can change the fact that Microsoft will still be Microsoft and if they turned off every PS4 it would just make Microsoft that much more greedy for the suckers that went with X1 already. Microsoft is without doubt the worst thing ever to happen in gaming. And nothing or no one can change that fact. Good thing Sony fan has no such worries. This move is just cutting the fat because Microsoft now is no threat to rule this gen. Sony is showing more genius in making a cost cutting move while their competition is the one who is desperate to do anything to stay in the game. Microsoft started this gen by digging their own hole that they can't get out of and in trying to do so have played the only card they had to play in Titanfall and that turned out way less than they hoped or more important needed. Sony has more than a few cards to play yet they suprize everyone and play a unexpected cost cutting card. It truly is genius. Sad because people lose jobs and with Microsoft and Nintendo in trouble Sony just can't employee every game maker. it's just to bad about Nintendo with no game developers wanting to make games for the Wii U and gaming consumers have finally had enough of Microsoft telling them what to think and purchase as gamers. Sony has done more than their part in supporting the gaming industry. Maybe Microsoft will run out and hire all those that lost there job. Maybe they can make games for the MS cable box because no one else can.

AngelicIceDiamond1484d ago

@Sillly To be honest its the same way pieces are written saying "MS is doomed" in every story piece.

According to all fanboys each console is doomed in some form or fashion.

Silly gameAr1484d ago

I agree Angelic, and it's seriously getting out of hand. No one really knows whats going on outside of these companies so all people can do is speculate and spread fud if it fits their agenda.

We're supposed to be gamers here, not doom and gloomers. We all have our prefernce, but I'm sure we all want to see the industry healthy and thriving. Hoping that a company goes belly up because you don't like them is just childish.

Team_Litt1484d ago

Don't get it twisted, being logical and acknowledging that sony's financial problems will affect PlayStation brand even if it is doing well is not the same as wishing Sony will just go bankrupt and die!
I do not recall ever saying that I wish for the PlayStation brand to go away, however I was logical enough to conclude that it would not be immune to the massive layoffs Kaz planned.

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AutoCad1484d ago

Infamous should last PS4 owners till Fall,hopefully.

Christopher1484d ago

Uh... no... it won't. Some of us have already beat it once and are more than half way (if not already done) with the second playthrough.

Both consoles have a lackluster year ahead of them and will rely 95% on third-party titles.

This can't be the way of things. Both need to kick it up a ton on AAA exclusives.

serratos271484d ago

Didn't have anyhing to play on my PS4 until SS, but its so short that I'll probably be depressed by the weekend since I won't have anything to play on my console for a while. Not the kind of guy to keep replaying stuff.

Omegasyde1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Why the heck are people disagreeing with you?

There are not enough exclusives coming for either console this year.

Howevvvvvvver . . (dot) .

Look at the first 12 months of ps3, xbox 360 wiiU and wii.

alllll of those systems had a rough first year, but all you armchair analyst ask yourself one question.

Why release a multimillion dollar game for platforms without a big install base (yet)? Why not wait till the base is bigger so your target market is bigger as well?

BABY-JEDI1484d ago

Sadly to say in life. You can't please everyone. AAA exclusives take time/ money/ talent/ organisation/ development/ technology. They don't have Whitney cry babies sadly to say. If this was the case then all those AAA would be falling out the sky.
Cheer up
; )

Frankfurt1484d ago

Omegasyde, you need to do your homework.

There are 4 more retail XBone exclusives coming this year alone.

Forza Horizon 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Sunset Overdrive and Kinect Sports Rivals. Quantum Break was at one time too, but it may have been dropped to 2015. We had Ryse, Forza 5, KI, DR3, Titanfall, Plants vs Zombies and some shitty downloadable games.

Compare that to PS4's tumbleweeds and old PC titles.

kingdom181483d ago

@Frankfurt.... You are actually counting Kinect Sports? Isn't that reaching a little? If you want to consider that you might as well consider all of the PS4's indies.